Dato’Anwar Fazal: Focus on Good Governance instead

June 2, 2016

COMMENT:   I fully endorse Dato’Anwar Fazal’s advice that the Najib Administration should focus on good governance, instead of pandering to the fancies of pedestrian Hadi Awang of PAS.

Surely, our Prime Minister realised that he was given the mandate to govern our country for the benefit of all Malaysians. There is more to governance than just playing politics with our welfare. If our Prime Minister wants to be a polarising figure who is using Islam to stay in power, he should make himself scarce.

When will we ever learn? asks Dato’ Anwar. We have learned. We remember May 13, 1969 when our politicians played the politics of race and exclusion. That was  why our Second Prime Minister and Najib’s father, Tun Razak promulgated Rukun Negara.

National unity and respect for our constitution should now be accorded top priority. If he is not prepared to do this simple task of keeping our national house in good order, Prime Minister Najib Razak should make himself scarce. He will be making a great contribution by getting out of our kitchen. We need a new national recipe based on good governance.–Din Merican

Dato’Anwar Fazal: Focus on Good Governance instead


This so-called hudud initiative proposed for debate in Parliament raises some disturbing fundamental constitutional issues. It also questions the core universal values of justice and compassion that were and should be Islam’s inspiration to the world.

Today, extremist groups have given Islam a global image of intolerance, discrimination and violence, instead of being celebrated as the religion of peace,.

Most sadly, it is fostering conflict even between Muslims, instead of enunciating our core values in the historical and infinite reality of oceans of diversity. These extremists are only creating situations that imperialists and other evil elements are having a field day exploiting.

When will we ever learn?

Let’s respect the real Islamic fundamentals of “Ar-Rahman” and “Ar-Rahim”, justice and compassion, within the framework of the agreed constitutional basics and the beautifully crafted, meaningful and uniting Rukun Negara, a model for multicultural, multi-faith and multi-ethic communities worldwide.

That was Islam in its glorious days: caring, innovative and open, giving the world some of the greatest science and arts ever and progressive breakthroughs in gender equality and justice systems.

Let us as a nation also focus on good governance that urgently addresses at least four issues:

– fighting endemic corruption;

– deal seriously with the wanton crimes against the environment (the Cameron Highlands and bauxite mess are only the face of an eco-crisis);

– promoting economic growth with equity that reduces the great gap between the rich and the poor; and,

– waking up to serious health issues reflected by the massive increase in obesity.

Let’s get our priorities right.

Dato’Anwar Fazal is a leading social activist and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and a member of G25 (a civil society organisation consisting of a group of influential Malays).

7 thoughts on “Dato’Anwar Fazal: Focus on Good Governance instead

  1. Would our 1PM still have the guts to step down now? Nation is doomed until rakyat could figure out how we want to live together. It is better for Dr Faizal talk to general public than to current administration. How I wish G25 would step up to offer to form interim government.

  2. Reason got nothing to do with what is happening. It’s raw obscene politics. It’s politics at its worst.

    If we are talking reason, the latest salvo is claiming 1MDB has no (long term) effect on politics. Not quite. What Najib has done structurally to the nation, the institutional damage, the systematic damage will ruin this country and it will not be long.

    Hadi’s Bill cannot pass because our Constitution is weak. Special position became “rights”, No interference in Syariah Court became civil court is subjugated, “parent” means child snatching is protected by the Constitution and let’s admit it affirmative action became legal discrimination long time ago.

    Hadi’s Bill will wreck the country. The first time they carry out the lashes for adultery, the market will drop.

  3. The moment we allow half-past-six “pak lebais” in PAS to call the shots that will be the day. Look at the mess they have created in Kelantan. You want them to run roughshod over us? Think again. Hudud is meant for morons like the IMDB champion who champions the maxim, Cash is King.

  4. The 1PM-1MDB regime will do anything (perhaps short of going to war with neighbouring countries — in order to whip up mindless flag-waving nationalism) to hang on to power.

    Cards played:

    1. Ethno-nationalism e.g. red shirt hooligans in downtown KL (foiled by the China Ambassador’s walkabout)
    2. Populist redistribution e.g. BR1M (but lower income people are wising up to the fact that some of the money is their own, taxed from them in the form of the GST)
    3. Regionalism e.g. “Sarawak for Sarawakians” and the propaganda that political parties from the Semenanjung should stay out of Sarawak and East Malaysian politics
    4. Selling off resources e.g. to China, to finance 1MDB debt
    5. Giving up national sovereignty in order to get Big Power tacit support e.g.
    eagerness to sign the TPP agreement and please the Obama administration
    6. Clerico-fascist religiosity e.g. recent fast tracking of the hudud bill in
    Parliament by the 1PM’s lackey Minister
    7. Regularly trotting up “hired gun” intellectuals, academicis and bloggers to
    comment positively on 1PM-1MDB regime policies and actions
    8. Blocking access to “anti-regime porn” blogs and websites, especially the
    dastardly Sarawak Report and Malaysia Chronicle

  5. Good governance means nothing to our present government, maintaining political control of the country is all that matters, by hook or by crook.

    The latest fiasco is the case involving immigration officers sabotaging the Malaysian Immigration system, not even one of them is criminally charged, as of this moment.. Their action is treasonous, where the most wanted criminals may have entered our country or for that matter, terrorists of the worst kind may have also entered our country as a result of the actions of these officials.

    All system of governance seems to have broken down beyond repair.

    This country is doomed if there is no change in the way this country is govern.

  6. Just read about the British pedophile who was arrested at Gatwick for child abuse cases in Malaysia. He had been doing this for over 8 years and not a peep or squirt from our law enforcement agencies especially the PIG and Immigration boss. It took the combined efforts of foreign authorities to bring to book a criminal who preyed on children in this country.

    And yet Bolehland bosses strut around bullying their fellow countrymen instead of going after the real criminals. How to explain about good governance to them when even the basics challenge their mental capacities.

    The word haramjadah, En Najib, includes but is not limited to those working under you. Take a good look at yourself and your cabinet.

  7. The fundamental expressions of the DNA of political integrity is:

    ACGT=Accountabilty, Competency, Governance and Transparency.
    No leaders can sustain or survive without it, regardless from all divided.

    When will they ever Learn ?
    Practice ACGT
    to replace
    the MACCP that had brought the country to this dire state of affairs.
    Save yourselves.
    Save your roots.
    Save our Malaysia.

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