UMNO –‘Evil lies and political conspiracy to destroy me’

Washington DC

July 1, 2016

UMNO –‘Evil lies and political conspiracy to destroy me’

by Lim Guan Eng

Penang UMNO Chief, Zainal Abidin Osman, says Lim Guan Eng should step down as CM and resign from all other posts in the state government for the sake of integrity. Is he pure like Caesar’s wife?

Penangites will stand together and not give up on pursuing our dream of a new model of governance for a Malaysia that is clean, people-centric based on open tenders and not cronies.

When Barisan Nasional (BN) and BN Ministers launched their big “expose” of my so-called corruption scandal of buying my bungalow lot cheaply, they linked it to the sale of over 1 acre of government land in Taman Manggis for a hospital project they claimed is meant for the poor. Even though the Penang state government repeatedly explained that it was the previous BN state government that had wanted to develop Taman Manggis land commercially and that it had nothing to do with the purchase of my bungalow because the Taman Manggis land was sold off to the highest bidder by open competitive tender, BN continued their political conspiracy and attack.

The two charges of corrupt practice against me has finally exposed the political conspiracy of BN and its leaders, especially Minister in the Prime Minister Department Dato Abdul Rahman Dahlan, as not only a coward and liar but also a dishonest hypocrite. There are no corruption charges against me relating to Taman Manggis. Despite all the hype and even threats for a public debate that Abdul Rahman then chickened out, nothing came out of the Taman Manggis land investigations proving the lies of BN.

Instead I am charged for a non-existent corruption offence unrelated completely to the sale of Taman Manggis land to KLIDC. I face the full might and entire machinery of the BN Federal Government which wants to put me in jail for 20 years for a non-existent corruption offence of approving the rezoning of a piece of land in Balik Pulau from agriculture to housing that is still agriculture because Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) finally rejected the rezoning to housing and the land remains zoned as agricultural.

What then is the benefit or corruption to the landowner, Magnificent Emblem Sdn Bhd (MESB), when there is no benefit accrued as the land remained zoned as agricultural? When MBPP rejected their planning approval on 1.12.2015, MESB was not allowed to pay their rezoning fees for it to be rezoned to housing. The State Planning Committee (SPC) headed by me did not intervene to direct MBPP that the land be rezoned to housing.

Where then is the illegal benefit or corrupt offence? And yet I face 20 years in jail when there is no benefit to MESB. Contrast this with the RM 50 billion debts from the 1MDB scandal or the RM4 billion donation scandal where there is not only a clear dishonest benefit but public funds have been used and yet not a single person is punished or charged for corruption.

 Penangites Know What Is At Stake 

The purchase of my bungalow was through a bank loan and my own allowances as Chief Minister. Unlike the corruption case involving former Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Khir Toyo whose seller lost RM5 million, my seller made a small profit of RM300,000. In Khir Toyo’s case, the seller is a housing developer who had an active business relationship with the Selangor state government whilst my seller is not a housing developer and does not have an active business relationship with the Penang state government.

Unlike Khir Toyo’s case, there was no coercion or special favour granted to the seller of my bungalow. Further Khir Toyo was not detained overnight but I was detained overnight in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. There is no reason for me not to appear in court and prove my innocence as BN would definitely prefer me to escape and run away. Unlike Khir Toyo who has no personal relationship with the seller, my seller is my wife’s friend.

I want to thank my party and Pakatan colleagues for their support of me and my family during these challenging times. I also want to thank the public who came out on their own to show support and am touched by the many ordinary Malays and Indians who cried and hugged me. These ordinary Malays, Chinese and Indians know what is at stake in BN filing corruption charges against me.

The ordinary Penangites have benefited from the cash contributions under the Penang state government’s i-sejahtera program which has given out RM100 yearly to senior citizens, single mothers, the disabled and housewives. The Penang State Government gave trawl to fishermen twice a year. Under the same program, we have given out RM 600 yearly to taxi drivers, RM100 monthly to registered trishaw riders, RM 100 to students of Standard 1 and Standard 4 in primary school, Form 1 and Form 4 in secondary school and a one-off payment of RM1000 to first year students at local universities, one-off payment of RM1000 to beneficiaries of senior citizens, as well as a one-off payment of RM200 to all new born babies in the state. More than RM400 million has been given out since 2008 or 12 per cent of our annual budget. This RM400 million contributions benefit them from the annual surpluses recorded because we run a clean government.

Ordinary Penangites have never got such contributions from the previous BN state government. Without a clean government, nearly 200,000 Penangites would not have benefited. These ordinary Penangites are angry that the leader of a clean government is now charged for corruption and that the RM400 million contributions under the i-sejahtera program are under threat. Let me assure Penangites that the Pakatan government and its leaders are clean. These allegations are evil lies and a political conspiracy to destroy me. We will stand together and not give up on pursuing our dream of a new model of governance for a Malaysia (without GST and unfair tolls) that is clean,people-centric based on open tenders and not cronies.

10 thoughts on “UMNO –‘Evil lies and political conspiracy to destroy me’

  1. The problem with LGE complain is everyone knows it’s persecution. The issue to many is how is it relevant to their own selfish interest? With Hadi’s PAS on Najib’s side, the marginal supporters feel helpless to even object.

    Truth is his persecution is very relevant. It’s because of Najib malficeant politics that panders to the extremist, the extremist like Pahang Mufti are coming out of the woodwork and the likes of racist, ambitious Nik Abduh and Hadi Awang dare to show their true colours.

