Zaid Ibrahim-Opposition should boycott all future elections

New York

June 21, 2016

COMMENT: It is not often that I endorse Zaid Ibrahim’s views but on the subject of the future democratic elections for our country, I am on the same page with him.

Our elections since Dr. Mahathir’s premiership have not been free and fair and that was the reason why I took to the streets in November, 2007 to support BERSIH 1.0 movement for electoral reform.

Calls for electoral reforms have fallen on deaf ears. The last time I walked the streets (with my wife) was on August 30, 2015 under BERSIH4.o. We attracted a lot of media attention but nothing came out it. Only Tun Dr.Mahathir got the attention he needed from BERSIH 4.0.

Since then, we have had a number of elections and by-elections. But our electoral process remains seriously flawed. Hundreds of millions of ringgits are being spent by political parties and the Elections Commission to tell the world we, like Zimbabwe, are a democratic nation.

UMNO-BN emerges the winner every time since our first in 1955. Nothing is wrong with that, if elections are free and fair and if the elected government serves the people. But look at the state of politics, economy and society since Najib Razak took charge in 2009, and it does not take a genius to tell us that we are in a mess.

Let us be generous to our dear leader and UMNO and give him the opportunity to run our nation to the ground. Only then will the Malays realise that our present leaders are incompetent, corrupt and irresponsible. They need to suffer the consequences of bad governance before they will react.–Din Merican

Zaid Ibrahim-Opposition should boycott all future elections

 by FMT Reporters

Zaid Ibrahim says Malays willing to tolerate the BN as long as they receive regular handouts while religious Muslims backed PAS because of hudud.

Disappointed with the outcome of the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections, Zaid Ibrahim has suggested all Opposition parties boycott future elections unless drastic changes are made.

In his latest blog posting, the former law minister, registered his disappointment that Barisan Nasional (BN) won both parliamentary seats despite the scandals of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

“I hoped against hope that Malays and Malaysians wanted to keep democracy alive and that they would reject political parties that were corrupt or promoted extremist policies,” he said, adding however that the results showed Malays were willing to tolerate the “scandalous conduct of their leaders” as long as BN presented them with regular hand-outs.

He also said the more “religious” Muslims supported PAS because hudud, which the Islamist party was championing, promised them a path to the afterlife.

He predicted that if the present trend continued, BN would enjoy a landslide victory in the next general election and warned, “If the BN wins more than two-thirds of the seats in Parliament, this will open the door to major constitutional amendments that will have far-reaching consequences.”

He thanked Dr Mahathir Mohamad for doing his best to convince the people of the truths behind several important issues but conceded that the former premier may have been responsible for the present state of affairs.

“…his (Mahathir) administration did not bring about the reforms in education and democratic values that would have made change by democratic means possible.”

While the Opposition was largely blamed for what happened in the twin by-elections, Zaid, however, said that for as long as large scale bribery was condoned, BN would always win, referring to the cash handouts and promises of big projects during the election campaign period.

“The Election Commission is not interested to see a free and fair election, but merely to organise one,” he alleged further, adding that the Opposition was aware of all these violations but participated in the elections all the same and came down hard on themselves later when they lost.

“Since Najib has been given the divine right to govern, then maybe the Opposition should not contest any future election until 1) we have an independent Election Commission, 2) a complete ban on bribery and vote-buying; 3) an independent police force to enforce these laws, and 4) Anwar Ibrahim is released from jail.”

He was of the opinion that continuing to participate in future elections would only “lend a helping hand to make them (BN) look legitimate in the eyes of the world.”

10 thoughts on “Zaid Ibrahim-Opposition should boycott all future elections

  1. Boycott means running away. Opposition should put its house in order.
    Zaid’s advise indicates that the Opposition will never win and is willing to handover the Government without any fight so that the current culture continues?

  2. Well said Datuk Zaid. Who knows the malays better than malays themselves. Corruption is the order in global politics. Money is the most powerful tool which can dominate and rule civil service army police and religions too. Boycot is not the option. The rakyat must continue their political struggle accepting reality of your contents stated of bn and money game. Poisonous plant bear poisonous flowers n fruits. Ultimately people reap what they sow. Time and change will come just how better or worse is this game of power of politics. 59 years only beyond imagination past to present. There are certainly more mahathirs and najibs in this land that will rise up. Seismologists cannot till date predict nature when a tsunami or eartquwill come

  3. Regimes that appear very strong or even invincible can collapse suddenly.

    Examples include apartheid South Africa, Communist police states of
    the old Soviet bloc (including Ceaucescu’s Romania), Suharto in

    Even in post-Yugoslavia Serbia (ruled by an utterly cynical and ruthless
    Slobodan Milosevich), a regime that promoted mindless Serbian nationalism and
    racist wars, the regime collapsed eventually.

