Do not trust an ‘imam muda’ with your lives

New York

June 26, 2016

COMMENT: Something really stinks big in Malaysia. The stench  even hits me in New York. It is disgusting to read an article about this Astro manufactured young imam. Zurairi AR talks about ignorance and stupidity and the failure of our education system. I share his disgust.

Din Merican's photo.

Not only are Malaysians (and Malaysian Muslims in particular) being inundated with poorly educated idiots out of our religious schools and public schools, we are also being subjected to massive official propaganda about radical Islam and Malayness from men of religion like Perak’s  Ayahtollah Harussani Zakaria and PAS Spiritual Leader Haron Din, phonys like Ridzuan Tee Abdullah and other snake oil religious preachers,  religious bureaucrats in JAWI, JAKIM and JAIS, racists in Biro Tata Negara,  and hypocritical and corrupt UMNO and PAS politicians.

Even our media have become victims to official indoctrination. Ordinary Muslims too have their fair share of sermons during Friday prayers, and on radio, tv and social media. Don’t we have anything better to do with our lives and for our country in a globalised world where knowledge is the competitive edge?

Radical Islam and Politics have become an explosive blend to the point that even ISIS/ISL elements are threatening the security of our country.  In stead fixing the problem of rising religious extremism and Malay ultraism, Prime Minister Najib Razak is playing with the fire of radical Islam and racist politics while at the same time claiming to be a democrat with a tinge of liberalism. How long does he think he can play this political game and expect the country to hang together.

If we are not vigilant and do not remain calm and rational, we are going to hang separately. The Malays must wake to the reality that we need responsible leadership if we are to be a Malaysia for all, where there is peace, harmony and prosperity with equality of opportunity for its citizens .We do not a leader who is afraid of his own shadow.–Din Merican

Do not trust an ‘imam muda’ with your lives

by Zurairi AR

We usually assume that reality TV show contestants are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed, and Ammar Wan Harun just seems to prove that point.

The Kedah-native — whose only identifier was second-season contestant of Astro’s Imam Muda variety show — had mocked the recent death of a child from diphtheria, calling the reaction to it exaggerated.

The girl from Malacca was one of two who had died from the highly contagious and potentially fatal disease, preventable by vaccines. Both were not completely immunised by their parents.

Calling himself “Imam Muda Ammar”, or Young Imam Ammar, the man said it was merely one kid dying, and not even 1 per cent of the population, much less 90 per cent.

“I didn’t know that the Angel of Death does not take the lives of vaccinated children. And I didn’t know that vaccinated children get extra lives. How lucky for them.“Are there vaccines that can save us from road accidents?” he asked on his Facebook page.

No Ammar, that is not how vaccines work. Like I said, not the sharpest tool in the shed.When called out by the public, Ammar said he was only “teasing”, and bragged that he had received rewards from God after he was criticised, while his detractors had only collected sins.

“I just want those who denied vaccines be respected for their choice. Don’t make it as if vaccines are more powerful than fate,” he said.

In a separate post, Ammar offered a way to make amends: shamelessly offering his critics an opportunity to make money through a “dropship” programme with his business. Which would in turn, make him more money.

Continued pressure by the public, the media, and public shaming by Health Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, and even Prime Minister Najib Razak himself caused Ammar to delete his Facebook page.

Ammar has since forsaken his “Imam Muda” title, calling himself “Hamba Yang Berdosa” (Sinful Slave) instead.

In several posts with this new moniker, Ammar still claimed he was not anti-vaccination, but at the same time wanted pro-disease folks to be given a chance to deny vaccines. I do not think we can stress this enough, Ammar, but vaccines are non-negotiable.

Ammar also kept on saying that his intention was to point out that the “powers of vaccines” are not above God’s.This tactless pontificating completely missed the point. But then again, vaccines still work no matter whether you believe in God or not.

In the end, Ammar even had the gall to request for the Health Ministry to offer him a job to convince the public of immunisation’s importance.Again, how shameless. Ammar no longer has any shred of credibility to promote immunisation, not after he mocked its importance in the first place and suggested that anti-vaxxer parents be given a choice.

Like his dropship attempt at pacification, all Ammar could think was how he could make more money out of the mess he is in. It is great that the public has eviscerated a religionist who carelessly tried to talk medicine, with nary a thought of how his statement could affect the lives of millions of others.

Refusing vaccination is no joke.

The most recent case of diphtheria death was of a boy in Kedah, the same state Ammar is from. The boy was just two years old. His other siblings were similarly not vaccinated.

Kedah Health Director Dr Norhizan Ismail revealed on Friday that the northern state is a hotbed for anti-vaxxers in the country with 318 cases of vaccine rejection in 2015, a jump from 239 in 2014.

