PKR’s rejuvenation is long overdue

June 5, 2016

PKR’s rejuvenation is long overdue–Time for Fresh Talent

by Scott Ng

What has become clear now is that PKR needs fresh blood at the top. With the wealth of talent it has in its cadre of young leaders, the only thing preventing its rejuvenation is probably the egoism of some party veterans.–Scott Ng

Perhaps all that talk about Wan Azizah languishing into irrelevance was merely talk after all. Until recently, she was largely seen as a reluctant politician who could not wait for her husband’s return so that she could relinquish power. She now seems to have sprung back.

During Wan Azizah’s perceived withdrawal from her leadership of PKR, it seemed like Azmin Ali was poised to take power. For example, he was prominently in the newspapers as the voice of PKR in the dispute with DAP during the Sarawak state election.

Azmin has not been absent from the news since. There are, for instance, fresh whispers of the Kidex Highway being resurrected and leaked messages from Rafizi Ramli warning party members against graft in the Selangor Government. Of course, that’s not the kind of media exposure an ambitious person like him would appreciate.

The Selangor Menteri Besar has squandered any goodwill his Jokowi-aping entry into office might have gained him as more and more whispers of corruption swirl around the Selangor Government.

And now Wan Azizah has returned to the fore. She has told Azmin she expected him to act upon reports of graft in the Selangor Government. She has also advised him against attending the ceremony where Pakatan Harapan would announce its candidates for the upcoming by-elections, explaining that he had responsibilities to PAS by virtue of the fact that Selangor residents had indeed voted for PAS under the auspices of Pakatan Rakyat in 2013.

Another blow has come with Rafizi’s lodging of a report with MACC regarding the allegations of graft involving PKR in Selangor. Rafizi, who is PKR’s Secretary-General, is seen as one of Wan Azizah’s people. He made the report after the Party President told him to do so. Surely, the MACC will be more than happy to be thorough in its investigation.

Regardless of whatever words Rafizi may use to explain his action, it is unusual to see a prominent party member lodge a corruption report that could be detrimental to another prominent party figure.

While it remains to be seen whether or not the rumours surrounding Azmin can be substantiated, it has had the effect of halting his ascent to the top of PKR. Azmin has an image problem now, and he probably has only himself to blame. He has been far too closely associated with many of the disasters involving PKR and Pakatan.

Wan Azizah’s sudden return is a virtual announcement that she has no intention of relinquishing control of the party to Azmin, and many probably see this as long overdue.

What has become clear now is that PKR needs fresh blood at the top. With the wealth of talent it has in its cadre of young leaders, the only thing preventing its rejuvenation is probably the egoism of some party veterans.


14 thoughts on “PKR’s rejuvenation is long overdue

  1. The PKR veterans should be like Dr. Syed Husin Ali who stepped aside for the next generation of leaders to take over. Wan Azizah, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Sivarasa and others must now do the same. PKR needs fresh talent, if it wants to win the confidence of Malaysian voters and deal with a resurgent UMNO-BN in GE-14. The party can no longer be about Anwar Ibrahim’s freedom. –Din Merican

  2. It’s long overdue but worst, it’s easier said then done. It’s going to take nothing less than Anwar’s full endorsement and support for someone very talented and his committed team to take over. The fact is Anwar himself is not ready to step behind permanently.

  3. How can they step aside? They don’t have a business to fall back on and would find difficulties in securing a job under present circumstances. They have tasted what it feels to be a YB, why give it up.
    Furthermore there is no second line of leadership or succession and PKR is still very much engrossed with free Anwar.

  4. My opinion (not being an expert on the PKR):

    PKR needs to pitch its political message to the progressive Malay middle class disgusted with the massive corruption in the country and the more class conscious elements of the Malay working class burdened by GST and cutbacks in subsidies (the less religious ones —- the more religious ones will be drawn to Amanah).

    The question is how to do this?

    I also think that the progressive Malays need to be re-assured than under a Social Democratic government, the welfare of the Malays will be protected even as meritocracy and equality of opportunity is pursued via changes in public policy.

