Chris Hedges Again

May 25, 2016

Chris Hedges Again–Daring and Upfront as always

Mr Hedges  is a radical thinker, dissenter, and public intellectual of our time. I have always enjoyed his books, lectures, and ideas. Political correctness is not in his lexicon. Here are two interesting lectures on contemporary issues which are of concern to all of us, except to  those who are beneficiaries of the capitalist-corporatist  system and neo-liberalism.–Din Merican

Here  is another from Chris:

7 thoughts on “Chris Hedges Again


    More on this topic, from a slightly different angle.

    The same is happening in Malaysia. I actuallly think Malaysia could have a chance if Tun M is willing to talk about this real issue. Behind 1MDB, right wing politics, is just one real ugly reality. Welcome to the rent seeking greedy world. Like what the author said, it is too difficult to turn the tide in America. But, it is not the case for Malaysia. Social Democracy is our only way back. Stop the sukuk bond issuance also. There is nothing good behind the existing practice of it. It has merely changed asset backed to issuer backed, in which the issuer is the next generation. Pork is still pork. It cannot be made halal no matter how much prayer one chants over it.

    There is only one thing that works in this pragmatic finance, that is what is borrowed been put to good use. Ask the question… is what we are building today been put into good use?

    Change. Take charge of the future for yourselves and each other, Wahai Malaysians.

  2. “Like what the author said, it is too difficult to turn the tide in America,” katasayang.

    Chris Hedges is expressing only one rather narrow view of American society. American society is vast and dynamic – likes the plain of Serengeti, where lions and wild beasts are freely interacting and forming a balance as the result. Taking the view of Chris Hedges related to the greed of American society is like understanding the behavior of lions by observing how lions eating dead meat in the zoo’s cage.

    Is American society greedier than other societies? Not by a long shot. Less emotional statistics says otherwise. On per capital basis, Americans donation to charitable organizations are far exceeding other nations including European nations. As economy grows, American charitable grows too; for example, during Reagan era which was characterized by his critics as “Decade of Greed”, charitable giving grew at a 55 % faster annual rate at which it had grown over the previous twenty-five years. When the 2004 Tsunami hit, which was only 3 years after their own 911, American government donated $800M while American public donated a whopping $1.2B to affected areas including Indonesia, which paid back with only 38% favorable rating to USA.

    I put the above alternative view of American’s greed with only one purpose. That is, reducing our anti-American view will help us to be psychologically ready to learn what are good about American conservative values. Among those values are liberty and free enterprising as means to unlock individual potential. Last weekend Wall Street Journal has an interesting article titled “Why The West (And The Rest) Got Rich”: I believe in order to understand lions, we need to see how lions interact with wildebeest, not how lions interact with dead meat.
    Chris Hedges is taking about corporate America and politicians in Washington D.C, not American society as a whole. I know my American friends are generous and kind. –Din Merican

  3. “Is American society greedier than other societies? Not by a long shot. Less emotional statistics says otherwise. ”

    Uh-huh. Right wing types love to throw this factoid around. A couple of points . Statistics can’t be emotional, manipulated maybe but never “emotional”. That’s a right wing trope.

    Also most of these statistics will show that Americans on the lower end of the pay scale – define that anyway you want including as “class” – donate more than their wealthier counterparts.

    Furthermore the biggest channel of charitable donations are religious organizations whose funding and objectives are open to all sorts of abuses and mismanagement not to mention agendas which are detrimental to democratic ideals.

    Then of course there is the question of the definition of “charity” which some statistics including remittance by foreign workers to their families back home as charitable acts.

    The Americans are greedy/not greedy meme is a product of the left/right dialectic.

    However Shiou is correct when he says that Hedges is but one perspective out of many. However is incorrect when he babbles on about lions, wilder beast or anything about conservative American values.

    Lastly Deirdre N. McCloskey, the author of the article he linked to – and I would note that Shiou has often called into question the “integrity” of the WSJ – is a extremely interesting thinker. I think this article is flawed but does contain some extremely interesting ideas.

  4. “Chris Hedges is taking about corporate America and politicians in Washington D.C, not American society as a whole. I know my American friends are generous and kind. –Din Merican”

    This is a very good response. There is the “ecological fallacy” or “fallacy of composition” i.e. what applies at one level (the level of the individual) does not necessarily apply at higher levels (such as the level of the entire society), and vice-versa. The majority of Americans oppose neoliberal “free” trade agreements such as the TPP agreement, but the corporate elite and their
    political poodles (such as President Obama) are pressing on anyway.

  5. Really informative and educational- stimulating to note from his speech that education is ” how you think” not “indoctrination ” to make you what you should think.

    The world is heading towards a failed State .
    The world would do better without ” unfettered Capitalism” enslaving the people and the nature ecosystem which is characterized by violence and injustice of the institutions and the corrupt system of the power -that-be; it’s concealment and hypocrisy, in totalitarian DISHONESTY.

    Drawing from the Chris Hedges wisdom lecture,
    What Malaysia is undergoing now runs parallel to Zambabwee (a failed state more than a decade ago) experiencing in the 1980s.
    It is a chilling parallel road heading towards a failed state no thinking Rakyat can afford to ignore.

    The message is clear-People’s Empowerment.
    Doing Nothing is No Longer an option. Time and events happening is not on our side.

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