The Power of Syahadah (Declaration of Muslim Faith): Verse 18, Surah Al i Imran (The Family of Imran)



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Tarikh          : 8 Jun 2016


En. Din Merican (






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18 thoughts on “The Power of Syahadah (Declaration of Muslim Faith): Verse 18, Surah Al i Imran (The Family of Imran)

  1. The problem is not the respective Almighty but those his self-appointed representatives who impose their views on others by using the name of the Almighty to give effect to what they have interpreted.
    This is probably the main cause of all such differing interpretations resulting in the various conflicts which may be more to satisfy their greed for power and thus wealth and consequently tend to divide humanity.



  2. The catholic church is guilty of greed, and some factions of Protestants. But Christianity is Christ. He stands above all others as the standard of righteousness. He gave all without taking. Though He is God come down as a man.

    • The Divine Image By William Blake is what was and is intended but
      REALITY OF TO-DAY MAY BE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ESPECIALLY AMONG THE LEADERS OF COUNTRIES-RELIGIONS-SOCIETIES and this may be confirmed by the rising inequality of quality of life-wealth and the never ending conflicts to get control of the countries-religions-corporate-charities-NGO sectors with high quantities of wealth and most for personal insatiable greed.

      The Divine Image are values but may be used more as COSMETIC MESSAGES.

  3. You want Islam but you despise hudud? What good is your shahadah.
    My friend, please explain to an ignoramus like me the link between hudud and shahadah. Hudud is related to “law”, which is barbaric at best. You can get away with a one liner statement. –Din Merican


  5. By the same token, the Federal Constitution is the ” Quran” of the Malaysian. It is meant to be delivered, Not mutilated and twisted by those who are supposed to servants of the people, but instead , acted bigger than God.

  6. “..elevated Muhammad to a position equal to Go.” Sdr Kassim

    Is that why the often maligned Orientalists, often referred to Muslims as Mohammedans? Trying to copy the Consubstantiation (or Hypostases) of Jesus’ position in the Trinity, except it became a Duality? Immanent Word of God sort of confusion?

    Any Christian theologian worth his salt would not want to be drawn into explaining what the Trinity means except to say that ‘It “bears witness to” the activity of a God who can only be understood in Trinitarian terms.’ or as
    Ravi Zacharias says: “The only way to explain Unity in Diversity in the ‘Effect’, is that when there is Unity and Diversity in the First Cause,. The Trinity is then the Unity in Diversity in Community of the Trinity.” See here: .

    I sympathize with Sdr Kassim’s effort in correcting the perceived ‘misguidance’, but it seems to me that the Nicene Creed which gave orthodox Christianity the Doctrine of Trinity, is indeed the prototype of the Modern Syahada. Hypocrisy in trying to rubbish the Trinity, then?

    However the Christians have had a head-start in trying to figure out the Unfathomable, and most don’t make a hassle out of it. So The Shady Rule applies: “Resistance is Futile” cuz no one is willing to Listen anyway..

    Simpler to Kill all Unbelievers!

  7. More sufferings and deaths result from religion than anything you can think of.

    So tell me, what good is religion?

    Some may answer it is not religion’s fault but man’s. Well, if a religion, any religion, could not un-fault such faults, then again, what good is religion?

    And if this Almighty God couldn’t do it after 1000s of years of sending down and appointing umpteen angels and prophets couldn’t do it, then whose fault was it?

    If God is really Almighty, well, just one and only prophet would have done the trick wouldn’t it?

    So stop making excuses for an incompetent God.

  8. Wayne, God is NOT a Utility. We are His Creatures in as much as He is God. God is not about reason – He is Reason, yet most would rather he doesn’t exist. That Reason requires Faith. That cannot be ‘rationalized’.

    Freewill is the Freedom to Chose. This is what Freedom to Love or Hate and the whole gamut of Man’s Contradictory Duality is about. Otherwise we’d be robots.

    You are free to disbelieve, just as, those of us who believe are free to do so. Life is about suffering, joy, tragedy and death. Belief in a Deity makes it bearable and purposeful. Homo sapiens religiosus does not mean Human proclivities to evil.

    Your argument reeks of contemptible superiority and inherent prejudice.

    No one is making excuses for God. You are making a reason for your disbelief.

  9. First, selamat berpuasa.

    Next, on the topic at hand. Human brains are not free from physical law, and in many way function like a hard drive in a computer. What is imprinted in the brain serves as the core from which we see the world. We often are not free to choose what is imprinted, just like a computer is not free to choose which operating system to use.

    Some are born lucky with an imprint that helps to lead a decent life and sustain its society in maintaining a decent life style and purpose of being. Some are not so lucky, likes what happen in a lottery drawing.

    I respect what is presented by En Kassim. My research however comes to different conclusion: it is not just hadith that causes primary harm to Muslim community and their neighbors, but the imprint of Mohammad as the best model of human behaviors and Quran as literal words directly from god is now a sub-par imprint dragging both Muslim community and their neighbors from leading a decent life.