  5. PKR was always the wrong party for Malaysia…and Anwar made the biggest blunder of his life in bringing it about…

    I said this when PR came into being… and nothing PKR has done since convinces me that I should change my mind.

    It is a party that will get nowhere…

  6. Dr Phua, the conversation has all been negatives and no concrete siggestions for a very long time. In the US, it is even the same with Bernie Sander’s campaign. The same is true for Clinton’s also. I took an hour or two to google the nearly 40 candidates for California’s US senate seats, as I did not want to just blindly choose someone who has a tired old song. I chose who vouched to not to be a leader when he is elected. I know he would not win, nor it is right for senator to succumb to the ideal of popular votes win.

    So, I asked lmyself what drives me to that decision? Lethargy. I think the same is happening in Malaysia.

    I am not a Marxist. At times, I am not even a socialist democrat, but the same old battle of trickle down economy and class struggle alone is plain tiring.

    Yes, like what Orang Malaya says we have no second generation. I have met many genX and genY Malaysians outside of Malaysia. But, we have chose or been told to remain outside of the nation.

    This is toxic. Melayu tentu akan hilang di dunia.

  7. It does not matter one iota what new blood is injected into PKR.

    As long as there is a party called PKR and another party called DAP, then there will never be a credible Opposition to BN in the next general election. The squabble over seats will again rear its ugly head.

    BN will rule Malaysia for another generation.

    Unless, PKR and DAP join together to form a new party – with new blood.

    There is no reason why they can’t get together as their political objectives are basically the same. They both want the same decent things for all of us.

    So, come on you two, you are our last hope..

  8. For any Taukeh Cina in Malaysia, or children of Taukeh Cina, if you still have any concern with Bernie Sander’s like rhethoric, listen to this guy from HK explaining why socialism is needed in liberal society, who built his case by first taking apart Thomas Piketty’s work.

    (Unfortunately, it is in Cantonese, and it is done 2 years ago. Alas Malay learn too slowly).

    For the non-theist, his strongest argument is based on evolutionary biology. His claim is not the only the strongest survives, but those who can live well with the society, those who benefit the society lives.

    In reality, money is nothing now. Risk free rates has finally been evaluated correctly. It gives 0 yield, which what risk-free is supposed to do, unlike the previous generations of getting something out from nothing.

    The biggest bet for the taukeh, is one to keep the society functionning. The nation that gets to transition quickest to some workable fair distribution is the nation that would best survive in coming decades. That is the 2020. Many South-East-Asian society can best maneuver to such form, if the elites, and the rich has the wisdom to realize what wealth means.

  9. Dr Phua, Malaysia needs the Brave New World Malay ( a law professor) who can speak convincingly across all thinking Malaysians, irregardless of race or religion to build an equitable system first. Social Democrats like Bernie Sanders is a mere luxury.

    Brave New World!

  10. Katasayang 11:46 am

    Bernie Sanders gets (1) more ordinary people involved in the political process and also gets (2) important issues placed on the national political agenda.

    The first helps ordinary people to overcome despair, cynicism and apathy and also promotes popular democracy via mass mobilisation. Basically, it is numbers of mobilised, politically aware ordinary people versus the small number who control and abuse public funds and the propaganda apparatus and internal security apparatus of the state.

    The second gets people to consider and debate real issues (rather than be distracted by social “wedge issues” used by the ruling elite to divide and conquer the people, so as to continue their plunder and corruption. Wedge issues would be things like gay rights in the USA and hudud, “Christian conspiracy” etc in 1Malaysia).

  11. Katasayang, don’t jump the gun by talking about the next Opposition PM. It will not be an issue until a new party is formed and with it, a new party constitution, including the process to elect its leader.

    I am already asking for the moon by suggesting that the two parties join together to form a new party, which I hope would include PSM too.

    Even though my suggestion sounds ridiculous, I cannot stress enough that the political objectives of these parties are mostly the same as what we all want as Malaysians. Don’t believe me? Look up their objectives in Wiki.

    So, why not join together and form a strong and singular Opposition?

    This way, PKR can also rid itself of its BN roots and DAP can get rid of its Chinese image, once and for all. Killing two birds with one stone.

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