To the Malaysian Opposition: Stop your crap and arrogance

May 23, 2016

To the Malaysian Opposition: Stop your crap and arrogance

by Scott Ng


The anti-Najib forces have all but lost their war, going by the sounds from Zaid Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad these days. Barisan Nasional is perhaps as powerful as it was during Mahathir’s own time, even if does not have the same finesse.

But what the Najib administration lacks in finesse it makes up with raw power, thanks to the mechanisms put in place by Mahathir to ensure challenge to his rule would never be a serious matter.

The Master Planner who crippled Malaysia

Najib’s heavy-handed approach has civil society constantly worrying that a little push will be all it takes to make a police state a reality. Truly, it is ironical that the man who laid down the seeds of our current political situation, and who handpicked Najib to succeed Abdullah Badawi, must spend the twilight of his years fighting the very culmination of his own policies. Some might want to call it poetic justice.

However, the average Malaysian has perhaps come to a point where he doesn’t care anymore. He has for so long put up with the politicians’ maneuvering, jousting, shenanigans, misdirection and blatant unconcern of the man on the street in their pursuit for power that he is now probably more tired than angry over the whole situation.

And now, as another round of politicking begins, it is not Barisan Nasional that’s embarrassing itself, but the Opposition. The Opposition’s failure to present a united front on Save Malaysia is symptomatic of its failure to be united on any issue of concern to the rakyat.

With presumably less than two years away before they vote in a general election, Malaysians are left with less of a choice than what is available to one of those poor saps in a “Saw” movie. Voter apathy will be at its worst, barring some unforeseen revival of the Opposition or some revelation from one of the international investigations on 1MDB that will be devastating to Najib and BN.

Meanwhile, of course, Najib would like nothing better than for the rakyat to take a good hard look at the children squabbling in the Opposition’s yard.

The Prime Minister can happily concentrate on winding down 1MDB and keeping his nose out of trouble while the Opposition parties seize the headlines with their internal conflicts, which at this point is mostly within PKR.

But DAP is also under fire, especially in Penang, due to the roughshod way Lim Guan Eng has run over environmental concerns and the apparent unwillingness of his government to be as transparent as it promised.

If the Opposition is indeed serious about making a challenge in the next GE, it needs to get its act together now. There is precious little time to criss cross the country to win hearts and minds.

With Mahathir declaring that his goal is to see UMNO’s defeat in GE14, the opposition parties now have a powerful ally indeed. Instead of squabbling over whether they should be involved with a 90-year-man, they should take advantage of his experience and his intimate knowledge of BN

6 thoughts on “To the Malaysian Opposition: Stop your crap and arrogance

  1. A nice reminder to the Opposition from Scott Ng. I have said the same thing before. Maybe, desperate Malaysians do not realise that Mahathir is the problem, not solution to our political gridlock. As far as I am concerned, people like Lim Kit Siang and Azmin Ali and the Pakatan Harapan politicians have lost their credibility. Courting Mahathir is not the way to bring about change. The Tun is the status quo. –Din Merican

  2. It’s fatalistic to say the opposition is a mess, so just choose to do what is possible, nomatter what the risk. It just means Malaysian are sad and undeserving. If we are sad and undeserving, then.why pretend otherwise by denying the truth? We are on fire, let’s just leap even.though we think.there may be also fire there?

    I say let it burn. Everyman for himself is more rational.

  3. I wonder how Scott Ng comes to the conclusion that Mahathir’s declared goal is to see UMNO’s defeat in GE 14. Actually Mahathir’s declared goal is to ensure UMNO ‘s survival by removing Najib before the GE 14.

  4. Let’s not give up in despair or cynicism.

    Ecuador has done it. Bolivia has done it. We, the ordinary and decent people of Malaysia, can do it.

    Bolivia and the political rise of its indigenous peoples :

  5. There are two ways to look at the “situation”

    One, there never was an “Opposition” in the first place, like, say, that in the UK where if the Conservative is in power, the Labour is the opposition, and so too that between the Republicans and the Democrats.

    Our true Opposition pre-GE 12 / 13 was effectively DAP, (Lim Kit Siang was known as Mr. Opposition) It was with the jailing of Anwar and his subsequent release that the idea of a opposition coalition took root. If Anwar had become the UMNO appointed PM after Mahathir the opposition would have remained with DAP nationally and PAS in Kelantan. So the present “Opposition” was an off-shoot of UMNO’s internal struggle post-Mahathir.

    In any political party, whether in government or opposition, you need one strong charismatic leader to hold the diverse and divisive interests inherent in any human organisation, all the more if it is a coalition, (if no such leader, then perhaps cash is a seemingly viable alternative)

    The present impasse / squabbles in the “opposition” is one where DAP felt that having fought UMNO / BN for decades with all the personal sacrifices suffered by the founding leaders, (and their children), it saw the John-come-lately in the form of PKR, (mostly disgruntled, disenfranchised former UMNO people anyway), now openly jockeying for an undeserved leadership role and PAS coming into national prominence riding on DAP’s popularity among the Chinese and some Indians.

    At the same time PKR and PAS felt, perhaps rightly, that without them DAP would forever and ever be in the opposition without any chance of marching to Putrajaya all by itself.

    It was Anwar who kept the whole pot from boiling over. Now that Anwar is in poor health and his chances of leading a march to Putrajaya receding, what with Mahathir, (and pushing Mukhriz to the forefront), positioning himself as de facto opposition leader if Najib leads GE-14 and lose? Mahathir will then decide who becomes PM and deputy PM, and it will certainly not be Anwar or Azizah respectively.

    Two, perhaps it is good that the whole jimbang comes out in the open now so that whatever power balancing that needed to be made amongst PKR / DAP / PAS / Amanah it can and must be done now and not when GE-14 is 2 weeks away.

    And if these opposition parties cannot get their act together, then so be it, after all this country has already been under UMNO for so many corrupt decades anyway, and besides business as usual nothing much could happen, except perhaps GST becoming 8%.

    Mahathir can then retire knowing you truly cannot escape reaping what you sow, Anwar will have to know that fate is stronger than charisma, DAP will just go back to being seen as a Chinese-dominant party only good enough to rule a Chinese majority State, PAS will still retain Kelantan and keep dreaming of a god-sanctioned Caliphate in a modern multi-ethnic, multi-religious country with absolute life-and-death power, religious and otherwise, in the hands of a tiny group of Ulamas.

    This is what Malaya / Malaysia has become after only 59 years since the much hated British left.

    Whose fault was it? Yes, all ours.

  6. Wayne, that was a good analysis of the current political scene.

    The only way forward for Malaysia is to have a real opposition to BN.
    And, the only way to do that is for DAP and PKR to merge as one party, with a brand new constitution. It is still not too late.

    This new party will not only enable DAP to finally lose its Chinese image, it will also allow PKR members to lose its BN history baggage.

    Amanah is excluded only because I don’t believe she will adopt a secular constitution.

    So there you have it. A One-Party Opposition.

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