Malaysia: The Current State of Malay Politics

June 18, 2016

 Malay Politics–The Hudud and Hadud of it  All

 by Abdar R Koyar

 It appears that even Amanah has been forced to use the race and religion card

You can get inspiration for an article on Malay politics if you take a stroll around a Ramadan bazaar.

The delicacies come in all colours and shapes, but most of them taste the same. Nowadays, they are even packed the same way and priced more or less the same from one stall to another. It makes you wonder why a seller bothers selling what the guy next to him is selling.

The campaigns in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar, the two Malay-majority constituencies which go to the polls this Saturday, are also colourful but lacking in variety. The voters are given an array of parties to choose from. They are all halal, but they come in different colours. There’s red and white, there’s green and white, and there’s orange.

Even this nascent orange party finds itself hard to ignore the themes of the campaign – Islam, Malay, Muslims, hudud – in short, anything to do with the perceived empowerment of race and religion.

In two weeks of campaigning, nothing new is heard coming out of the speeches because the parties are trying to outdo one another in proving their race and religious credentials.

Of course, in all this, PAS does it masterfully, as it has all this while, except for a brief period of hybernation. This was during its Pakatan Rakyat days, when it chanted the mantra of the welfare state, about which it had no clue, as has been proven in Kelantan for more than three decades.

With the little mullahs springing forth in the last muktamar, the welfare state is forgotten. In its place is a utopian ideal that they think can be resurrected from the medieval age.

Indeed, PAS leaders, in messages laced with Quranic verses, have made no attempt to hide their religious upmanship. They project themselves as representatives of God, essentially telling the Muslims they have no choice but to vote in the party of God. The PAS candidate for Sungai Besar, Abdul Rani Osman, said it clearly: choose PAS in both Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar and you have contributed two votes for the hudud bill.

Both Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar are Malay heartlands. Kuala Kangsar is where the so-called creme de la creme of Malay society are incubated before they are released to the lowly world outside to provide leadership to the wider community.

Yet, it is here, in what was once the Eton of the Malay world, that we now hear nonsensical pronouncements by Malay leaders. It started with the iddah, continued with the PAS President’s warning of divine wraths, and there’s no prize for guessing what else will unfold.

It speaks volumes for the tone of the campaigns when a party like Amanah, which arguably has more intellectuals and professionals in its fold, is forced to use the same race and religion cards, distracting from whatever larger issues it had planned to talk about.

That’s a pity. If the Amanah experiment – confidently and daringly challenging the hallowed hudud and shariah narratives of PAS and Umno – fails, it will be a damning verdict on the state of Malay society and the prevailing psyche of the community, one that is perverted with ceremonial religiosity symbolised by a love for the bizarre, all in the name of God’s law.


14 thoughts on “Malaysia: The Current State of Malay Politics

  1. “The delicacies come in all colours and shapes, but most of them taste the same. Nowadays, they are even packed the same way and priced more or less the same from one stall to another. It makes you wonder why a seller bothers selling what the guy next to him is selling.” It’s a case of the ‘Nasi lemak syndrome that all Malay small time business people are suffering from.

    It looks like the intellectuals in AMANAH (PAN) are all ‘kayu’ and are stooges of DAP. I do not think they’d win the by election and neither will UMNO/BN, especially in SG Besar because that ultra racist Jamal Ikan Bakar had caused far to much damage to UMNO/BN already.

    The kidnapping blunder committed by Zahid and PDRM is also another factor that will work against UMNO/BN. The people had enough of their nonsense already.

    I think PAS will win both seats.

  2. umno baru = ketuanan melayu
    pas = dulu islam (hudud) saja tapi sekarang dah + melayu
    mca = cina
    mic = india
    is dap multiracial?

    inilah resepi yg sangat ampuh ditinggal oleh mat salleh – bangsa & agama. merdeka baru 60 thn & still a long way to go & not in our lifetime.

  3. Can someone explain the importance of ‘fasting’ as
    based on media reports the WASTAGE OF FOOD AND THE

    Political leaders are distributing funds-food-other goodies to voters to denote that they care and thus should vote for them though the face of many winners are rarely seen after the elections and being able to meet them may have many obstacles.

    It may also be perceived that the cost of these
    food-other goodies may also been paid from public funds where the candidates have the support of the ruling party.

    No intention to insult but attempt to understand the ‘spirit’ of ‘fasting’ and how the distribution of the food-other goodies are to be perceived!!!!

