RPK in a Legal Bind with Sarawak Report

New York

June 20, 2016

RPK in a Legal Bind  with Sarawak Report: Will he escape as he did in the past–A  Houdini Move?

Lies, Damned Lies And RPK!

Lies, Damned Lies And RPK!

BN politician Muhyiddin Yasin has just joined a long queue of people to denounce the self-important blogger, ‘RPK’ for outrageous lies.

Sarawak Report has no evidence (and indeed no opinion) on the details of the alleged libel in this present case. However, we do have volumes on the non-trustworthyness of RPK.

Our evidence shows that it is barely relevant whether what RPK says at any given time is true or false, because the man is so deceitful, discredited and unreliable. If something true needs to be revealed, therefore, then a more credible outfit will have to be persuaded to publish it instead.

As for the recent jumping up and down by RPK, demanding to be sued in this matter by Mr Muhyiddin, let us inform the world how RPK reacts when he is actually sued.

First the cringing fellow pretends he doesn’t reside at his own address and that his wife and his son don’t know him and so cannot pass on legal letters addressed to him.

When that doesn’t work he next he pleads utter poverty and mewls that it isn’t worth suing him, since he has no money and has no assets to pay up when he loses.

But, even more laughably, RPK once backed in a corner, denies that he actually is responsible for his notorious platform, the blog Malaysia Today!

How things were before we issued proceedings.....

I am not responsible for Malaysia Today!

Malaysians, including the handful who remain regular readers of Malaysia Today, will be doubtless rather astonished to learn that RPK is now formally denying that he controls the blog, which has been the source of all his puffed up notoriety.

Yet this excuse became his prime defence when challenged to defend his case in court by Sarawak Report.

The same archive story after the legal action - RPK has disappeared and Julian Khoo has assumed responsibility for the story!

The doughty accuser, who had earlier made a string of outrageous and untrue accusations about the Sarawak Report Editor, had by then turned yellow, of course.

To begin with he had written apocalyptic pieces about having “crossed the Rubicon” and being ready to fight even unto jail, in order to defend the man he described himself as being a “proxy” for – i.e. Prime Minister Najib Razak:

“…do your worst. We have both now crossed the Rubicon and there is no longer any turning back. And as much as they may try to oust Najib Tun Razak, he is still going to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia long after I come out of jail.”[April 10th]

But, as the deadline for a formal reply in legal terms arrived, RPK’s tail dived firmly in between his legs.

An email arrived at SR’s lawyers with just hours to spare, in which RPK denied he was any longer responsible for Malaysia Today, saying that instead it is run by anonymous characters in KL, over whom he has no control!

Yes, he does write the occasional opinion piece for the outlet, RPK explained, but none of those had raised any of those false allegations Sarawak Report was objecting to (untrue).

RPK went on to say that we really needed to address our concerns to the Editor named on the present masthead of Malaysia Today … a chap by the name of Julian Khoo.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned ‘Mr Khoo’ had simultaneously issued his own formal apology in the blog itself – a major first in that Malaysia Today had uttered the ‘S’ word (sorry) for the first time ever!

RPK was plainly hoping that this dual strategy of semi-apology and semi-denial would ward off SR’s famously mean and hungry firm of lawyers and get him off the hook over all the lies he had uttered in his proclaimed role as Najib’s proxy.

RPK/ Mr Khoo appear to have removed their apology when we indicated it was inadequate and more needed removing from the site!

The mysterious Mr Khoo

However, Sarawak Report suggests that Mr Khoo is a fiction and a deception, invented in a sorry attempt to save face and prop the puffed-up ego of the ranting Mr Kamarudin.

We have evidence to this effect, which we would be happy to lay before those British courts, which RPK is now running from as fast as he can muster.

Specifically, before we sent our legal letter to RPK we took the obvious precaution of capturing an entire copy of the website Malaysia Today.

Prior to our legal challenge this picture stated RPK's editorial imprint on the top of each article published. The terms 'admin' or 'super admin' accompanied articles not authored by himself.

