The Plot thickens in PKR sans Anwar Ibrahim

May 31, 2016

The Plot thickens in PKR sans Anwar Ibrahim

by Raja Petra Kamaruddin

Mahathir’s plans are wider than just ousting Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and making his son, Mukhriz, the Prime Minister. It also includes helping Azmin Ali to take over as the PKR President, helping Lim Guan Eng escape jail, plus making sure that his man takes over as the new Kelantan Menteri Besar

AAA or triple stands for the ‘Attack Azmin Ali’ campaign. After ousting previous Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, it is now time to bring down the current Selangor Menteri Besar Dato Seri Azmin Ali.

When Malaysia Today first revealed Azmin’s February 22, 2015 meeting with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in London, not many batted an eyelid. That was because Anwar Ibrahim and those in his inner circle — such as his team of political strategists (see the photograph below) — already knew about the meeting. In fact, it was Anwar who had asked Azmin to fly to London to meet Mahathir.

PKR Strategists

But Azmin was supposed to meet Mahathir to talk about a deal of mutual benefit. Basically it was supposed to be a win-win deal. Pakatan would support Mahathir’s ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) while Mahathir, in turn, would support Anwar’s FAC (Free Anwar Campaign).

However, Azmin never once raised the issue of Anwar. They just discussed how the opposition can support Mahathir’s bid to oust Najib with no discussion at all on Mahathir also supporting the bid to appeal for a pardon for Anwar so that he not only can be freed from jail but would also qualify to re-enter politics without first having to go through a five-year ban.

In short, the deal was to make it possible for Anwar to be able to contest the 2018 general election in two years’ time instead of having to wait till 2028 when he would be 81 years old before legally being allowed to contest the general election. Azmin was supposed to discuss with Mahathir how they could ‘buy’ Anwar the ten years he needed so that he could re-enter politics when he is still 71 instead of having to wait till he is 81.

Azmin, however, did not do this. He discussed everything and all sorts of things with Mahathir except for that one very important thing that Anwar wanted them to discuss. And that one very important thing was Anwar’s freedom so that he could came back as the de facto Opposition Leader and also contest the next general election in 2018, both which are now pies in the sky.

But then this was what Malaysia Today wrote more than a year ago. And Malaysia Today always lies. It never tells the truth. So no one, either Anwar or those four ‘political strategists’ in the photograph above, took any notice of what Malaysia Today wrote.

And then, as time went on, they started to realise that Malaysia Today was not ‘talking kok’ as they first thought after all. Malaysia Today was implying (or maybe even alleging) that Azmin had sold out Anwar and was attempting to replace Anwar with Mahathir as the new de facto Opposition Leader. But that would never happen because Azmin would bend over backwards for Anwar if need be (figure of speech of course and not literally) — or so they thought.

Today, that assumption has changed. And it changed not because Malaysia Today revealed 15 months ago about what Azmin discussed with Mahathir in London. It changed because Azmin himself has proven that Mahathir and not Anwar is his boss.

But then Azmin cannot help himself. That was the promise Azmin made to be able to become the Selangor Menteri Besar — that he would dump Anwar and not serve Anwar any longer. But whom did Azmin make this promise to? To who did Azmin promise that if he were appointed the Selangor Menteri Besar he would no longer serve Anwar or pledge loyalty to Anwar but would dump Anwar?

Yes, a most interesting question, don’t you think so? And I am sure some of you already suspect who that person is. Nevertheless, I am not going to mention his name just yet although I cannot promise you that some time in the future I will reveal who that person is. Suffice to say that Azmin got the job as Selangor Menteri Besar on the agreement that he must turn his back on Anwar.

And Azmin delivered his promise, although only 18 months later, by ousting Anwar as the de facto Opposition Leader and by not getting Mahathir to agree to a pardon for Anwar and by supporting Mahathir as the new de facto Opposition Leader to replace Anwar.

Anwar plus his four political strategists in the photograph above now know that Azmin has sold them out. At first they also excitedly supported Mahathir’s ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign and the Citizens’ Declaration. But when they realised that the ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign was really about making Mukhriz Mahathir the next Prime Minister and that it did not include allowing Anwar to walk out of the Sungai Buloh Prison, they launched the AAA or ‘Attack Azmin Ali’ campaign.

Azmin has his own ambition. And his ambition is to no longer walk in Anwar’s shadow and to continue to be called ‘Anwar’s boy’. Azmin wants to be the new PKR party president. But to win the party presidency he needs to abandon Anwar and his family. He needs to show he is his own man and not ‘Anwar’s boy’.

The alarm bells were first triggered when Azmin started talking about his ‘relationship’ with Mahathir and how blood is thicker than water and how the past is the past and we should let bygones be bygones and forgive and forget, and so on. This was a far cry to the Mahathir is penghianat negara and the most corrupt Prime Minister in history, and should be hounded until lubang cacing, and so on, during the Reformasi days.

So now the AAA campaign is on. First Anwar wrote that very damaging letter from prison which appeared to be attacking Mahathir but was actually attacking Azmin. And then Rafizi leaked the allegation of corruption, that involved ‘supplying women’ as well, committed by a certain unnamed person in the Selangor government.

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has asked Rafizi to go lodge a report with the MACC, which he is going to do next week. We can only assume that Rafizi has enough evidence or else he would not have made that expose and would not be going to meet the MACC next week.