A woman walking past a restaurant as Malaysia’s iconic Petronas Twin Towers loom in the background in Kampung Baru. — AFP file picUrban Squalor amid Modernity in Kuala Lumpur

Losing their kids is not punishment enough for the parents in Malacca and Kedah who had denied their children immunisation. They should be made responsible for effectively leaving their kids to die, and selfishly risking others too. Such parents should be shunned, shamed, and penalised.

It is a sad state in Malaysia where religionists are mostly to be blamed for anti-vaxxers, yet we require religionists like muftis to also convince the public the importance of immunisation.

It is frustrating that the public could put more trust in someone with no medical background than doctors or health officials, just because the former plays the religious card.

Satellite TV provider Astro and its religious channel Oasis are partly to blame for lending these hacks made up titles such as “Imam Muda”, which they in turn use to promote and ingratiate themselves on the public.

The title means nothing. One just needs to be a contestant of the show, which ran for two seasons in 2010 and 2011, where they competed to be an imam of a mosque and a scholarship to study in Medina. They did not even need to win, to affix the title to their public persona.

Yet, people put much stock by such titles, as if being a reality TV show star lends somebody more credibility in whichever topic they talk about.

Oasis continues to produce such reality TV shows, and each year, we have more and more faux titles for religious folks to pull wool over the public’s eyes. Besides Imam Muda, we now have a slew of Pencetus Ummah, Tahfiz Muda and Ustazah Pilihan flooding our society.

Just like Ammar, Astro Oasis is just a business after all, looking to make money off the market’s preference. And the need to have religious idols is a reflection of the Malaysian Muslim society’s lack of self-confidence and self-assurance with their faith.

For the rest of us, there is a need to continue to mercilessly mock and castigate religionists who use faith as a fount of ignorance and delusion, especially when it comes to science and medicine.

We need to demolish the credibility of religionists when they spout nonsense that could be easily lapped up by the ignorant and thoughtless public, just like how we tore Ammar down.

There is a good reason why religionists should not be trusted with saving lives. After all, what they care for the most is the afterlife.

21 thoughts on “Do not trust an ‘imam muda’ with your lives

  1. Your comments please, Conrad, Semper, Isa Manteqi, Tok Cik, CLF. Veritas, and others. I am getting sick here in New York about what is happening in Bolehland. –Din Merican

  2. Dia ni memang bodoh.
    Apa kelulusan dia……….?????
    Bukankah Nabi (saw) berkata, kita kena berusaha dulu,kemudian barulah kita bertakwa.

  3. Someone should remind these idiots about the Prophet’s exhortation to “trust in God, but tie your camel”.

    God decides the fate of every creature but there is no harm in protecting yourself from pain and misery by taking some basic precautionary time-tested measures.
    Imagine leaving the fate of innocent children in the hands of parents who listen to these preacher-creeps.

    Where did Bolehland go wrong that it is heading in the direction of failed turd world nations rather than taking its place up there where it belongs.

  4. Nowadays everybody wants to be an Imam. Ilmu belum cukup dah nak jadi Imam. Glamorous konon and easy money. Everything is now so commercialized and becoming a joke. They think Imam can be made into a reality show like a talent show. You wouldn’t catch me praying behind an “Imam Muda” like this guy. I wonder whether he really understands the surahs that he recite and also the meaning of each ayat that he utters during the different stages of a prayer.

    Does he understand the responsibilities that he carries when he is leading a prayer as an Imam? Many elderly men shudder at becoming an Imam afraid of the high expectation and responsibilities as an Imam.

    The TV show should not have been allowed or at least be scrutinized by JAKIM, IKIM and other Islamic organization for content and relevancy. Guess they allowed it to go ahead in earnest as it is promoting Islam. Woe it is promoting the wrong type and goes against the Aqidah. So much for the millions spent on JAKIM, Ikim, Jais and what not.

  5. The issue to be asked is who and how Ammar Wan Harun learned and get inspired to do the con jobs he is doing? Yes, it’s the likes of Harussani Zakaria, Ridhuan Tee, Pahang Mufti, but dig deeper and it include Hadi Awang, Haron Din, Jakim, Jawi, etc. The connected tissue is obvious.

    How different is what Ammar does and Hadi’s PAS arguing Hudud will do magic on social problems and crime? Why no one, Malay or non Malay opposition has pointed this out?

  6. Priests of any religion are the same, they are just human with earthy desire and ambitions. If they are being put on the altar and the people are made to believe that their words are gospel, these priests would think they are god. Who are to be blamed but the people themselves! This is not the surprising part!

