Hillary Clinton is My Man for President

July 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton is My Man for President

With the convention of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia approaching, I want to be upfront about  who is my man as the worthy successor to President Barack H. Obama who is leaving the Presidency with a high popularity  rating. She is Hillary Clinton. And I hope Bernie Sanders, a septuagenarian like me, will come to his senses and does the same. Mr. Sanders, face it. The game is over and learn to accept graciously the reality that Hillary is unbeatable. It is time to rally behind her to show unity.

Hillary will be good for Asia. We in Asia want peace and stability through constructive engagement and diplomacy, not via the exercise of American military power of the George.W. Bush era. We have seen what happened to Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan and have not forgotten Vietnam and Cambodia. As a former Secretary of State, Hillary understands Asia and knows diplomacy works. That is why Obama endorses her.That is also why I support her, although I am not an American voter.–Din Merican


8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is My Man for President

  1. It appears rather odd that you overlooked the fact that Hillary voted for the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq when she was Senator representing New York. She was Secretary of State when the US and their Nato allies bomb Libya and caused the deaths of Gadaffi and many civilians. Look at what is happening to Iraq and Libya now. Utter chaos! About Gadaffi she even gloated when she said “we came, we saw,he died”. Furthermore she is oblivious to the sufferings of the Palestinians. She is an ardent supporter of the war criminals in Tel Aviv!

  2. It appears rather odd that you overlooked the fact that Hillary voted for the illegal invasion of Iraq when she was Senator representing New York. She was also deeply involved with the bombing of Libya by the US and its Nato allies when she was secretary of State. She even gloated “we came, we saw,he died” when referring to the murder of Ghadafi. Looked at Iraq and Libya now. Utter chaos. She is oblivious to the sufferings of the Palestinians. She is an ardent supporter of the war criminals residing in Tel Aviv!

  3. War criminals in Tel Aviv? Obviously you are oblivious to the fact the Tel Aviv was a UN mandate that went wrong when the Arabs invaded and lost their trousers. The Jews are the offsprings of the twelve children of Abraham, who is a prophet to jews, muslims and christians. Allah, and all the other names of the God of Abraham is the same God that muslims, jews and christians pray to. In fact, Jews were the chosen ones, not Malays, Chinese, Indians or anyone else. You have no right to call the Jews murderers and war criminals, it is their responsibility to defend their families when attacked. Yes, the Palestinians are now oppressed, but the terrorism from such oppression cannot be condoned. We Malaysians of non Malay and non bumiputra are oppressed but we do not choose arms as the way out. So are you oblivious to the sufferings of the non bumis? Are we lesser than Palestinians who have not lifted one finger in the development of Malaysia? That is the trouble with many bumis – you rather support muslims which is only connected to you by religion, and then trample on fellow Malaysians simply because we have different gods. The answer is likely, either your religion is very flawed, or your race is flawed. I know Malays are not flawed, they are beautiful people because I grew up with Malays when they were still young and not indoctrinated. My personal experience as a child in beautiful Malaya of the wonderful Malays will remain forever, but not the latter years when the Malays became arabs. My hero is the father of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, not Mao and not Tan Siew Sin and not LKY. Therefore the former possibility that the religion is flawed, is the only answer I know. Please imagine yourself in such an experience. A majority of Malays have an insurmountable problem – they think they are Arabs.

    • Well, under international law, people under occupation have the right to resist their occupiers. Please refer to the numerous UN Resolutions passed over the years pertaining to Palestine. Israel has been illegally occupying Palestinian lands and Syria’s Golan Heights. Israeli, with the staunch support of the US , has blatantly ignored these resolutions and the stance of the majority of UN member countries. Even the International Court of Justice has ruled that the “security” barriers built by Israel were illegal under international law. The war criminals are the senior government figures and military generals in Tel Aviv. Are you not aware that Palestinian Christians also bear the brunt of the occupation? Perhaps you have not heard of the late Prof. Edward Said, the renowned and courageous Palestinian academic who taught at Columbia University and the author of “Orientalism” and other notable books. This is not about being a Muslim or Bumiputra! It is about justice , decency and adherence to international law!

  4. Neither is my choice. The biggest issue in front of the next president is security BUT after that, its entitlement and debt. Income inequality, healthcare or education may be the most material to voters after security, but all the plans on both sides really make little significance if entitlement and the US debt is not dealt with the next decade. All the programs and ideas will eventually fall apart if entitlement and the debt is not dealt with..

  5. Mr. hussain,

    Israel is the only functioning democracy in the ME. If you are to be randomly dropped in one of the ME nations, then you would rather to be dropped in Israel proper so that your basic human right is reasonably protected by the law of Israel.

    People who are occupied have a right to resist? So is the right of Israelis to defend against invading Arab nations in 1948, 1967, and so on. Israelis have a right to defend their nation and the means of defense are generally acceptable. Israel’s constitution does neither call for destruction of Palestinians nor ask to sweep Palestinians to the sea; Hamas however has charter which calls for genocide – killing all Jews by even asking the rocks and tree, per Quranic quote cited in Hamas’ charter, to help the genocide.

    I think we should avoid to be brainwashed by Islamists and political Islam ideology which centers around Islam supremacist. With the Islam supremacist ideology, “my land is my land and your land is my land” because they think God preordained them the right. They fails to see the reality on the ground and cannot see some degree of legitimacy with 1948 UN-approved partition. They fail to build from what they have, and therefore Palestinians support Hamas with more than 70% votes knowing the Hamas’ charter calling for destruction of Israel.

    The world will see more peace when the vast majority of nations support Israel in defending their nation-state, and abandon political Islam. Muslims in Israel proper enjoy more justice and decent treatment than ANY other Muslim-majority nations in ME.

  6. Supporters and apologists for the rogue Tel Aviv regime tend to invoke the “only functioning democracy in the middle east….” mantra. A regime that consistently flouts numerous UN resolutions and imposes collective punishment is surely a rogue state. Numerous accounts, including those by Israeli human rights groups have long documented the breaches in humanitarian laws against people of Arab descent ( Muslims as well as Christians) in East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza. These include the house demolitions, land grabs and arbitrary arrests. Not to mention that Palestinians have no freedom of movement due to the numerous checkpoints!

    An estimated 7,000 Arabs, including women and children, are currently detained in Israeli jails. Many of them are being held under “Administrative Detention” regulations. Most trials are held under military tribunals. Some democracy! Recently there were protests by people of African descent claiming that they were being discriminated by the country’s institutions. Thousands of Israeli settlers have built houses in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Under international law, these are illegal! Surely, something must be wrong with the Israeli State when the UN Generally Assembly consistently condemned the Tel Aviv regime for the illegal occupation and human rights violations. The only countries that voted against these resolutions by the UN General Assembly are the US, Israel, Micronesia and a few other Island states!

    So Mr Shiou, this is not about political Islam! And I would not want to be “dropped in Israel proper” !

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