Pascal Najadi Takes His Case To The United Nations

June 22, 2016

Pascal Najadi Takes His Case To The United Nations

Pascal Najadi seeks Justice for his Dad

The perceived paralysis of law and order in present day Malaysia has led to a ground-breaking and potentially humiliating development, where the son of the assassinated banker Hussein Najadi has asked the United Nations to intervene to investigate the crime.

My friend–The Late Ahmad Hussein Najadi

Pascal Najadi slapped his petition into the Geneva based Human Rights Council on Monday, saying that he and his family have been made desperate by the blatant refusal of the Malaysian authorities to properly investigate his father’s murder.

He cites the fact that Najadi was criticising suspicious transactions at AmBank, linked to the present Prime Minister, shortly before his death, as the most likely reason for the inertia on the part of the Malaysian investigators.

Under UN procedure the Najadi family lawyers have addressed their complaint to the Special Rapporteur for Arbitrary Executions, whose remit they say includes the situation facing the murdered banker.

“Certain lines of enquiry have not been followed in the investigation into the murder of Hussein Najadi – purposefully not pursued – which would have included exploring the motives for executing Najadi, including his noted vocal criticism of Najib Razak’s regime, corruption and Najib himself” says Nick Kauffman, Najadi’s lawyer.

Kauffman refers specifically to the failure to press charges against the man who was identified by Police as the man who hired the hitman, who has already been jailed.  Lim Yuen Soo was on a Red Notice list for 2 years charged with the murder, but was only eventually arrested after major publicity last year.

He was held secretly by Malaysian police for 8 days and then released on grounds of insufficient evidence.

7 thoughts on “Pascal Najadi Takes His Case To The United Nations

  1. Malaysia is such a unique country.

    I believe even in the case of the mongolian model altantuya the motive behind the murder does not seem to be of interest.

    This is most perplexing because in a murder case motive ought to be established.

    In Malaysia under Najib, expect the unexpected. That is the only way to keep one’s sanity. Whatever that is coming to us, we deserve it since we do not really care for our country. We are too preoccupied with ourselves to worry about our neighbour.–Din Merican

  2. I agree and support Abd aziz ismail’s proposition that the Altuntuya murder too should be referred to the Human rights council. I would be writing to her father to motivate him to pursue the same course. of action.

  3. Altantuya, Scopene, Najadi, Arab donation, SRC donation, Kevin Anthony Morais, Gani Patail, Doctored PAC report on 1MDB, Classifying AG Report under OSA, private jet to Istanbul with huge luggage, payment to and from BVI companies, Wolves of Kuala Lumpur, luxury condos, ransom money disappearing into thin air (NO NEED TO INVESTIGATE LAH). What next? Where are the SRC duo? Where is the former 1MDB CEO?

  4. In 1Malaysia, gullible people are bribed with their own money by the ruling regime.

    Pay GST, then get your “duit raya” from the caring 1Finance Minister.

  5. Dato, that is hitting below the belt. In time of great upheavals, when the burden becomes unbearable, the “chosen one” will sooner or later lose the mandate of heaven. Shakespeare’s Macbeth may point to how this episode will end. Using race and religion is a 2 edged sword.

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