There was no sign then of any Mr Khoo, just a picture on the masthead of each and every article showing the self-important RPK, in his favourite pose sporting a beard and cheeky chappy beret.

A week later, on the day of his apology and denial, the entire site had undergone a sudden transformation!

Mr Julian Khoo had been introduced as the ‘Editor’ on the masthead of nearly every article on the site, dating right back through the archives to the very first utterings on Malaysia Today.

Likewise, the cheeky chappie photograph of RPK had vanished from the top of those self-same articles!

SOMEONE had taken a very risky and deceitful decision, therefore, to try to alter and disguise not only the present but the past on Malaysia Today.

Before - RPK took ownership of his articles

This is extremely easy to detect and prove, Me Lud: not only does our own captured copy of the site show exactly how SOMEONE has attempted to retrospectively alter it, in order to introduce a Mr Khoo (who simply did not exist as Editor before that date) and remove the presence of RPK, but every other public web archive also shows the same discrepancy.

AFTER - RPK has removed his own picture and placed the name of the mysterious new Editor, Mr Khoo on all his archived material

Look at any regular archive service on the net and you can demonstrate the exact same phenomenon.  Sweeps of Malaysia Today taken prior to our legal letters, right up to March this year, feature RPK’s picture on each and every article, while Julian Khoo is absent.

Compare these to the present site and Mr Khoo has miraculously replaced RPK on articles, which he did not claim ownership of until the day of the apology.

This is why Sarawak Report says we have hard evidence of RPK’s deliberate deceit and lying. He is a man of such pathetic vanity that when forced to say sorry (or face the music) he has to invent a ‘Julian Khoo’ to do it for him.

It naturally fits in very well with the harping, racist theme of RPK’s unpleasant ranting that he has given a Chinese name to this particular whipping boy – it seems he didn’t want to ‘humble’ his core constituency either.

Abusively stirring up racial disharmony is RPK's key stock in trade.....

At which point it befits to mention that, of course, the proud ‘Malay blogger’, who pours bile on non-Malays, is not actually Malay anymore himself.

RPK has managed to gain refuge from his numerous detractors in Malaysia over in the UK, thanks to a Welsh mother.  He has taken a UK passport, which means that his Malaysian passport has been removed under the country’s nationality laws.

Since the offensive RPK would never dare swap back his present status as a passport holder of the more tolerant United Kingdom, his claims to be a ‘real Malay’ are therefore as bogus as much of the rest of what he writes.

In fact, he has no more or less of a right to an opinion on matters in Malaysia than Sarawak Report, even according to his own bigoted, racist criteria.

Step forward Julian!

So, before RPK challenges the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to waste time suing a penniless foreign refugee abroad, who is known to be truth-shy, he should first present to the world this alleged new Editor of his site, the intriguing ‘Mr Julian Khoo’.

If this Julian Khoo is based in Malaysia, runs a business and is indeed RPK’s alleged publisher, he might certainly be worth taking to court.  But, right now, few people are likely to believe that he actually exists.

If he does exist, then plenty of people with issues about Malaysia Today would doubtless be most interested to have his full contact details.  They would also be able to ask him why he is now willing to take on ownership of ten year old articles, which until mid-March boasted RPK on their masthead instead?


9 thoughts on “RPK in a Legal Bind with Sarawak Report

  1. RPK is pushing his luck too far with Ms Claire Brown who is tenacious in her pursuit of facts and the truth.What is do you think, CLF, Conrad, Semper Fi and Tok Cik. Best wishes from New York.–Din Merican

  2. Hi Din and Dr Kam, hope you are enjoying the fine weather in the Big Apple before moseying down to D.C.

    RPK? Dunno who that is. All i know is Machiavelli in ‘The Prince’ intoned: ”(Mercenary captains).. are either capable men or they are not; if they are you cannot trust them, because they always aspire to their own greatness.. but if the captain is not skillful, you are ruined in the usual way.”