  4. It is 2:40 pm and my bet on the outcome of today’s 2 by-elections is more of the same stuff as this article underpins. Come 9:00pm UMNO-BN will be declared the winner. Tell me WEIN (what else is new) !

  5. After all the speeches, threats, (divinely inspired or not), when a Malay casts a vote for UMNO which is expected to win, he is not casting a vote for UMNO. He is casting a vote for himself because he knows that UMNO is or at least shown to be a party that protects, promotes, propagates, perpetuates Malay special rights and special privileges. Why would any sane person, Malay or not, want to give that up voluntarily?

    Corruption? Aiyah, which politician, anywhere in the World, is not corrupt?

    Hudud? UMNO will never allow it lah. Don’t worry. If UMNO is serious, it would have implemented it long long ago.

    We have the “sodomy law” since the colonial days. Anyone can tell us which is the first and only 2 cases so far that has been brought to court under this law? Look at Chua Soi Leck’s case with him giving his partner a “mouth-full” on video, (no defence whatsoever), and yet he was not charged for committing an offence under section 377A of our Penal Code.

    s. 377A reads — “Any person who has sexual connection with another person by the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature”

    …and….punishable “with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping”

    BTW, “the other person” could presumably be punished for abetment?

    The Malays who form the majority of voters decide the destiny of this country and its citizens. Short of a devastating medical epidemic which inexplicably affects only the Malay population, nothing can change that.

  6. I was wrong for both Kuala Kangsar and Sg Besar, BN won both.

    I understand, even many of the non-Malay voters in both Kuala Kangsar and SG Besar, voted for BN. What an unexpected change.

    BN, lebih-lebih lagi UMNO, lepas ini diorang jangan besar kepala sudahlah.

    About the opposition, Hadi definitely has to go kalau pembangkang masih lagi hendak jadi relevanlah dan sebaik-baiknya, PAS dan AMANAH bergabung menjadi satu semula.

    Jangan biarkan DAP mengganggu kamu lagi!

  7. The result of the Sg. BEsar and Kuala Kangsar says it all. Malay majority constituencies and even with glaring evidence of UMNOb shenanigans Malays still continue to vote in UMNOb. This also reflects the Malay mentality in general. Woe to the future of Malaysia.

  8. Malay politics is already damned. While UMNO politics is the one that has driven it there, it’s Hadi’s PAS that took away any hope of ever being anything else.

    Now it does not matter what PAS does. It is merely a party that nails a very marginal part of both Malay and national politics in irrelavancy and the past. Even if they now turn their backs again at UMNO, which is unlikely, the damage done to voters trust cannot be recovered by opposition.

    It’s now all in UMNO/ BN and Najib’s hand. If Najib does not or cannot restore the damage he has done to the political and institutional structures he has caused, then it’s not just Malay politics that are damned. It’s the very nation and country.

  9. Commander S Thayaparan was right about the by elections. The apparatchiks went ape shit. It was the “we get what we deserve” by elections.

    • Currently the non-UMNO parties are perceived to have little if any influence on policies which are generally decided by UMNO leaders, They may be perceived that they could be nothing more than ‘cosmetic’ to provide the view that BN led Government is multi-racial with power being shared as none of them may be able to influence on National polices.

      The Opposition could be perceived as having nil influence at Central level and negligible at State levels even where they are currently are in power.

      The by-election results could be an indication of the possible exit of the Opposition at the next GE and at State levels. It will be a miracle if the Opposition will be able to retain power even in States they currently govern.

      The continuous and repeated findings of the Aud-Gen may indicate that no financial discipline or improvements may be expected and that the current status may have become an accepted culture.

  10. I have had enough with all the nonsense from PAS about the by-election result – all these nonsense about PAS defended its rural seat, it has not lost the Chinese votes or Chinese changes their votes, got bought, Amanah has failed etc.. ITS BLOODY COMMUNAL SELF-LOATHING AND HATEFUL ARROGANT PRIDE..

    Hadi’s PAS handed Najib’s BN victory – That should have been the screaming headline all over if there is any objectivity.. The result is ALL HADI’S PAS FAULT and AMANAH result, while supporters wish for more, IS A CONDEMNATION OF HADI’S PAS..

  11. It is not a race that dominates-its a group called BN and its cronies made up of Chinese,Indians and Malays among others who are raping the country-they want to stay in power…why is MCA, MIC, Gerakan still with BN-they are gaining millions from this cartel. The only way for change is that the Malay community ( majority) realize that UMNO is not the steward of the Muslim people or Islam-its a corrupted organization working with other BN partners for their exclusive gain. A country that does not accept meritocracy or integration will implode !

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