    Najib malevolent politics can only ultimately lead to Taliban and ISIS version of Islam in this country. The IGP is already ignorantly inviting them because he is inspired by Najib’s maleficiense.

  2. More than RM1 million raised through the response of the ordinary, decent people of Malaysia within 24 hours. Congratulations!

    I guess many people gave up buying RM1 chickens and
    eating cheap kangkung to send a message to the
    1Malaysia regime and its leaders. Thank you for teaching us the
    value of making donations

  3. Now, now, LGE – enough of apologetics and theatrics.

    We know who’s wrong.
    Save that for the lawyers and loyal supporters to yodel – although none of it makes any difference in kangaroo courts.
    Learn the value of humility and to carry your ‘cross’ quietly and with dignity. We don’t need overkill in dramatics.
    Your blabbering and confrontational hubris does you no favors in times like these.
    You have already won in the court of public opinion (or rather, among the urbanites and well informed).

    Go placidly about your duties and bark only at advantageous events – which happen in this blighted land with clockwork regularity. Read WSJ-Sarawak Report-NYT-Washington Post-The Economist and quote them.

    We shall support you again – when you come off your high horse of self importance and arrogance. It matters not what you have done, but what you have not done – that is, to speak softly and carry a big stick. You instead shouted loudly and carried a twig.

  4. 1. Thank you for your clarifications YB Lim Guan Eng.
    The example of good governance in Penang is an inspiration
    for all right-thinking Malaysians.

    2. Doctor CLF — are you engaging in psychological projection ?

  5. Arrogance is an over-used word on LGE.
    This is an appropriate behaviour towards those who spew lies and criticize for the sake of it, in the hope that some mud will stick and stain.
    It does not matter if a cat is black or white,……
    The word arrogance has been overplayed as if it is such a critical flaw, to be avoided like the plague, much like corruption as to render a government totally ineffective.

  6. YB Lim has listed a lot of things the Penang state govt has done for the people of Penang. Unfortunately, a lot of people outside Penang may not know about this.

    May I suggest that these be publicised more widely
    and effectively? P.S. (1) I think that “conditional cash transfers” should be preferred over straight cash handouts for various reasons. Also, the funds can be used to create jobs and give dignity to people. Plus, the pay of the lowest paid proletarian people in the workforce can be boosted with these funds. Funds can also be used for worker re-training to keep the Penang labour force competitive. After all, the DAP is a social democratic party that wants to uplift the lot of the people in the less privileged social classes.

    (2) There’s interesting theorising and experiments with Basic Income” in developed countries such as Finland and the Netherlands with high unemployment because of globalisation and technology-induced unemployment. (Malaysia cannot afford this at the moment. Just to bring this to the attention of
    blog readers).

  7. Yes, for integrity and the interests of the people and country,
    LGE should step down.

    NAJIB and his whole CABINET MINISTERS should do the same !!!
    ……and have a General Election within 60 days.

  8. ‘..engaging in psychological projection ?’ Phua

    Nope. I leave psychological profiling to your leftist social leanings. I am stating what i see, hear and understand.

    The uncivilized and adversarial beyond redemption tone of Bolehland politics is in part due to the barking, growling and rude polemics that ‘barbarians’ on both sides of the divide, engage in. LGE especially. Remember Superman the acolyte?

    It doesn’t take much to be polite – but it’s easier to aggressive, gangster like and loud. Sensible and humble rhetoric is much better than arrogant ‘Me Right, You Wrong!’ arrogance. Every-blardy-thing is taken personally over here.

    Mature politics requires mature behavior – it might be boring and uncharismatic, but it gets things across..

  9. Whoa, CLF dares write something that deviates from standard DAP apparatchik narrative and he gets a jab.

    Anyway Commander (RTD) S. Thayaparan’s piece – The men hunting Lim Guan Eng – seems to have brought out the worst apparatchiks Mkini has to offer.

    Why ?

    Because he dares opine that perhaps its best that the Komtar Potentate take a leave of absence giving an extremely good reason all the while hitting hard at the UMNO Regime.

    Comment that qualifies for the years stupidest thing ever written :

    “Cogito Ergo Sum
    Thaya, you are an old fool. I hope you are being paid for this?’

    Well yeah, doofus who does not live up to his/her chosen moniker, the writer gets paid by Malaysiakini 😀

  10. Yup, Conrad. Independent thinking not allowed – even in extremis.
    And they call themselves ‘Educated’ and Liberal..
    Hatred that runs counter to common decency.

    They talk of Diversity, yet insist everyone subscribe to their monomania.
    All we are asking for is some civility – as stakeholders in a benighted country run by demonic forces. Who cares what the Goons say or do? Righteousness must be seen acted out, not merely preached from behind a bully-pulpit..

    What can be achieved by unadulterated hatred and anger? More frustration.
    They behave as if only they hold the only moral high ground. And the art of persuasion becomes the art of piss-off.

    The reason why Chinapek like LGE find hard to talk to the rural Malay is their lack of ‘sopan-santun’ and a gross misunderstanding of “Mana”. Perhaps they should just wiki it? Those blokes who make the most noise haven’t lived a day among the poorest of the poor ‘natives’ – to understand what ethics and morality actually mean to these marginalized folk. Going to jail is not enough, i guess..

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