    The surprising part is the young are so influenced (indoctrinated) that they are no more inspired to excel in science and technology, but to be a priest!

    With this, good luck to this people!

  7. Din, I could understand your frustrations to let off your steam from NY. When we did not have all these religious bigots in those years, people of all races had better understanding of human lives despite lacking many things in our time, be it at school or at home.

    Today with all the news channels across, TV, radio and Government’s Mouth piece medias, some Imams of half-past educated on religious mattes preaching to influence the young and illiterates

    Their preaching is stupidity to the highest degree. I have heard one imam over radio speaking like as if he had been to heaven and hell and had come back to this world to tell of what all he had seen there when one committed wrong in life on this planet and after death the treatment one would get when his soul reached hell or heaven. So sweetly the Imams put to believe to brain wash the young.

    So the Imam Muda who is giving this controversial preaching on vaccination is also another religious bigot of believer of what others have taught him of seeing the God on their return to this earth. If left unchecked, there will be many more following this stupid imam to make our country to become another laughing stock in the eyes of the world with our leaders accepting such stupid view of these religious extremists speaking on Astro and other Channels to broadcast to brain wash the minds of the young.

    I hope you must have read of another stupid imam’s controversy from Pahang on his religious stupidity blaming DAP for objecting HUDUD. None from government, even the MIC or the MCA and other ‘yes men’ from the cabinet has ever come to speak against such idiotic views of this imam.

    It is so extreme form of preaching but sad to say that Najib till today has not even uttered a word to say if it was wrong. Externally he says Malaysia is a moderate Muslim Country but inside him is accepting the extremism of what his religious bigots preach. What a leader we have?
    I am telling our government to get with the business of managing our country and stop playing religio-racial politics. –Din Merican.

    • To Somu,

      Would like to correct the part you mentioned on illiterates.

      Religious wisdom is not a product of literacy. Some illeterates can be very wise and some PhDs can be idiots!

  8. Oh, if only his parents exercised the choice not to immunize him against anything, then like he said, it’ll only be just one kid dying.

    I am sure he’ll get a “job” at the prime minister’s department.

  9. “Telling our government to get with the business of managing our country and stop playing religio-racial politics”, Dato?

    Najib must have heard you, because yesterday, he actually said this:

    [start quote]

    “It is our obligation as Muslims to strive for authentic Islam, the real Islam which is not extreme or liberal, a moderate Islam,” he told reporters at a breaking of fast with local community leaders and civil servants at Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Haj, here today.

    Najib said Muslims in this country should also respect other religions by showing the good brought by Islam to earn their respect.

    [end quote]

    Source: Najib: Reject anti-Islam groups, collaborators

    Then again, I have yet to come across him saying anything about that madcap Pahang mufti and his kafir-harbi bombshell. Not even a peep from Jamil Khir.

    And meanwhile, The Ipoh City Council has managed to turn “kecuali saree” into “saree permitted” after the black-and-white proof of their extremist mindset surfaced.

    Seems the religio-racial politics genie is getting more and more powerful, and its “master” may not know exactly what to do…

  10. Yes, the latest to stir the cauldron is Pahang mufti Dr Abdul Rahman Osman who has labelled members of the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) as “kafir harbi” (non-Muslim infidels) for allegedly being anti-Muslim and anti-Islam. The medieval age punishment for “infidels”, if I am not wrong, is death I believe. His outburst seems to be intended s as a general wake-up call for Muslims to keep way from Parties like DAP, PKR and the likes and disengage themselves if they are already members. The only option they have, it is suggested, is the “heaven mandated” choice of choosing a wholly Islamic character party, an all Muslim-run party like the PAS and UMNO.

    He and his ilks are nothing more than the Mullahs who gave so much of problems to Tunku in the 1960’s. They are back again as a more powerful force to tear asunder the larger peaceful Malaysian society.

    They are sowing the seeds for the disintegration of Malaysia. Suffice to say Malaysia should not function as an entirely Muslim-run federation as the dictates of these Mullahs and their sponsors demand. The first phase of these mad Mullahs actions led to the separation of Singapore. A continuation of this ruinous path may ultimately lead to a painful and costly break-up of Malaysia.

  11. Do not ever expect Jibby would do anything that’s considered “good governance”. All he ever cares is to do whatever, by hook and by crook, to cling on to power. Religion in Bolehland has become what many “aspirants-for-success-in-life” could find to be an easily accessible and attainable commodity and “career choice”. It’s a much travelled road to “titles” and fortunes. One will be doing fine if you are perceived to be “enhancing” the preservation of the power of the Establishment.

