15 thoughts on “Mahathir Vs Najib

  1. The next step for Mahathir is SG. Besar and KK. I had thought it more effective if he had sponsored a Perkasa member to run against UMNO-PAS rather negating their partnership. But it appear he will be campaigning for Amanah..

  2. You have been requested to remove this article immediately. This request comes from the author. Thank-you.
    Done as requested. –Din Merican

  3. Wah.., you guys can post with just the title ah?
    In that case, i’ll give my 5 sen worth.

    You see the animist Taoists are celebrating what is known as the Latuk/Dato’ Kung/Kong festival these few days. They have put up these huge josssticks (about 10 ft tall) and many medium sized ones (5 ft long) all over, around their roadside shrines. Causes a huge stink.

    Accompanying that is a panoply of prayers, rites and rituals (including the sacrifice of a Black Goat) – all towards a deity in the form of a statuette, which has a brown skin, wears a songkok and sarong (i.e baju Melayu).

    Everyone who plays 3/4-D, Toto, lottery, bets on horses or are otherwise inveterate gamblers beseech this deity (which from what i understand, is a spirit of the soil), to let them win at their favorite pursuit.

    What has this to do with Octo and Jibros? Well, it seems that Octo is out cold and Jibros with his massive laundered Billions is now The Deity to pray to.

    Conclusion: Octo loses by TKO.

  4. The real issue is not Mahathir Vs Najib but in reality it’s Mahathir/Opposition Vs Najib-Hadi’s PAS. At the current PAS muktamar that looks and sounds like UMNO’s, hardly anything against 1MDB or UMNO, the traditional target. They might as well have invited Najib and Rosmah to cut the cake.

    So long as Malays are not willing to confront the political racketeering that is cancer in their society and that is Najib-Hadi are the head of the Malay Cosa Nostra, the nation will eventually fail. All Islamic state fails. Period. No ifs and buts. It’s one thing to want core religo values in public affairs, it’s completely another the technocratic matter called government.

  5. As it stands now for the present moment @ this juncture , what goes round comes round for Tun Dr Mahathir : Will the same law of nature apply to Dato’ Sri Najib , only time will tell…..? –

    ” For every action , there is equal and opposite reaction ” – the universal law of motion in nature ?

  6. This is the email I received from the writer of the article:

    “Hi Din,

    Thanks for removing the article., I’m in a private university. The article was an assignment from my mentor (from outside my university) who asked me to publish it. He then forwarded it to my university which told me to have it taken down from all sources as it was a sensitive issue.

    That was my first article I ever wrote for publication though, excluding awards from poetry and linguistic homophones etc competitions…”

  7. I think Hadi’s medium strategy is he wants the country to fail and fail badly.

    Look at all the present problem countries in the Middle East. Radical “Islamisation” took root and flourished because those countries “failed”

    He knows that if there is a crisis there are opportunities. So long as Malaysia is flourishing economically, socially, religiously, Hadi / PAS will not rise to achieve national power of any kind. So make the country sick, very sick and then come in with Islam as the miracle cure with him as the caliph / chief medical officer of course.

    With the greatest respect to the Royal Highnesses, may I say that royalty has no place in a caliphate. To the Malays, if you think the British colonialists were bad, wait till Hadi becomes caliph.

  8. Wayne, i don’t think Hadi can even think that far. But Jibros can.

    Religious fanatics, seldom figure things out in medium or long term. All they know is that they are ‘blessed’ by whatever deity they worship in the here and now. They know nothing of the Via Negativa – that the Attributes of God should be, in a sense, understood as double negatives – e.g He is Whom He Is and Shall Be, and is NOT Unmerciful.

    The Hudud is a totally manufactured human device and as such, is easily misapplied and enforced. It’s so called safeguards are easily corrupted simply because of it’s exclusivity. It can only be applied in a ‘Perfect’ World – Dystopia.