    Now from what we all can see this bloke is totally mercenary and unskilled – due to a low class education. No doubt he was pretty good at presenting simplified arguments that any imbecile would be able to understand. That is because his thought processes are circularly linear i.e 2-dimensional. Flattened affect and playing to the gallery (real or imagined). His sources are spoon-fed in dribs and drabs by Establishment flunkies and his wild imaginings retain the character of a drunk megalomaniac. This is truly a narcissistic behavioral disorder that Dr Phua frequently talks about.

    Ms Claire Brown ain’t gonna get much recompense from a character like that, but MY might. His Johorean Mafia, might just take this flur to the cleaners – despite claiming protection by Jibros. Bleached bones are quite startling!

    All that jazz about MY’s peccadilloes are just that. The lady in question was no doubt a ‘groupie’ who hung around his offices in the hopes of a hand-out. Rumors always start like that. MY probably made a mistake of giving her a project to to deal with. Now, which UMNOb politician doesn’t have cronies?

    But to whack MY with an unverifiable SD from of all characters, an ex-DPP (the supposedly cuckolded husband), is the epitome of stupidity. Let that 4 witness thingy arise then, all ye good Hudud-ers!

  3. Dato Din, your friend finally find himself between the tiger and crocodile. His storytelling and innuendos have finally caught up with him. He is now stripped naked and bard for all to see. Sometimes people sue not for monetary gains but to set the records straight. He may claim he doesn’t have a penny to his name but he can still serve hard time in Her Majesty’s prison.
    He was straight and true in his earlier writings but his ego got too big when he evaded arrest in Malaysia and thought he is invincible. The Malays have a saying for people like him Pandai Pandai tupai melon pat akhirnya math ketanah ”
    He’s always used his lineage to the Selangor Sultan and bragged about being the grandson of Sir Raja Tun Uda, but what I understand the family are avoiding him like the plague.

  4. Well, I have a couple of diehard RPK fans in my backyard who would willingly give their arms and legs for him.

    I have been telling them that this freak is nothing but a liar and a fake. Someone who lies for a fistful of ringgits. He takes the art of bluffing to a new height. Living abroad and without an honest job can be tough. But they insist that he is telling the truth and has never lied. I hope this revelation will open up their eyes. I believe there are many more like them out there. This is what I call blind faith and blind loyalty. Loyalty to a cheat.

    The self-proclaimed prince and protector of the Malay race has finally met his match. This Malay idiom best describes his position, “Macam buku dengan ruas”. He is cowering in a corner and has wet his pants. How pathetic.

  5. His infatuation with SDs knew no bound
    Authored one himself against someone prominent,which later set him off on a self exile to Manchester
    A serial SDiests?
    Now,drowning his past sorrow(a cloud hanging over sb) in an English’s pub

  6. Semper fi, RPK has been stripped bare but I cannot see anything resembling a homo sapiens male. Nothing between the legs! Just a huge orifice. It’s the black hole of Calcutta.

  7. I dunno’lah.

    Even when he was pro Oppo I thought he was moronic and filled with a sense of privilege that most mistook for insight. The Minions of Putrajaya must have thought they were bringing out the Big Gun when they went after CRB and SarawakReport using RPK.

    Douchebag has always fired blanks. They make a loud noise but can’t really hurt you. Well maybe at close range but as we know he fires from a distance.

    As for the former DPM, besides the whole hypocrisy thing (if true) I don’t give a damn who he sleeps with.

  8. This is a guy who ran away from Malaysia screaming that he ‘fears for his life” and may be ‘persecuted’ by the government for his activities that involved opposing the government. He then get asylum from the British government -UK taxpayers are funding him and we realize over the years he supports the Government now from the UK.
    Recently,he has been on the attack against people opposing the very government that he fled from. Does this not say that something is rotten here? The man runs away from the very government he was fearful a few years ago-now is for them. My personal view is that he is an unethical and unprincipled man who now lives a life of luxury in the UK driving a Porsche ! Sold his soul to the devil, I guess.

    Money is the root of all evil, not for some-I guess!

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