Hudud Bill: PKR and Azmin Ali snookered by PAS

May 30, 2016

Hudud Bill: PKR and Azmin Ali snookered by PAS

by Mariam Mokhtar

Not so strange bedfellows–Hadi and Najib

One wonders whether PKR was caught by surprise by PAS’ tabling of the hudud bill on Wednesday. After all, the two parties seem to be maintaining some sort of relationship despite slight quarrels now and then.

From the reaction of its representatives in Parliament, it looks like DAP was caught unawares, as were MCA and Gerakan.

The big question is: did PAS inform its allies in PKR that it intended to force the bill through? If it didn’t, no one would be surprised. PAS has already shown that it is treacherous to the core. It wouldn’t have mattered to PAS that both the PKR President and Deputy President had been speaking about having greater cooperation with it.

The hudud bill calls for the amendment of the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act of 1965, or Act 355. If passed, it will enable any Malay state to introduce hudud, although the ostensible immediate purpose is to allow PAS to implement it in Kelantan.

Under Act 355, punishment by the Syariah Court is limited to a maximum fine of RM5,000, three years’ jail or six lashes of the whip. The amendment is aimed at increasing the lashes to between 40 and 100 and also at introducing stoning for fornication.

PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh Abdul Aziz has claimed that the hudud issue will be used as campaign fodder in the upcoming by-elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar. Both these places are Malay majority areas.

According to Nik Abduh, the tabling of the bill by PAS President Hadi Awang was a signal that PAS and UMNO can, and do, cooperate for mutual benefit.

Having succeeded in taking the bill to the head of the queue, Hadi applied for it to be debated during the the next parliament session. The postponement, he said, would allow MPs time to prepare for a meaningful debate.

This is suspicious. Why fast track the bill and then postpone the debate? Is this is a tactic to show Malay voters in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar that UMNO and PAS are working together to “unite” the Malays?

Or is there another motive?

PAS and UMNO have made secret deals before. Perhaps the deal this time is to let UMNO win the by-elections. Perhaps both parties know that many Malays aren’t in favour of hudud and would reject PAS. PKR doesn’t have a leg to stand on for both by-elections. This means that the voters, who are mostly Malays, will opt for UMNO.

So, does PKR still want to jump into bed with PAS?

8 thoughts on “Hudud Bill: PKR and Azmin Ali snookered by PAS

  1. We are back to the Dark Ages and draconian laws. Desperate Najib will do anything to remain in power, including subversion of our constitution. –Din Merican

  2. Why is Azmin and PKR snookered? The bill has always been Hadi’s agenda and trading it for messing up the opposition is not being snookered but just revelation of their foolishness I.e. they are simply wrong about PAS.

    Azmin, PKR, and Anwar are simply fatalistic about PAS. Despite all the talk of reforming, they fear Hadi’s PAS, they fear the hard core challenge of the religo-politics that is part and parcel of this country politics. They were just hoping it was not. Hoping is no political strategy.

    Why Amanah is not afraid but they are?

  3. If by now PKR, DAP still trust PAS or rather still thinking of making use of PAS as a stepping stone to Putrajaya, they, PKR & DAP, do not deserve to be in Putrajaya.

  4. Both BN and PAS have nominated a woman candidate for the vacant state seat. BN’s candidate is the widow of the late Adun while PAS candidate is a lady doctor who’s not a Kuala Kangsar native. Is this deliberate? Are both BN and PAS
    prepared to lose the seat to Amanah in the three-corner fight? Only time will tell. There is much jostling for power that it’s not clear what the intentions really are. The Chinese voters, to my mind, will be the deciding factor. The controversy surrounding Hadi’s hudud bill will be the focus.

  5. Hudud is a part of Syriah(Islamic) law which is restricted to the states, where the heads (sultans) rule. It must be constitutionally remained as such.

    It is subortinate to Constitutional Law of Malaysia.

    It has nothing to do with Federal is wrong for the speaker to allow it to even be tabled, The speaker’s decision is invalid. The speaker should resign because he is acting against the Constitution that also has made him the speaker.

    The people should NOT be confused and misled by TDM’s political motivated declaration in 2001 that Malaysia is an Islamic State. It never was . Malaysia, under the Constitution, is a SECULAR State, with Islam as an official religion.

    Stop mixing, misusing or abusing any religion with politics in the coming by-elections or any other,including GE.

  6. Hadi’s hudud bill is clearly an UMNO/PAS conspiracy to fool the ignorant rural Malay/muslim voters, But i have a feeling that it will backfire on UMNO/PAS in both these by-elections.

    You can fool some people some of the time, and some people all the time but not all the people all the time.

  7. Barang Naik = BN and Corruption are the people’s main issue of the by-elections.
    Hudud is proposed and seconded in cohort by Umno-Pas as a distraction.

    They are working against the interests of the people.

    The voters should send Pas packing back to Kelantan and clip the wings of Umno Baru which has betrayed the trusts of the MPs of particularly Sarawak and Sabah in BN, and to some extent those in West Malaysia.

    …and regardless who is being snookered, the MPs from the divide should rally in UNITY against the MISTRUSTS of leaders in Umno Baru.

  8. Looks like Hudud, sounds like Hudud but PM says it is not Hudud. However it is against the Federal constitution. It is not a Muslim – Non Muslim struggle but a struggle to be allowed to live as a true Muslim or be thrown back into the Dark Ages. Therefore, hopefully we can escape from going back to the dark ages with the support of Enlightened Muslims. Muslims scholars should be in the forefront of the fight for the principles preached by the Holy books.

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