  4. Look, all this heeing and hawing by Lost Zaid is purely theoretical besides being tragically theatrical. Which Alternate Universe is this guy from? Of the 4 conditions he enumerates, NONE is possible for UMNOb GoonLand,

    As i said, since the Malays wanna to enchanted, snookered, tethered and strangled – let them. I’m racist and fascist remember? The reverse or chimerical kind.

    The Nons have to build up their parallel universe, since there’s no hope in this one. We can pay protection money on top of the taxes, you know.. Let’s see how corrupt any race can be.

  5. This is not the time to be passive-aggressive, not the time to call it a quit.

    This is a time to shout out loud-and-clear the alternative. The alternative has always been this : social liberalism. That is what RukuNegara’s “Maka Kami” stood for. That is what the spirit of our foundation document of “Reid” and “Cobbald” Commission calls for, as our nation is being formed. Be Brave, and read up the document, as the government tries to hide that document.

    That is what was suggested by DSAI. That was what Tok Guru of PAS fought for. This is what Uncle LKS has been fighting for. This is what so many have been fighting for all of us.

    We are really close to victory, as those in power is most fearful now, as they had to resort to fascism to justify their own existence among their peers. Corrupt souls could not unite, as they are only bound to implode by their individual suspicion of each other, and their own boundless greed.

    Do not be afraid. Now is the time to take charge.

    Resending an article on what is social-liberalism, that I really like.

    Dato.Din: Be our glue again. Help us get organized. Get a few new fresh faces back. Convince Brave New World to lead, and lead as a Prime Minister that Malaysia would be proud of, on a social-liberal platform.

  6. “lend a helping hand to make them (BN) look legitimate in the eyes of the world.”

    Yup. And creating another gravy train running in tandem with the UMNOb one.

    Democracy is a bitch, I tell ya’

  7. Quote:- “Only then will the Malays realise that our present leaders are incompetent, corrupt and irresponsible. They need to suffer the consequences of bad governance before they will react” –Din Merican

    Even then the Malays will not blame the present or future leaders who are predominantly their own kind, so blaming them means blaming themselves. They will blame the “pendatangs”, the “cina babi”, “the World Jewish Conspiracy”, “the Anti-Islamic West”

    Boycotting GEs or BEs?

    The country is not a social club where boycotting an EGM or AGM could mean a lose of face or legitimacy of the main office-bearers, principally the chairman or president of the club, leading to their resignation in most cases.

    Politicians, especially corrupt ones, are made of much thicker skins and harder skulls. Boycotting merely give them another argument to tar the opposition as unpatriotic, treason even. The kampong folks do not and will never learn to understand Zaid’s sophisticated arguments.

    In any case the Malay political leaders and the members of the EC are Muslims right? Muslims are ipso facto god-fearing and honest, and will never cheat in the GEs or indeed anywhere. So the boycott by the opposition is so “un-Islamic” and an insult to the Malay Ummah.

  8. Bersih was for “Clean, Fair and Free Elections” until its objective was hijacked by Tun Dr. Mahathir in Bersih 4 last August.

    An estimated 200,000 walked the street peacefully was testimony to its(Bersih) Success in overcoming money politics, which is the dominant element of Umno Baru’s deeply entrenched culture of MACCP which is also the roots of most causes and problems that had led the country to this dire state of affair. But it (Bersih 4 ) was turned into a rally for removal of D. Najib which the proper venue is a no-confidence vote in the parliament.

    Money was NEVER needed in brnging out the 200,000 participants, regardless of race and religion or political beliefs.They financed themselves, enthusiastically in the hope of getting rid of the rogue culture of MACCP of Umno Baru which has now replicated extensively into our societies and institutions, likely to engulf the Malaysian culture, if remained Unchecked.

    It has now become the people’s battle,but since had felt betrayed by the organizers of Bersih. Bersih needs to reinvent to remain relevant.

    I disagree with D Zaid. Boycotts of future elections will never work .
    They cannot address the root causes and problems facing the political leaders, their parties and the country.

  9. The boycott the election call should be addressed to the electorate more than the opposition political parties. The first may be tough and garner some support but not sufficiently enough to make any immediate impact. But the second is impossible given BN’s inexhaustible cash coffer, incumbency of power and dirty machinations. They can bankroll setting up a new opposition political party or pay the ilks of Azmin Ali to break away and form a rival party to provide the symbolic opposition to take on the BN. It is a case of head I win, tail you lose.

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