The Many “Ifs”of Syariah Law

June 18, 2016

The Many “Ifs”of Syariah Law

by Kassim Ahmad

PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill to enhance the statuts of syaria’h courts is bound to raise many problems. God’s law, i.e. the syari’ah, is of course just, tending towards mercy, for He decrees upon Himself mercy. The trouble comes when it gets translated into the human brain.

Malaysia’s Islamic Fake Najib, and Bumbling Hadi

Let us do some syllogism here. Call the human brain subjectivity, and God’s law objectivity. Almost always subjectivity distorts objectivity to become something else: unjust and lacking in the quality of mercy. We will give three examples.

Take the case of Prophet Moses’s scripture, the Torah. It was monotheism of his time taught to the Israelites. Once it was  born into the world of men, it became polytheistic Judaism.

Take the case of Prophet Jesus’s scripture, the Injeel  or the New Testament. It was monotheism taught to the Israelites of Jesus’s time. Once it was born into the world of men, it became polytheistic Christianity! Do not stop there. Go on to Prophet Muhammad. He taught monotheism in his scripture, the Quran, to the whole world. After about three hundred years, his monotheism too became polytheistic Sunnism!

Fortunately here, we have the protected Quran to refer to. See how humans beings revert to his old comfortable zone of mud! He likes to wallow in mud, instead of climbing the ladder of success, because climbing the ladder of success is hard. The explains the many prophets that God has to send to them, to reawaken them from their sleep.

This is a slippery slope. One can ask: Is God so incapable that he cannot send one prophet to do the job? In fact, one of my clever readers in Dato’ Din Merican’s blog asked precisely this question.

Well, let us say that God cannot fail. If he fails he is not god. God wants man to be the ruler of the Universe that he is. To make man free. To rule the Universe and re-make it. That is man’s God-given mission. So he must keep ascending the ladder always. But man, being weak of flesh, cannot. Therefore he must keep trying until he completely succeeds.

And he will. Look at where he is now. In spite of shedding blood in two bloody World Wars, he is poised to colonize outer space and live there in two or three decade, at most four. It will definitely be in my grandchildren’s time.

So the ifs of Syari’ah Law must be removed one and for all by its return to its original home: Divine justice and mercy. Will village preacher Hadi understand this? If he cannot, and he cannot, I ask him to give up tabling that private member’s Bill.

14 thoughts on “The Many “Ifs”of Syariah Law

  1. God gave the Jews three chances through Abraham, Moses and Jesus and still failed but He needed to do it only once to the Arabs through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), to straighten them out. That was not because God is not smart, as Kassim Ahmad puts it, He was only trying to be fair and it’s proven that the Jews are a really hopeless group of people before, now and in future and they just cannot be taught to do good things. They want to destroy all the people except their own kind and keep earth just for themselves only. Until and unless that is achieved, the Jewish people will not keep still. What God was trying to do was to tell all the people to be careful of the Jewish people. So, it’s all up to you to listen to Him or not!

  2. God’s objectivity vs man’s subjectivity… Is this not why there must be discussion and debate before we try to bring in God’s laws?

    Any ideology that refuses discussion and debate turns to fascism… common sense…

  3. hak55
    thats an overly simplistic viewpoint.
    There are plenty of good Jewish people . There are plenty of crooked Arabs.
    There are plenty of hypocrite Malays.

  4. Quote:- “What God was trying to do was to tell all the people to be careful of the Jewish people”


    God said in the Holy Quran, “And the Jews say: The Christians do not follow anything (good) and the Christians say: The Jews do not follow anything (good) while they recite the (same) Book. Even thus say those who have no knowledge, like to what they say; so Allah shall judge between them on the day of resurrection in what they differ” [2.113]

    “….so Allah shall judge between them on the day of resurrection in what they differ”

    “So Allah shall”, I repeat “shall” judge on the day of resurrection which, the last time anyone checked, has not happened yet. So who knows how Allah will judge for or against any body? You?

    Quote:- “God wants man to be the ruler of the Universe that he is. To make man free. To rule the Universe and re-make it”

    What? Isn’t this downright sacrilegious? Isn’t there something in the Holy Quran about God not having or needing any partners or sons?

    God is the One and only Ruler of the Universe, no one else, not even man which, BTW, according to the Quran even the Angels did not trust.

    The Universe that the Perfect God created is perfect from Day One till the End of Days. So God does not need any body, least of all the murderous, blood-letting man to “to rule and re-make it” — God forbid because to say or imply otherwise is to say the Universe which the Perfect God created is somehow not so perfect and requires man to “improve” / “re-make” it.

    Quote:- “In spite of shedding blood in two bloody World Wars, he is poised to colonize outer space and live there in two or three decade….”

    Who is to say there will not be a Third or Fourth or Fifth World War, but this time fought in outer Space?

    Finally….Quote:- “He likes to wallow in mud”

    Please speak only for yourself.

