There is more to Islam than hudud

June 11, 2016

There is more to Islam than hudud

by Farouk A. Peru

Farouk A. Peru is a human being in the world. That is where his discourse begins and ends. His thought systems may be found at and he tweets @farouk_a_peru.

Islamo-fascists are now up in arms. For the first time in history, they are being challenged.

Thanks to the speed with which information is disseminated, people are getting clued up about the hudud myth. Ismaweb’s article featuring a professor madya from UTM confirms this.

The professor’s best argument is that there is no denying that Shariah and hudud are in the Quran. Of course the words are literally there but linguistically and conceptually, the Quran does not seem to be on the same page as the Islamo-fascists. It is a pity this professor madya could not come up with a better rebuttal.

This begs the question — is there more to Islam than mere hudud? Before we answer this question, we must first reiterate that hudud law is not Islamic. It is, in fact, against the spirit of Islam. At best, it is based on atomistic and literalist readings of the Quran which completely ignore textual coherence. The slavish devotion we see by PAS, Isma et al is due to their uncritical acceptance of these ancient tribal laws.

Is there an Islam beyond these laws? Absolutely there is. In fact, the real Islam actually emerges once we transcend any sort of fascism including hudud. Here are a few things from the Quran and Sunnah which we can extract to make us better human beings.

Do you believe this Unprincipled Guy?

From the Quran, we can attain a deep theology. I would even go as far as to say this is the deepest theology I have ever seen although I would understand if people accused me of bias.

The Quran offers us a comprehensive set of information about God. However, the information does not proffer itself as mere theory. It does not just say “God is good.” Rather it is experiential. It tells us how to experience God in various ways due to our actions. This is not a religious experience only for Muslims either, anyone can experience it without needing to convert.

We can also get a deep philosophy from the Quran which is distinct from theology. This may not be apparent from our cursory reading because traditionally speaking, the stories of the prophets are seen an ancient stories of the chosen people calling people to religious worship through miracles. However, the Quran itself does not give credence to this angle. Rather, it portrays these prophets as ordinary personalities who came to reform societies.

A great example of this is the story of Moses and his conflict with the Pharoah of Egypt. This story is repeated no less than in 30 chapters, more than a quarter of the Quran!

From this story, we may come to understand Islam in action through Moses and the opposite through the Pharaoh. It is very ironic that Pharaohs policies like punishing people who leave his religion are closer to our religious authorities’ than Moses’ own!

The Quran is not only just philosophy but also practical instructions for creating a system of peace and justice. From the instructions given to the messenger who was the leader of the community of the time, we can come to see how best to establish society on these principles.

For example, believers are told to be straight talking in their affairs. In other words, for a society to be just, people cannot flip-flop when people accuse them of something.

Another powerful instruction, repeated twice in chapters  4 and detailing this system (Surah 4 and 5) is to establish justice even if it is against our own selves (4/135 and 5/8). In other words, we cannot establish systems which deprive people of their due rights like the NEP. People must get their due rewards. These are simple instructions yet despite all our “Islamization”, these examples are missing from our society.

Hudud is nothing more than emotional blackmail used by unscrupulous and self serving politicians like Hadi Awang. Hadi exposed his true intentions a few days ago by declaring that corruption is not included in hudud.

In other words, stealing a loaf of bread can deprive you of your limbs but stealing the nation’s wealth cannot. How ironic is that? What does Hadi think corruption is? Corruption makes us inefficient. If we need to only pay RM3,000 for a laptop and some crony made us pay RM15,000, where does Hadi think the remaining RM12,000 disappears to.

Hadi’s argument is that stealing is done without the owner’s consent whereas corruption is different. I don’t recall any nation giving its consent for its wealth to be stolen!

Islam is not about hudud but rather about the posturing of self and society towards the Divine. In doing so, a person may grow and evolve and society may attain peace and justice.

6 thoughts on “There is more to Islam than hudud

  1. Yes, there is more but the fact is in Quran, it is crime against God itself with specific punishment. The literal translation of the word ” restriction” or “limits” proves the intention is naively crude. Somehow the drastic punishment intend to restrict or limit is frankly simpleton.

    Islam is no religion of peace, it’s no perfection, and that is why they get all worked up about it when challenged.

  2. Quote:- “…corruption is not included in hudud…”

    Yea right. Perhaps Hadi Awang is laying the ground work for the day he becomes PM?

    If the majority of the Malay Muslims do not openly object to Hudud and let it come about by default then I suppose there is nothing non-Muslims can say or do, and as have been told by generations of UMNO politicians, emigrate and leave Malaysia to the Muslims to fight it out among themselves.

