Prime Minister Najib plays, Malaysia pays

June 17, 2016

Prime Minister Najib plays, Malaysia pays

by John Deans

Easily the high point of the past week for me was the revelation by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak during a question-and-answer session at the Wild Digital Conference in KL that when he gets bored in meetings he takes out his mobile phone and plays ‘hangman’.

For year I’ve been a huge fan of such Freudian glimpses into what goes on in Najib’s fraudulent mind, and this was an absolute classic, as it conveys so many messages.

The first and most obvious of these, of course, is that, just as the emperor Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned, Najib diddles while Malaysia goes backwards. But by far the most significant aspect of this self-revelation by Najib is that, of all the dumb games he could play with himself in the process of shirking his work, the one he chooses has the word ‘hang’ in its name.

Though psychoanalytically or even semantically speaking, the meaning of this is difficult to definitively discern.

On the one hand it could signify that, despite how cool and confident he pretends to appear in the face of allegations of involvement in a string of scandals ranging from the Scorpene submarines affair and the associated murder of Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu to the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ scams, he is terrified of someday being hung out to dry for some if not all of these outrages.

Another possibility is that, despite the evident fact that his political if not personal survival is hanging by a thread pending the completion of international investigations into 1MDB and the ‘donation’, he is heeding my plea in a column on December 12 last year to hang in there long enough for Malaysian voters to get rid of not just him, but the entire gang of his hangers-on in the UMNO-BN gang in the next general election.

The omens for this are certainly propitious. Firstly there is the RAHMAN prophecy predicting that the name of the last UMNO-BN Prime Minister will begin with the letter ‘N’ for Najib, and then there is the thought that this will be general election 14, a number that many people consider could mean that the UMNO-BN regime will ‘forever die.’

In any event, Najib is still not only hanging on for dear life, but also handing-out more and more rope to the countless millions of Malaysians and others who hanker for an end to half a century of UMNO-BN hanky-panky.

Being hung for a sheep as for a lamb

Presumably on the proverbial principle that one might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb, Najib has now announced his desire for an official vehicle like the one he took such a shine to when hanging-out with US President, Barack Obama.

He told attendees at the same Wild Digital Conference as the one where he revealed his enthusiasm for playing ‘hangman’ that he envied the US President the car nicknamed ‘The Beast’, because “it’s more comfortable than my Proton, and it feels safe because it is bulletproof”.

According to Malaysiakini, he also went on about the spaciousness of The Beast, enthusing that “you get two people sitting across (from) you, and you can have an active discussion,” before concluding that it is “a very lovely car. I wish I had one.”

If Najib’s previous history is any indication, if he wants his own version of The Beast he will get it. God knows he should be able to afford it with whatever change from the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ happens to be still hanging around in one of his bank accounts.

Though on second thoughts, in light of the apparent fact that Najib and his accomplices allegedly clearly consider public money to be their own to spend on themselves as they choose, and hang the expense to the Malaysian people, he probably expects his version of The Beast to be a freebie.

Like the Airbus on which the beastly Najib jets himself and his Beauty, Rosmah Mansor, around the world on gazillion-dollar shopping sprees.

And like the replacement aircraft leased at an estimated cost of RM86.4 million for the two months that the usual one is undergoing maintenance, and on which Rosmah recently jetted-off to Istanbul to receive an award.

Typically, when PKR Secretary-General Rafizi Ramli criticised this jaunt as an extravagance, one of Rosmah’s aides ‘explained’ that the self-styled ‘First Lady’ was on a ‘tight schedule’ due to her need to get back to Malaysia for, of all things, a Girl Guides event.

And in addition the aide indignantly declared that, though the jet features a lounge area and 10 private suites with a 32” TV in each, any accusation that the trip was luxurious was a ‘slander.’

In other words, as ever, when it comes to everything from the nation’s cash to its constitution, Najib and his family, cronies and UMNO-BN accomplices are free to go on playing, the Malaysian people are condemned to continue paying, and whoever dares criticise this endless orgy of corruption and criminality can go hang.

7 thoughts on “Prime Minister Najib plays, Malaysia pays

  1. Actually, the leased jet can be paid with a credit card and Santa Claus will pay off the credit card outstanding amount. The young Malaysian lady who thought her papa credit the money into her account so that she can go on a spending spree end up in court. You know who pays for his credit card spending from money credited in by Santa Rascal Claus also didn’t know where the money came from but he gets to keep the money. and is still singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”

  2. I had a Malaysian pal studying in U.K. and he ran quite a bit into Jibby. He wondered with the frolicking with the lasses, how he ever got the time for his books. Apparently his daddy was conservative with the allowances. Yet he managed to wrangle the required quid. Obviously he was unaware of daddy’s health issue. To quell the rumours, he went dating with a lass who was to be his first spouse.

  3. In the 90s there was talk that when The Late LKY whent fishing in Singapore waters he never managed to catch even one fish. That same story goes that even the fish were afraid to open their mouth. And again the story goes that he lost interest in fishing. Does tht ring a bell.

  4. Dear Editor,

    Please make the following corrections. Line one “whent” should read “went”. Last line ‘tht’ should read “that”. Sorry. Thanks.

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