  5. No, not exactly ” all the Jewish people ” , because the vast majority of them in the world are termed as THE TRUE TORAH Jews…..and they all Condemn the current Leadership for pursuing ‘ Land Grab ” through the jaundiced Notion called ” Zionism ” – these true Torah jews are truly ‘ the good people ‘ , as they properly understand Judaism ……instead Zionism distorts their True teachings……

    (Never mind, Truth will prevail, and Falsity will ultimately be Vanquished (or Defeated ) by Jus Gentium – Natural Law….

  6. Hak55, this site invokes loads of intelligent comments, debate & learned contributions from its readers. However, this is only possible if the platform of argument permits participation by all. When you introduce theological comments, those not of your faith (including atheists) are immediately excluded. So, please stick to rational arguments which we can evaluate, contradict or oppose.

  7. Inche Kassim’s narrative seem to capture the intent (or capriciousness) of God in offering men Abrahamic religions and their prophets. God seemed to have not been content and happy with giving one alone given man’s wayward nature so he made it three and they still hold – unity in diversity of sort. But killings of men in the name of religion and God has not stopped.

    Early Marxism appear to have discovered the antidote for lopsided divide between the haves and the have-nots (who beg God for mercy for their wretchedness). It sidelined the Church and went after the cruel rich. The redemption came but did not last. The rich can never be vanquished. The land owners became factory owners and then entrepreneurs and now co-owning MNCs all over the world. Even God cannot stop them. They rule the world.

  8. Dato. Din, thank you for moderating my comment. Again, I should better clarify rationale for my earlier question, hoping to illustrate if it is me or hak55 who has a case of cognitive bias in our reading of En Kassim’s post. To me, En Kassim is reminding how each of us are flawed, so Hadi Awang should not suggest the implementation of some man made laws thinking that we got God’s “objective” thinking figured out.

    To me, hak55 suggested we should beware of Jews in his comment. So, I ask hak55 why? Why should a Muslim carry more suspicion towards Jewish, than perhaps any other race or religion?
    A Malay may have not met a single Jewish in their entire life, other than Seinfeld on TV, yet… there is still strong sense of deep emotions towards Jewish.

    Hak55 wrote perhaps the longest comment in this blog of the need for education. Perhaps, it is good that he could share his conclusion of why beware of the Jews. At least, help educate this confused katasayang soul. For myself, why not beware of this katasayang Chinese Christian also? Why not the Malay En Kassim Ahmad?
    Where does it end?
    It is a genuine question on my part. Is there some cognitive bias in all of us in this post-Rawlsian world?

    PS @En Kassim, I would read God’s thinking as “subjective” also, rather than “objective” since He is the sovereign supreme. Unless we have a cognitive negative towards the bias use of the word “subjective”, there seems to be nothing wrong in claiming God has the supreme right to ”subjective” thinking on all things.

    I am an existentialist, a Bayesian who is still trying to learn how I can do more of it at work.

  9. Very interesting responses received including criticisms to my post above from those who cared to comment. Thank you.

  10. … Got me thinking about a little bit that it is good for me share my own thought on how a subjective God too could be a loving idea in my mind.
    Objectivity in Science on wikipedia mentioned the following:
    Objectivity in science is a value that informs how science is practiced and how scientific truths are discovered. It is the idea that scientists, in attempting to uncover truths about the natural world, must aspire to eliminate personal biases, a priori commitments, emotional involvement, etc

    The above is the wikipedia snapshot I read. Eliminate a priori is the basis of classical Frequentist Statistics when we learn about p-value.

    Bayesian statistics works with a given a priori. In some instances, viewing the world in statistics (i.e. proverbially being objective) from a tradational frequentist perspective, we could arrive at the same conclusion as per Bayesian statistics. But, often times, they would not come down to the same conclusion. Some subjective idea in a frequentist idea is that things tend to ”normalize” and confidence level always set at an arbitrary 95%.

    So given my limited ability to reconcile the different perspective on the same subject matter, I often find myself recoiling from wanting to strive for objectivity, especially in my moral judgement, but rather learning how to reconcile my incoherent subjectivity.

    Before I was a Christian, I did meditate hard on finding that ”objective” God I could reject as to finding a coherent value within my personal emotional state. It got harder when I realize that it is a fallacy to make a claim that there is no absolute. Then one day, it dawn onto me having not being able to reconcile that fallacy is exactly the reason why Jesus is so beautiful. The realization that I do not deserve Jesus is beautiful. It instantly made me a Calvinist despite what I wrote in my term paper in college.

    Perhaps, only incoherent subjective idea that I would not want to give up is a God who created diversity together with unity and He calls it good.

  11. Once the subject goes into religion this old geezer will gladly hold his peace. I have no issues with Jews or anyone else. This world is purpose-made for everyone of all beliefs and persuasions. So let’s leave at that.

    On the issue of Jews, I am not one who hasn’t seen or mix with one. While on a sojourn in the States my travelling companion happened to be a very pious Jew. We got on pretty well considering our differences and still communicate with one another after a lapse of over three decades. Abraham is one open-minded Jew whom I have come to appreciate and respect. Period.

  12. What does it matter? Even in the face of reality that PAS, on their own, have no political future, they do not have to face it, admit the foolishness and wrong headedness of Hadi’s PAS

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