Britain leaves The EU and Prime Minister David Cameron resigns

June 24, 2016

Britain leaves The EU and Prime Minister David Cameron resigns

by Michael Wilkinson, The Telegraph

With the Leave campaign securing 52 per cent of the vote, Mr Cameron addressed the nation in an emotional speech outside 10 Downing Street to announce that he would be stepping down.

While England voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain. Statements are expected to be made by Sinn Fein and the SNP later today calling for a breakaway from the Union. London backed Remain but the turnout was lower than expected because of bad weather.

Meanwhile on the market, the FTSE 250 index has plunged a whopping 11.7pc. The index of so-called mid-cap companies had dropped an astonishing 2,017 points to 15,309 in the first few minutes of trading.



22 thoughts on “Britain leaves The EU and Prime Minister David Cameron resigns

  1. Almost a generation ago the British people (and those on what was then Western Europe) were victims of a deception by their elected representatives that made them lose their sovereignty and fall into the lap of a carefully crafted
    and undemocratic Union…
    It has taken four decades to undo this crime… If there is one person that must take more credit than anyone else it has to be Nigel Farage… almost single-handedly he has stood up to his MEP “comrades” and hammered away a consistent message…”who the hell do you think you are?
    Good for the British people…their common sense has triumphed… and they have blown a resounding raspberry to Obama for his uncalled for “last in the queue” blunder…

  2. Yea..! Three cheers for Brexit. Britain for the Brits. Eccentric as they might be. Chicken Masala is still their national dish, ya?

    I favor a ‘smaller’ world bereft of mega-control, corporations and idiotic globalization. I’m too much an individualist to be part of a herd. Must be the ‘Shepard Dog’ in ma..

    Boris J. to be next PM? I’ll second that too. I’ve met the man – he’s unpretentious and smarter than his weird haircut would suggest. Listens as much as he talks. Cameron committed political sepekku – very decent of him to move on – unlike the rabid kleptomaniacs we have in Wasiyat (islamic Will) Land.

    I guess the path will be stormy – and UK might well end up being only England and Wales – with Scotland going back to quaffing haggis, wearing tartan underwear and losing soccer matches. The N. Irish will agitate to merge with the rest of ancient Hibernia (Eire) and start another round of Ulster Ulceration.

    Meanwhile, Europe will descend into a mess of similar Referendums – with France most likely to vamoose, while the Greeks pretend that Grexit is metaphorical. It is not a ‘Rightist’ thingy, but common sense – instead of shared ‘pokkai’ Communalism and staid Conformity. Europe is not EuRape.

    Utopianism is dead – especially the idea of post-modernistic, unproductive Socialism – where everyone becomes as poor and ignorant as his neighbor.

    A test for our resident hard Socialists – ‘Distributism is the way forward. Discuss.’
    Revive trading partnership with the Commonwealth, China, Japan, South Korea and India and be very strict on immigration. It is time to work smart.

    CLF, let us not waste any time discussing distributism. We have had it since 1970 and we know that it does not work.It believe in hard work and meritocracy.–Din Merican

  3. ‘..we know that it does not work’ Din

    It doesn’t? Ungku Aziz would turn in his grave.., besides you guys were probably too timid.. Enuff said.

    Anyways, the ‘Big Society’ that was Cameron’s Conservative Party’s manisfesto in 2010, was a Distributist one. The stated aim was “to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a big society that will ‘take power away from politicians and give it to people” (wiki). The result, among others is Brexit.

    We need to rethink, my friend.

    When at MU in 1960, I disagreed with Ungku Aziz and to his credit, he appreciated that I had a mind of my own. Yes, power to the people since the politicians have failed us. I am all for that.And why not? If I am going into a shit dump, I am going to do it on my own and not follow another asshole. But people must bear the consequences of their decision as in Brexit. –Din Merican

  4. On balance, my opinion is that Brexit is an economic mistake.
    (The EU has already granted the British many concessions, yet they
    still want to leave).

    Time will tell.

    The British have to decide whether they are part of Europe or they are the
    junior partner of the US-UK “special relationship”.

    Brexit may also result in Scottish independence – as another referendum will be
    called as the Scots want to remain in the EU.

  5. He played poker using the chip called the UK membership of the EU to boost his chances of being returned without the help of Liberal Democrats in the last elections. He used the referendum as a bait and is now consumed by that same bait.Moral of the story always put the interest of the people and the nation above self interest. The rest will find its deserved level.

  6. Dr Phua, Economics is one thing. Dignity of Choice and Identity is another.
    Which is is more Important? The Norwegians and Swiss are Happy and Distinct aren’t they?