    The Imprint, i.e. Mohammad as the best model of human behaviors and Quran as literal words directly from god, may be a leap of progress for 7th century Arabian world, but is now serving as an almost unbreakable foundation with which peaceful co-existence with other civilizations such as Western, Hindu, Sino, and Nippon is tenuous at best. At its peak in 7th century, Islam has its imprint hardcoded in Quran which has scattered with more than 100 passages calling for the death and enslavement of non-Muslims. You may argue about the contexts of those passages, but the Imprint means those imprintees must execute them some forms or another. The result is clear for us to see: 56 Muslim-majority nations are overwhelmingly in the lower rank of UN development index and their peripheries are in constant conflicts with other civilizations.

    The world at some point must wake up to eradicate the Sub-par Imprint, and replace it for new generations with another imprint that is still in compliance with other teachings in Islam. The Quran in verse 18 of Surah 3 as the new Shahada to be recited 5 times (or more) per day is a good start. And Quran should be reduced from literal words from god to god-inspired writers’s words – that is, personal interpretation of Quran is made sacrosanct and protected as in Protestantism, which has theologically termed it “personal relationship with god”, into which nobody including the state is allowed intrude.

    What I write above is of course blasphemous by Islamic law. I can mostly get away from the man-punishment is because I am using an infidel’s invention, the Internet.

  10. Scholar Mohammad Abduh –

    “…Muhammad Abduh’s stay at Al-Azhar was uneventful until he met the Persian Jamal Al-Din Al-Afghani who was tutoring privately a small group of students, including Saad Zaghlul who became one of Egypt’s most successful prime ministers. Both, Muhammad Abduh and Saad Zaghlul were happy with Afghani’s way of teaching. He discussed the texts with his students and encouraged them to ask questions and this was a novelty at the time.

    After he graduated at the age of 28, Muhammad Abduh taught at the Azhar for two years but according to the author, “his activities over the years following his graduation, however, had little or nothing to do with Islam. Although he would later become world famous as a religious figure, we catch only occasional glimpses of his own stance on religious questions during this period….more

    After the last issue of Al-Urwa Al-Wuthqa was released, Muhammad Abduh left Paris for Tunis where he wrote his last known letter to Afghani. He no longer wanted to participate in Afghani’s struggle against European power and any form of despotic rule. He wrote that “the interests of the Muslims have become inextricably interwoven with the interests of the Europeans in every country in the world” and believed that it was wiser to cooperate with Europe.

    He then returned to Beirut where he taught history and theology at the Sultaniyya School. The lectures he delivered there were published as Risalat Al-Tawhid which became one of his most celebrated work.

    Despite his success in Beirut, Muhammad Abduh was longing to return to Egypt. As a result of the Urabi revolt, the British occupied permanently Egypt and Sir Evelyn Baring, better known as Lord Cromer (after he was ennobled) was effectively, the most powerful man in the country. He made it possible for Muhammad Abduh to come back to Egypt….” –

  11. “…After al-Afghani was expelled from Egypt in 1879 Mohammed Abduh continued to promote his reformist message. For this Abduh was expelled in 1882. During his exile he met up with al-Afghani in Paris where they collaborated to publish a Muslim journal and where they expanded their contacts within the Masonic Brotherhood. Four years later the British had a change of heart and they allowed Abduh to return. He became a teacher at Al-Azhar University where he focused on reforming the prestigious Islamic institution. At the same time he quickly rose to become a judge in the National Courts.

    Only eleven years after returning from his British-imposed exile the ruling British governor, Lord Cromer, made Sheikh Mohammed Abduh the Grand Mufti of Egypt, in 1899.

    He was now the Pope of Islam.(4) At the same time he was the Masonic Grand Master of the United Lodge of Egypt. (5)

    There was of course an ulterior motive for Cromer making Abduh the most powerful figure in all of Islam.

    You see, in 1898 the ruling council of Al-Azhar University had reaffirmed that usury, and thus banking according to the Western model, was harem (illegal) according to Islamic Law.

    This was unacceptable to Lord Cromer because his given name happened to be Evelyn Baring – he was an important member of England’s prestigious Baring banking family that had grown rich off of the opium trade in India and China.

    Lord Cromer installed his friend Sheikh Abduh to change the law forbidding banking, and once he was made Grand Mufti he used a very liberal and creative interpretation of the Quran to fabricate a loophole that allowed the forbidden practice of usury. British banks then had free reign to dominate Egypt.

    In Lord Cromer’s writings he says, “I suspect my friend Abduh was in reality an agnostic,” and he commented on Abduh’s Salafiyya movement saying,

    “They are the natural allies of the European reformer.” Even Cromer saw that the Islamist movement could be used to Britain’s advantage. (6)

    Sheikh Mohammed Abduh had two students that were important in continuing the Salafiyya movement after he died in 1905. One of them was Sheikh Ahmad Abd al-Rahman al-Banna, who was Hasan al-Banna’s father.

    The other was Mohammed Rashid Rida, a freemason who became Sheikh Abduh’s good friend and publisher of the monthly magazine, The Lighthouse.