    The Malay polity have been indoctrinated and brain-washed into the hereafter – ruled by a legalistic mindset of a Monad who’s judgmental because it has nothing better to do than compare, contrast and is absolutely exclusive. That is what literalness does to folks with no access to the Language of God. Is that Islam?

    Btw Abnizar, Universal Laws break down in the quantum realm. All we have are probabilities, entanglement, synchronicity and tunneling. What is Real is the effect of Consciousness, whatever that is..

  9. Yes…..yes…..CLF , ‘ Universal Laws break down in the quantum realm ” , all we have are probabilities etc , agreed. In the quantum field of Physics, they have discovered that all they have is the Duality nature of ‘ energy ‘ operating ABOVE the velocity of light, so they are unable to locate its precise position in the sub-atomic particle : its here….then disappears don/t know to where , and re-appears in split seconds…….and disappears , cycle seems repeated again and again……
    I remember you said , and I fully agree , it carries ‘ information ‘ (like as if its programmed ) – to me, this is one of the greatest mysteries of Creation , perhaps will be unresolved for eternity….. ?
    What say you,dear friend ?

  10. Another point I missed earlier , which is not only mysterious but also the greatest Paradox of nature. Tell me dear friend if I am incorrect : this most minute indivisible ‘matter ‘ in the physical Universe , has turned to become the most potent force known to Man : the Nuclear force ! ? ? ?

  11. No one has proven superluminosity, Abnizar although Special Relativity does not prohibit it. Tachyons are ‘stuff’ of dreams.

    To me Duality is an idee fixe (fixed idea that’s become an obsession). Most Atheists fall into this category – which is strictly either too mechanistic or else Cartesian.

    My point is that, we really don’t know God and hence what Reality ‘actually’ means. All the creeds, doctrine, dogma and so on are but reflections of the Truth. We are what we perceive and experience.

    The minutest? Doesn’t exist, my friend. We cannot perceive it, because the very act of doing it changes the system. For instance we are thought that electrons exist cuz we have ‘electricity’ – but no one has ever seen one. We take it on ‘faith’, because it ‘works’.

    The 11-dimensional M-Theory, that tries to reconcile Relativity with Quantum physics with it’s indivisible mono-dimensional ‘Strings’ is too dense for mere mortals like me to digest. It certainly breaks the Laws of Parsimony (Occam’s Razor – ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’!).

    I take on Faith that God exists, and my consciousness is a function of His (or Hers). You and i are but the Child of the Universe, and have the right to exist. Here’s to you and those who prowl our benefactor, Din’s space:

  12. Superluminosity CLF ? – this is one of the things relating to the Lord’s attribute hint-hint in the holy Verses called in Arabic ‘ Muttashabih ‘ ( sindiran or gurindam in Malay ) – typifying another one of the greatest Paradoxes of the Lord’s Hide-and-seek between the Creator and the created things in the manifested Universe.

    Such magnitude of His Light that will ‘ blind ‘ those puny little creatures called Man, IF he wants to have ‘sight’ of the Lord , by which the Verse given is :

    ” I am the Hidden Treasure , and I was fain to be known , so I created ‘ Man ‘ ”

    The First Primordial Man as the Archetype Nabi Adam was created ( there’s a beautiful Verse in the Qura’n , if I were to state it , it will have to be in English but ‘Arabic ‘ sounding words…… ) –

    What I am saying is : not anybody, not even the greatest Scientists , can lift the Veil……to have a peek behind it , Man will be ‘ blinded ‘ ……manner of speaking !

    Just listen to this Paradox , when The Lord says :

    ” I am the Outwardly Manifest and the Inwardly Hidden ” – The Lord is BOTH hidden and manifest at one and the SAME time ! ! ! In His Manifest or Transcendent Nature , The Lord is identified with the physical Universe…. ., But in His Immanent Nature , He is in His Own Glory and Splendour , REMOVED FROM THE TRIBULATIONS of Earthly Existence…..” =

    Any wonder Why He is ‘ Allah ” , Lord , God of The entire Universe ? ? Peace….

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