    To say that London drops dead as a Financial Center is certainly stretching imagination doesn’t it? All those suits playing with other peoples ‘fiat’ money ain’t such a great occupation is it? Better to be a farmer, plumber or a skilled craftsman ya? At least there’s dignity in labor and sweat, rather than making tons of money shuffling play funds, which aren’t substantive.

    I’m one of those folk who are not enamored by monetary-materialistic comforts.

    The Brits and Americans are a very doughty lot. The Brits have decided that they cherish independence and to able to decide their own destiny – more than all the Euros that ‘money’ can buy. The US-Canada-UK-Ireland nexus of Anglophile nations have more in common than with the polyglot of European nations who don’t even share a common language. In fact, Denmark and Holland with their large proportion of English speakers might do better in such an environment rather than to stick with a Moribund EU.

    EU doesn’t work, in part because of their preoccupation with Uniformity – which when rammed down the throat forcibly does no favors for One’s State of Existence.

    Nature can only tolerate so much order, after all Entropy is necessary to evolve to a higher consciousness.

  7. This might be the start of a massive tumbling of geo-political dominoes. Without the UK, Europe might be less American inclined.

    The Russians would sense an opening to make their move for more European influence, when, let’s face it, Europe is in economic turmoil and not having the stomach for any more Russian sanctions. Those sanctions have been hurting both Russia AND Europe.

    As for the UK, they can turn to the US, but what use would the US has for a UK that is left with less influence on continental Europe?

    Not left untouched in all this festivities is Turkey. Without its main supporter (the UK), and with the current political climate, it can kiss goodbye to any EU aspirations.

  8. It’s important to keep in mind the history of how the EU came into being.

    After WW2, Europeans such as Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer started with the European Coal and Steel Community, then the EEC (European Economic Community). Part of the reason was that there was this idea that closer economic ties would help European nations to prosper together, and also reduce intense feelings of nationalism , and thus help to avert terrible conflicts such as WW2.
    Indeed, the pre-WW2 hostility between France and Germany no longer exists in
    modern day Europe. (Greek hostility to dictates from Merkel’s Germany is another matter).
    Brexit may intensify nationalistic feelings – we already see the response of
    right-wing political parties such as the National Front of France.

  9. “Better to be a farmer, plumber or a skilled craftsman ya?”

    Proponents of leaving always made it an economic argument .

  10. The EU deception was always a plan to turn the entire centuries old continent into a mongrel entity with its myriad peoples ending up having no national identity whatsoever… Economic argument WAS there but much lower down the ladder…

    Taking control of one’s country… and away from a tiny unelected group… THAT is what the whole thing is about…

    The UK was a great manufacturing country long before the EU and punched with the heavyweights…but a succession of their politicians sold their country down the drain…

    Not long ago I said in this blog how UK MP Enoch Powell warned his country about the madness of immigration… the same Enoch Powell also warned about the impending loss of sovereignty… on both occasions he was ignored (thanks largely to the media)… Britain ended up paying a huge and unnecessary price as a result. Now the country has won itself a second chance… Enoch Powell, where are you?

  11. I trust people who take responsibility and want to be independent. I therefore scoop up ETF of UK’s market and plan to keep them for long term.

  12. In my view, the British people have inflicted enormous self-harm to both its glorious history and its future by voting for Brexit.
    (Even) in UK’s history as a colonial power, it is mostly seen an outward-looking and benevolent ruler and not an oppressive one – and colonies are almost always left with robust institutions and strong values reflective of its own. In its modern history, the UK has never shown itself to be insular.
    A nation’s strength is always predicated on its economic prowess. The loss of UK’s economic power with Brexit is not even in contention (loss of access to the single market, declining strength of the sterling, relocation of regional MNC headquarters from the UK to other EU states as springboard into the single market, deference of London to … possibly, Frankfurt as the financial and trade financing center of Europe etc).
    The political ransom on the UK extracted by Brexit will also be very dear. It will most likely result in Scotland’s and N. Ireland’s secession, the resulting inability to shape events and policies or drive imperatives in Europe, diminished importance in the transatlantic equation and the reduced ability to project soft power across the globe.
    The tragedy of Brexit is that with the loss of economic and political power so clearly etched on the brick wall, the Britisk folks still chose to crash into it at high speed.

    Of the many headlines in the Brexit aftermath, one stood out for me: Farewell GREAT Britain. Welcome to LITTLE England (and Wales). How apt.

  13. With Brexit it is LITTLE England that will once again become GREAT Britain… of this I feel certain…all the arguments about economic, financial and loss of political power are nothing more than lies and fear-mongering… and have been used more than once before… with Iceland, Sweden and Norway and none of these countries have disappeared from the face of the earth.