    This mouthpiece of the Salafiyya movement was first published in 1897, and Rida remained the publisher for thirty-seven years. Rida also existed within the British circle of influence and his publication reflected the British point of view by agitating against the Ottoman Empire. He praised the freemasonic Young Turk movement, but after World War I he castigated Turkey’s nationalist revolution under Ataturk. (7)…” –

  12. “No one is making excuses for God. You are making a reason for your disbelief.”

    Whoa, bit early to go full ontological……

    But in defence or maybe solidarity with my atheist brethren, the frustration is that (and this may not be Wayne’s issue but generally what I have observed in atheistic discourse), interpretations of the Divine or dogma by religious scholars always seem to fall into revisionists narratives in the hopes of gaining contemporary relevance.

    Having said that, I think that, it is good thing when believers push the boundary, challenge existing dogma or generally explore their religion. God may not be utility but curiosity which should be the connective tissue between those who faith and those who do not, has a utility.

    I believe atheists should be in the business together with people who Believe to maintain a secular State, not to argue about the existence of God(s).

    Upon confronted with my atheism my Jesuit teachers of old directed me to this and hoped I would find something worth taking with me on my journey :

    The Divine Image
    By William Blake

    To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
    All pray in their distress;
    And to these virtues of delight
    Return their thankfulness.

    For Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
    Is God, our father dear,
    And Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
    Is Man, his child and care.

    For Mercy has a human heart,
    Pity a human face,
    And Love, the human form divine,
    And Peace, the human dress.

    Then every man, of every clime,
    That prays in his distress,
    Prays to the human form divine,
    Love, Mercy, Pity, Peace.

    And all must love the human form,
    In heathen, Turk, or Jew;
    Where Mercy, Love, and Pity dwell
    There God is dwelling too.

  13. @ flyer 168,
    I must thank you for the elaborate expose’ concerning Mohd Abduh & Al ‘ Afghani, from the Historical-philosophical perspective , & many scholars have been curious on the fact that this group called ‘ The Perennial Philosophers ‘ comprising a couple of Jewish and Christian scholars as well….they were also indulging in the Science of Syncretic knowledge….(Science of Syncretism ) –

    So, I have been more particularly interested in the aspect for a very, very long time. I wonder if you could assist in this particular narrow aspect I have been hung-up with till the present.

    What impressed me with their efforts was the fact they were attempting the reconciliation or reunion of different or opposing principles, practices and knowledge as in philosophy or religion. AND WERE TRYING TO SAY to the effect that such knowledge were mostly similar (if not identical) , and saying the same thing, in different, different ways , because of differences in ‘ language ‘ and/or culture etc….

    If so, it is sad that the human race seem to have been very superficial , narrow & sectarian, such that we have collectively become DIVIDED , to the extent of indulging in Wars…….

    Thank you once again for your discreet perspective…..


    Whoa, I can read just fine without the shouting or emphasis, old chap…

    Reality or should I say political realities of Islamic Regimes are more complex then just a simplification of saying Islam bad or Religion bad.

    Take Saudi Arabia for instance.

    Petro dollars fuel extremism the world over but yet the Leader of the Free world has enabled, coddled and sustained the House of Saud for decades. The same with Pakistan.

    Western Imperialism* (American/British/Russian) defined the reality of Afghanistan, created/destroyed Iraq, shaped so called moderate Islamic countries like Jordan and Dubai and shaped the ME and the conflicts they create which today sustain arms companies – specifically American but why point a finger only at the US – security firms, management companies , financial institutions etc, ect and this is not even considering the impact of China and the troubled African Islamic problem.

    *This also extends to the underlying Christian Imperialism, which some how gets lost in the discourse.

    Closer to home the emergence of PAS an a mainstream political power was facilitated by PKR and the DAP.

    So we should not go on about the fascism of Islam without first defining context.

    “The Divine Image are values but may be used more as COSMETIC MESSAGES..”

    You miss my point.

  15. Abnizar,

    Thank you for your kind words. I just wanted to highlight the fact that the “Secret Soceity” managed to penetrate the highest level of islam at Al-Azhar by planting their “Enabler” for their own agenda…!

    That was where & when the “Secret Soceity” VIRUS was planted into islam at Al-Azhar

    In Politics, nothing happens by Accident, rather it is by Design…!

    You can always email me at – – for further info.


  16. 1. Rusli Rasyid criticised me for wanting Islam but rejecting hudud. He should know that hudud is one of the major mistakes made by most traditional Muslim scholars. The phrase means other than “fixed punishments”. It is a theoretical border between extremes in all our actions.
    2. He should realise that man has made major mistakes in his life’s journey. The monotheism taught by Moses became politheistic Judaism much later. The monotheism taught by Jesus later became politheistic Christianity. The monotheism taught by Muhammad later became the politheism of the Sunnis.
    3. So man should always re-examine what he inherits from his ancestors. That is difficult due to the strength of custom thought, as philosopher Robert Briffault says.
    — Kassim Ahmad

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