  12. I think they should produce a spin off called “Mujahid Muda” where contestants are tested on their ability to field strip an AK-47, to maintain good beards and to rig up explosives using common household chemicals. The winner can be given a one way ticket to either Aleppo, Mosul or Beirut. Alternatively, if the clearance for these destinations is not forthcoming they can be let loose in Jinjang and Cheras. Or Penang. East Malaysia works too, I suppose. /s

  13. Look folks, it’s not only idiotic imams, funk pastors or other imbecilic religious maniacal gods – it’s also a whole herds of secular morons whom, by virtue of the internet age, become purveyors of pseudo-scientific mass hysteria.

    It may started out as a secular thing in the late 1990s viz the thiomersal controversy. Secular idiots also aplenty. See here:

    I guess the imams and ragheads suffer, as usual – delayed, milestones and cretinism. Their concerns are like those of other fringe fanatical religious groups (including cults) – i.e God is ALL/Nothing – and thus refusing to take responsibility in this life hoping for eternal life after – when they can’t even live this life properly.

    Is it a surprise that our obese Boleh-Lala-Land Min of Women, Family and Community Affairs is so dunderhead to pronounce that there’s ‘haram’ substances in the childhood vaccines – but that can be obviated by a Fatwa or two? Chickenshit cow-dung head!

    There is however mounting evidence, in autism, that EXCESS folic acid during pregnancy can cause higher rates of that condition. So folks, in all things – Moderation..

    Ladies, please take your Cevarix or Gardasil, if you are below 25.. You never know what your ‘Men’ are up to.. If suffering from menopausal symptoms, HRT?

    Guys, don’t forget your testosterone shots – except that too much of it, causes Jibroism. All that does is to increase your bulk – of prostate/liver cancer, besides dumbing you down to the level of a randy stallion with non-functioning hardware..

    Cheers. Time for lunch.

  14. Like they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. These days, it seems that anyone who had been to an Arab country or ridden a camel thinks that he’s God’s chosen to preach to the world.

  15. Problem is, there are idiots who believe what these freaks of Nature utter and preach. And the sad part the inductees are mainly Melayus.

    I believe Umno is behind this. The TM of Johore has said it openly that a senior minister in Jibby’s cabinet had told him that there was no necessity to improve the education system as the government wants to keep the Malays stupid and poorly educated so they would forever be beholden to Umno.

    So this Imam Muda programme is part and parcel of this vicious indoctrination plan. Honestly, I am lost for words why some are bloody stupid? Maybe it’s in their DNA.

  16. “Secular idiots also aplenty. See here:

    Huh, where do the “secular idiots” come in play ? In fact one of the anti-vac groups Safeminds attempted to use the “religious freedom” card in the California debate some time ago, if memory serves….

    Anyway most people would dismiss “secular idiots” as looneys when they go full luddite mode but with the Religious nutjobs…..well that’s a different story.

    Most often these religious morons are sanctioned by the State or worse indulged by the State with various forms of religious protections under the guise of various rights.

    Anyway this imam is not really anti vaccine . He’s just another charlatan attempting to hop on whatever gravy train his religious credentials get him. My advice is he should start writing fiction. He seems to have a knack for it.

  17. ‘Secular idiots also aplenty.’ Lemme explain, my friend.

    The CDC had to increase security after threats were received when some idiot talk shows – notably The Oprah Winfrey Show – blew up the controversy. The stupidity of mal-informed public is stupendous. Like a Witches Trial, but based not on religion but ‘dry’ science..

    Of course the Religio Nutjobs are plentiful, but pseudoscience and bad rationale occurs everywhere. Take the HRT Hoax in Europe for example – rubbish science.

    Oz and USA are about to suffer another bout of cyclical whooping cough outbreak (pertussis) – yet there are still ‘educated’ morons who refuse vaccination for their kids for whatever reason.

    And i refuse to buy a Hybrid car, look askance at ‘Organic Foods’, detoxifying enemas or quaff terribly expensive over-hyped ‘superfoods’.. Why?

    After all, what is ‘Religion’?

  18. What laaaa …..qualification is one thing, but ‘ maturity ‘ is another – imagine the Elders of the nation sitting down with all the attendant backaches for hours on end listening to sermons by kids…..? With this kind of indoctrination , all kids will want to have the easier way out in life …..easy way to the top… need to slog or study hard….merely by heart and regurjijate ( vomit ! ) to the crowd for elders to lick……

    Look at the Veil culture ……its all gone overboard……crazy shopping everywhere , not about compliance to faith, but more of ‘ berangan-angan’ to be the Beauty queen in all kinds of show & contests…… appearances in the TV syiok sendiri punya hal…..

    Psychology ? All gone crazy and haywire…..looks like Malaysia going bottoms-up in every single activity anyone can think about ….gone nuts …..

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