    My guess is that so far there is no general popular agitation against Hudud is because from an ordinary Malay Muslim stand point, he tells himself I have no intention to and will never steal, rape, commit adultery or practice unnatural sex so what have I got to fear no matter how harsh and barbaric the Hudud punishments are, just as I have no fear of any of the laws criminalizing a lot more crimes under the Penal Code where there is a death penalty for murder.

    But of course what he misses is that it is precisely because the punishments are so harsh and irreversible that any abuse by those sitting in seats of political, financial power and positions, (and there is no doubt it will be abused or threats of abuse from day one), make it that much more dangerous.

    Why do you think the Sultan of Brunei exempts himself and his immediate family from Hudud? Will Hadi Awang says Malaysian Hudud does not apply to our royalties and their immediate families?

    Finally, does our Hudud system has or intend to have extra-territorial jurisdiction, meaning, the legal ability to exercise authority beyond the country’s boundaries so that Hudud crimes could be committed by Malaysian Muslims anywhere in the World?

  3. Wayne, Exactly. I am not sure why MCA is all up on this. Beyond corruption, I would like to know how PAS’ Hudud punishment on those who create a scene at clubs, spefically, what is the appropriate punishment for our PM’s son.

  4. what is the logic to adopt a dual legal system in any country ? Which will be the dominant one? Can I choose the one I m more comfortable with like being a fan of La Liga over EPL or vice versa ? They are not only interested to institutionalize ketuanan Melayu, now even ketuanan Islam is another goal to be institutionalized. So, they want all others to be slaves and bound to their rule. This is clearly against any God’s merciful governance. If I am an atheist, do I subject to condemnation ? If I am LGBT, do I lose my right to live as a human? Look into the mirror and see how ugly and evil are all these ” God fearing” “human compare to those who don’t believe in God. When someone refuse to play according to your rules, it doesn’t mean he is at fault. It is his prerogative or choice. No forcing no compulsion as this is only shows the arrogance of the evil people trying to invoke the so called God’s rule which nobody can vouch its validity. Don’t waste time arguing and proving the superiority of any theological system as it is counter productive to human advancement. You follow yours and I stick to mine just as how one choose a profession. Why should one feel inferior if he is farmer compare to a doctor. ? I have no respect to all these people who contribute nothing to the world at large by manipulating one against another.

  5. ” There is more to Islam than Hudud ” , Exactly why its an ordeal to try and understand this Notion in the Qura’n , and mainly consists of Kiasan & Muttashabih , so much so it becomes somewhat ‘ obscure ‘ , plenty of innuendos and indirect way of expressing how Odious is this concept of ‘ Punishment ‘ by the Lord , and no others like it by frail humans –

    I find great difficulty to grapple via the Verses….and I can only venture my humble view ( though I cannot vouch for its accuracy ) on this line of interpretation or understanding which I surmise in this manner : This is the harshest Punishment ordained, because the Infliction is SOLELY by Lord Al ‘ Mighty himself – no Man can USURP this , as its not in the human domain. ( one could try and make a guess that its inflicted in the ‘ Hereafter ‘ ) –

    This’ reflection ‘ is on the line what Buddhism had indicated earlier , by what Pythagoras ( the great philosopher – mathematician ) in the 6th Century indulged in the metem-psychosis theory. He taught that the souls of dead people might appear on earth again, not only in new human beings but also in animals . Metem-psychosis AKIN to the idea of the transmigration of the soul……..

    (Remark : May be the reflection of what Buddhism/Hinduism was saying of the Unending cycle of life, death & rebirth , and the idea of the PERPETUAL punishmnt for Man for his ” sins ‘ ( Contrast, if Man has earned the pleasure of the Creator Al ‘ Mighty , he has a chance to be in ‘ Paradise ‘ and his Miseries ended ? ) Isn’t that the severest ‘ punishment ‘ , and to be excluded for the Heavenly abode …..God forbid ! ) –

    Example some humans, who do not believe in the Hereafter, they think that Business is a ‘ scientific ‘ way of earning their living, and if they indulge in SHREWDNESS , make endless amount of Profit , more and more and never enough in the psyche, largely driven by GREED – the Koran says ” you are devouring Fire….consuming Fire….” ( Fire as in a metaphorical way of warning Humans , that it will be ‘ Hell ” for them……. ) Question : Whose jurisdiction is that ? –

    Hope humans do not make the fallacy of USURPING this Exclusivity , and portraying themselves as being equal to the Divine …..when they hardly understand Hududdism….? ? – Peace……

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