Larceny, lunacy and lies

May 21,2016

Larceny, lunacy and lies

by Dean Johns

Mr. Riza Aziz

As often as I decry the fact that far too many otherwise honest and upstanding Malaysians are apathetic about the political plight they find themselves in, I can’t bring myself to altogether blame them.

Almost sixty years of misgovernment by larcenous, lunatic, lying UMNO-BN regime would be enough to break the hearts and crush the spirits of all but the most courageous and resilient of citizens.

And thus my disappointment in those who have surrendered to apathy is vastly outweighed by my admiration for those millions of Malaysians who still have the guts to keep standing up for themselves in the face of all the odds.

Odds that seem to be getting even odder by the week. As witnessed last week, for example, by the opposition parties’ competing with each other for some of the seats in Sarawak elections, thus not only rendering their defeat more inevitable, but also fatally damaging their credibility.

Even odder, of course, is collaboration of at least some of the opposition parties with former head of the UMNO-BN kleptocracy, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in his self-interested efforts to save the regime from destruction at the hands of his current successor, Najib Abdul Razak.

As for Najib, the very personification of the UMNO-BN system of larceny, lunacy and lies, he’s been off in London this week on some insane mission to tout Malaysia as an investment opportunity.

The Fawning  British Lord

A proposition that struck many of us as at best highly dubious, for at least two reasons. Firstly, Najib’s personal involvement in the massive 1MDB and ‘donation’ scandals currently under investigation in several countries, and secondly Malaysia’s highly suspicious level of involvement in very expensive London real-estate.

Involvement including, according to the Wall Street Journal, a house purchased by Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz, for 23 million pounds.

Most of us are hoping that US investigators will determine that this purchase by Riza, along with similarly lavish plunges on New York and Los Angeles real estate and the production of the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, were bankrolled by funds looted from 1MDB.

But meanwhile, Najib’s shameless promotion of UMNO-N’s corrupt, kleptocratic and suspiciously London-real-estate-owning Malaysia as a desirable investment right under the nose of UK PM David Cameron just the day after Cameron hosted an international anti-corruption conference might very well prove a bad move.


3 thoughts on “Larceny, lunacy and lies

  1. This how politicians of all shades from all countries play ruthless politics above the rights and moral values of the ordinary people. Cameron and his kind are no different.

  2. He is barking up the wrong tree. NO ONE think the monies of Riza Aziz did not somehow come from, well, the Rakyat.

    The big issue is Hadi’s PAS, specifically their hold on hallucinating followers, standing in the way. Even if Justice finds them guilty, so long as Hadi support them, it makes no difference.

    It’s clear Hadi’s PAS had no idea even the BASIC WORKINGS of a governmet.These are simply clueless people. He knows even say the Sultan decides on exco hiring and firing? These are words of DELUSIONAL INCOMPETENT PEOPLE. And they have an iron grip over a swath of the population. Don’t say politic, it’s not clear they are qualified for a modern day job of any kind.

    So long as Hadi’s PAS and the voters they command are delusional and racist, facts of 1MDB do not matter

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