By the way, Rafizi and the other three in the photograph above were the same ‘political strategists’ who were behind the earlier Kajang Move to bring down Khalid Ibrahim. And they are also the same four behind the AAA campaign to bring down Azmin Ali. Just when I thought 2015 was the most interesting year in a long time, 2016 may yet prove to be more exciting.

Oh, and this is not all. While all this is going on, the Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, is also making his deal with Mahathir, just like Azmin is. Guan Eng knows he cannot escape the corruption charge involving his house so he is getting Mahathir to help get the MACC to back off.

Mahathir is able to tell the MACC what to do so Guan Eng needs Mahathir’s help to escape jail. That is why DAP is 100% behind Mahathir’s ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign and Mahathir’s Citizens’ Declaration — plus also supports the move to make Mukhriz the next Prime Minister if they can first of all oust Najib somehow.

And what about Kelantan? Yes, of course Mahathir has his fingers in the Kelantan pie as well. Mahathir is behind a certain PAS leader who might soon join Amanah and then become Mahathir’s candidate for the Menteri Besar of Kelantan. So Amanah had better get used to the idea that if Amanah or Pakatan Harapan manages to grab Kelantan from PAS, the man who is going to become the Kelantan Menteri Besar will be the man whom Mahathir says shall be Menteri Besar and not the man who Amanah wants as Menteri Besar.

17 thoughts on “The Plot thickens in PKR sans Anwar Ibrahim

  1. This mongrel who has gave his asshole to Najib is talking kok in a way and style to propagate his insidious political agenda. He is a t pork eating whisky swinging Muslim Melayu of decadent Malay royalty sub human species like a dog shifting loyalty to anyone who throws some bones in his way. Intelligence Malaysians should not accept this discarded mongrel’s expose .

  2. Typical RPK style of writting. When Dr. M is his target, the person that he is shooting is those who supported him, now is Azmin from PKR and LGE from DAP. Will Malaysian believe his story anymore?. Sorry lah.

  3. RPK’s propaganda strategy on behalf of the 1Malaysia-1MDB regime is to sow discord and make the Opposition fight amongst themselves.

  4. RPK at his best in making up stories.
    I have read RPK’s story telling years ago in the Malaysian
    Today and was very much taken in by him.
    Ten years have passed since than and I am no longer the
    green horn.
    A story is just a story. RPK can change the plot to thicken the drama. He is the best story teller of the year.

  5. It (the active return of Mahathir’s interventionist politics with self-serving interest),only thickens further the back-stabbing and betrayal characteristics in Malaysian(particularly the Malay and Umno Baru) leaders politics—NONE whatsoever would benefit the ordinary citizens of Malaysia, except those elitists and cronies of the power-that-be, who would largely escape punishment for the wrong doings they had done to the country.

    There is no end ploting and other dubious manoeuvering .
    That is what the people had and will be burdened unless change.

  6. Another load of garbage from this unwanted mercenary worthy to be put in the garbage dump.

    Azmin is not trustworthy, that now everyone can see. His aim of taking control of PKR may even be successful, but the PKR that he controls may not get the support of voters which enable PKR to win so many seats currently. The majority of chinese voters has been very sceptical about this man for a while and now his action has confirmed their scepticism.

    If Tun Mahathir wanted his son to be the future PM of the country, he would have groomed him when he was still the PM and not after he retired. Tun is not such a dumb fool (like those who use his own account to receive illegal money).Insisting Tun’s intention is to make sure his son becomes PM is the only line of attack from the so called dedak eaters,who has no simple intellengence other than parroting nonsense day in day out.

    PAS government of Kelantan will definitely fall come the next GE and the winner will be BN and not Amanah. PAS will be very happy to lose to BN and the question of Amanah candidate becoming the MB of Kelantan is a load of bull.

    Lastly, if Tun has such a great influence on MACC and can influence them into doing his bidding, then he would have overthrow najib long ago.

  7. The story was a bit interesting until he started on LGE. But it’s clear LGE and DAP is a big worry for UMNO even with PAS as their partner ( on crime). Why so much worry about LGE and DAP? Removing LGE changes little in DAP. DAP can never grow big enough. So why?

  8. A big bullshit for his survival in London. Would anyone care to read his framed stories? Without reading one could conclude his motive of writing such articles.

    Double headed snake has again resurface probably running out of cash to survive in London. Hell with him!

  9. I think most of us with a couple or neurons have either stopped listening or giving a fxxk what RPK says anymore.

  10. My head hurts reading this article and my brain sends out dysfunctional ‘no comprendo’ signals causing me to have difficulties understanding the plot. This so called king maker and mister know it all has now become a fairy tale or fable writer more along the lines of 1001 nights. Waste of time reading the article.

  11. When he’s telling the truth you thought he lied, when he lied you believed him. When you doubt him, he tells half truth, half lie. That’s him.

  12. Whatever it is, PKR has to go beyond being a mere “Save Anwar” party if it wants the general support of the people, especially the Malays, for a credible shot at Putrajaya, with or without DAP / Amanah.

    If not, then PKR will die with Anwar, literally or figuratively. The same thing is happening even in DAP where it wants to shed its image as a Lim Kit Siang family party.

    But as an outsider, I do hope Rafizi wins. Azmin is just too slippery and bendable. Ambition is good, but not at the expense of personal integrity.

    Many people, especially politicians big and small, praise Nelson Mandela, but not one wants to be like him.

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