    But the UK has only won a battle… the war is coming and they must be prepared. The EU does not like negative referendums as the world witnessed with France and The Netherlands(?)…so the establishment will take a breather and then unleash their heavy weapons… financial manipulations, currency rate fixing etc… already UK’s credit rating has been adjusted down…another example of attempts at cheap bullying tactics…

  14. After hearing Cameron’s speech in which he tendered his resignation,
    I feel compelled to alert the political leaders of the divide, especially those who are the power-that-be, to learn a thing two from it- how the Brits respect and make the Westminster Parliamentary Democracy system works so smoothly and orderly for them, with the people and for their country’s and people’s interests,

    Here, the similar system is largely manipulated and twisted against or at the expense of the people for political leaders personal agendas, greed and profits, under the cover of working for betterment of the people’s welfare of the country.

    Unlike the Brits, they have chosen freely, fairly and cleanly-we, hardly here. It is because of our ” broken” substantially ”corrupt” delivery systems- the injustice done to the judiciary, electorate delineation, the education, the Malaysia Agreement with Sabah and Sarawak, …….the list continues peppered with scandals after scandals involving losses in the hundreds of RM billions, where the perpetrators are seldom punished or got away with a slap on the hands.


    On the topic of BRIEXIT again, I wish to share with the readers, my thoughts and comments made earlier on June 3, and about noon today under :

    ‘’BREXIT and British Nationalism: Emotion versus Economics’’

    I feel it is relative and relevant for discussion here.
    Here are the comments:

    1 st post
    –Kllau June 3, 2016 at 11:12 pm
    BRIEXIT or BRIREMAIN is all about Britain uniquely standing up for its Westminster Parliamentary Democracy independence or losing it to the convenience of USA Capitalism foreign policy, and to the Euro-zone countries, overtly diverse in socio-economic, cultural, (steep growth of Muslim population) incoherency glued together loosely, largely, by the € currency that is supported by only a few advanced economies, despite easier access to larger market, which other countries can substitute or complement.

    Defense against Russia is not an issue as Britain has already been covered by NATO.

    2nd post
    Kllau June 24, 2016 at 12:51 pm
    Today, the Brits have chosen, leave European Union, standing up for its Westminster Parliamentary Democracy Independence.
    The people just don’t want to be misled, misinformed and told what to do by the elitist leaders, often at their (people’s) expense.

    There will be uncertainties on world market and Forex, also plenty of new opportunities created. But Britain’s socio-economic and political fundamentals and systems remain strong and positive, amidst some unavoidable hiccups and volatilities, going into the new era.

    First perceived casualty will be Cameron resignations as PM and leader of the Conservative Party. Boris Johnson will likely take over and fresh general election within 6 months. That is also what democracy is all about.

    3 post
    Kllau June 24, 2016 at 1:00 pm
    ….and the Leaders of Umno Baru and the oppositions. should learn from the experience and practice it diligently and faithfully for the benefits of adopting the Westminster Parliamentary Democracy System in the sustained interest of the people and the country.

  15. The argument that the UK can vote for Brexit and enjoyed continued access to the single market while having (full) control over immigration (from EU states), often citing Norway and Switzerland is a simplistic one.

    It is useful to remember that both Norway and Switzerland are signatories to the Schengen Agreement. The UK and Ireland (even as EU members) are not part of the Schengen area. This grandfather right of UK’s is not in dispute.

    Norway’s wealth lies primarily in it oil deposits. One can imagine that the importance of access to the EU single market for Norway, whilst vital for its fishing industry (for example), is nowhere as crucial as it is for the UK with its large services sector. Furthermore, Norway — beautiful as it is with the northern lights and fjords — is not a “happening” place and not a magnet for mass migration. The EU citizens who come to Norway (mainly Poles) are mostly welcome because they take up jobs that Norweigans shun. So it is incorrect that Norway has complete control over its immigration because it is part of the Schengen area and has agreements with the EU governing free movement of EU citizens into Norway. The immigration issue in Norway is just not as pronounced.

    Switzerland is a little different in that the Swiss-EU relationship is governed by a set of bilateral agreements (as opposed to full EU membership rules) to allow Switzerland to claim a semblance of control over immigration. If the Swiss decides not to have a continued relationship with the EU, there is no need for them to trigger Article 50 with the ensuing economic and political upheavals. In 2014, the Swiss voted with a razor thin majority in a referendum to limit (not control) the freedom of movement of EU citizens into Switzerland, a move that has not been implemented up to today. Why? Because if it did, there will certainly be some form of repercussion from the EU. With its large services and tourism sectors, the Switzerland model may be more instructive for the UK moving forward, but make no mistake — the Swiss, as a non-EU member, cannot tweak its immigration policy without the EU nod.

