The Building Blocks of Learning

June 15, 2016

The Building Blocks of Learning

7 thoughts on “The Building Blocks of Learning

  1. Yes, I agree with David Brooks that we have to fortify the heart if we are to educate and broaden (and I add) the mind. At the University of Cambodia we are trying hard to change the hearts and open the minds of young Cambodians so that they can be responsible and dynamic citizens while they pursue academic excellence.

    This is a challenge for us, but we the faculty know that we need to be good mentors while we engage in the task of knowledge creation and dissemination. Teaching is not a normal vocation. It is a profession that is dedicated to the development of the human character. — Din Merican


    Dato Din, behind David Brook’s ideal there are many Christian Socialists who have influenced him.

    I understand Tam Giao (i. e. mix of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism) has a strong foothold in Vietnam, perhaps in Cambodia also.

    As such, perhaps you could introduce the teachings of and his “school of mind” into the syllabus?

    Mozi and Taoism all has many wonderful political philosophy teachings that touch my own heart also.

    Perhaps, the next generation of greatest Asian political philosopher could be one of your students? Grandeur of the past Angkor Wat would only mean great minds were always there in Cambodia. But, who knows. It could mean otherwise, since people in Cambodia seems to have chosen to forget about Angkor Wat’s existence. A little bit like builder of Timbuktu. Perhaps, a little bit like how Malaysians might want to forget about the Razak Exchange in the future.

  3. Cannot see how love enters education…or is the writer trying to go back a few centuries?
    And “emotional environment” …and the rich/poor gap…? Where is this writer coming from?… the gap has not remained the same but has increased enormously,sir…he does not seem to think that economics, politics and good governance matter…

    Not very clever…

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