    The reality is — in exchange for single market market access, both Norway and Switzerland has had to agree to freedom of movement for EU citizens, just WITHOUT any say in formulating EU policies.

    But man … as one of the big 3 movers in the EU, the UK will be forfeiting its considerable influence in EU policy-making on the account of Brexit. But in all likelihood — to retain access to the single market, the UK will be forced have to join the Schengen area and agree to free movement of EU citizens. So in effect, the UK has given up its say in the EU for the status quo.

    Of course, Norway and Switzerland are not the UK which alone accounts for about 10% of the EU market. In practical terms, the EU may have to make more trade concessions to the UK (compared to Norway and Switzerland) despite the inclination to make an punitive example of Brexit.

    But whatever sweetheart deals the UK gets for trade — there is no way – none, a UK-EU free trade agreement will be lenient on the Schengen principles and free movement of EU citizens into the UK.

    I sadly feel that the Brexit campaign has led the British people down the garden path and the Bremain camp did not get the full message across but both instead engaged in heated and often exaggerated rhetoric and hyperbole to the detriment of UK’s future.

  16. Self-determination, is self determination; come good, come bad.
    Why do you BriRemain chaps keep on yodeling about what has come to pass, just because the ‘Economics’ is wonky? Why do you call yourselves Liberal and Democratic – honestly when all you see are negatives? Divorces are sometimes necessary – messy as they might be.

    Scotland may not secede from UK – simply because a ‘Common’ market, makes as much sense as a decrepit whorehouse controlled by unelected pimps. The Scots value independence and their history is inextricably intertwined to Britain. They are no longer Picts. Their present First Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon is like a fish outta water – who doesn’t seem to know what’s she’s messing with. Pound or Euro? Secure borders? Foreign relations? Armed Forces? Financial bourses? Language? Education? Law? Yup – they can do it but not to the risk of Poles invading or Daesh establishing Jihadland.

    So tell me, all you purveyors of ‘Order’, what is it about the Brexit that you so abhor? Money and materialism ain’t everything – otherwise the Roman Empire would have remained. Were you guys jumping up and down when the Soviet Union collapsed? Or were you celebrating? Sheer Hypocrisy.

    There’s only one eternal ‘Kingdom’ and it’s not this One.

  17. “So tell me, all you purveyors of ‘Order’, what is it about the Brexit that you so abhor?”

    Dumb arguments about self determination used to agitate the knee jerk reactions of people dumb enough to believe that inclusiveness means surrendering “national identity” or that the influx of “foreigners” or other “Europeans” means economic hardship for the natives.

    The idea that the State enforces “Order” in a vacuum without consideration of external stimuli which has never been the case but here that dumb argument of “self determination” acts as some sort of prophylactic against this reality.

    The overt narcissism of people who have no real stake in this exit because their lives are far from the very real entanglements of those who rely on the EU to sustain their economic well being – interpret this any way you like , because at the end of the day large communities exists to further capitalistic agendas – but who vote to leave precisely because it does not cost them anything.

    The hypocrisy of those “foreigners” who have found succour in a foreign land but who would deny others the same path in the name of national identity. The hypocrisy of those whose privilege is based on decades of Empire who now yodel on about “self determination” but who continue supporting policies meant to restrict self determination through unfair economic policies. The hypocrisy of those abandoning the arguments they used in Scotland but of course does not apply to good ole Britain.

    And please let us not forget that this was not an overwhelming vote to leave.

    This has nothing to do with “Order” or “self determination” both of which have been used by right wing demagogues or their agents to fool the gullible.

    Staying or leaving I have very little interest in. What is important are the reasons for leaving or staying.

    In the end I have a Cuckoo clock perception of the world :

  18. The main reason for leaving is very simple… when the Brits joined the EU it was for an economic union… not once were they told that it was a step in what would be a surrender of their sovereignty… for which there would have had to be a national referendum which would have returned a resounding NO!

    The same applies to the other European countries…The EU was a step by step deception to create a undemocratic body run by a tiny crowd answerable to nobody and in which secrecy was the order of the day.

    The slim majority can be explained by the fact that the REMAIN side have their heads buried deep in the sand and have been convinced that the whole issue is an economic one… It is not…

    The UK was a successful trading nation long before the EU… four decades inside the Union will have brought its problems but there is no reason why LITTLE ENGLAND cannot once again become GREAT BRITAIN.

    And if one or two more countries go for the EXIT it is game over for this scam…

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