Double 7-Down Memory Lane

May 21. 2016

Double 7–Down Memory Lane with Songs

For my special Double 7 Birthday, I skyped Dr. Kamsiah this evening to ask her what I should do to entertain you. She suggested that we play tunes of the ‘ 40s, ’50s. ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. In addition, I have added my all time favorite voice, Nat Cole. Once you have listened to the crooner with a velvet voice, you will perhaps understand why Nat remains my special man through the last  6 decades.

I hope, you like what we have chosen to play for you this weekend. Be of good cheer, my friends. Pursue your dreams and make them real, I say. Thank you for your good wishes for my Double 7 and for your continued support of and interest in the Malaysian DJ Blogger.– Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Best of the ’60s

Best of the ’70s

Best of the ’80s

Din Merican’s All Time Favorite –Nat Cole

18 thoughts on “Double 7-Down Memory Lane

  1. Selamat Hari Lahir Dato Din,

    Saya doakan kesejahteraan, kerahmatan dan keberkatan daripada Allah SWT buat Dato Din senantiasa…..aameeeen.
    Terima Kasih…masa tak akan tunggu kita. 77 sudah lalu bagi saya dengan cepatnya. Hai manusia, kita sentiasa hidup dalam kerugian. Kepada yang muda saya pesan gunalah masa dengan bijak untuk diri sendiri, untuk keluarga dan negara. Ahli politik semua boleh kita kambuskan.–Din Merican

  2. That is the meaning of double seven. When you understand the meaning of the songs that you used sing in your youth without really understanding the lyrics.

  3. Din. Happy 77 Birthday. Wish u the best of health. Keep going n be fit to smash the crook, until their ball burst.

  4. I have saved this humorous meme on my phone:
    Birthdays are good for your health.
    Studies have shown that people who have the most birthdays live the longest.

    Din, long may you live.
    And you have a lot to be kamsiah for.

  5. Dato’ Din, to me the figure 7 , what more a double-7, is a glorious figure…..

    And when you reach the double 8 , it may become the symbol of ‘ infinity ‘ , not only glorious but a joyous one – hoping that I could also be there at double 8 ?

    Happy Birthday !

    Be it 77, 88 or 99, one is at journey’s end. We are all mortals and must make way for the young. Thanks for your very good comments on this blog. I learned a lot from them. Keep coming.–Din Merican

  6. Dato’ Din, (with your permission ) , this ‘ infinitude ‘ I was referring to above , re the double 8 or double 9, I fervently feel obliged to refer to Sir Al’Suhrwardy’s translation of the holy book on the Wisdom series, and quote a few verses (stated in English) :

    ” The Faithful do not die , perhaps they become translated from this perishable
    world to the world of eternal existences ”

    ” Death is a blessing to a Muslim. Remember and speak well of your dead, and
    refrain from speaking ill of them ”

    ” The grave is the first stage of the journey into eternity….” –

    (Khalil Gibran ) : ‘ Only those return to eternity , who on earth seek out eternity ”

    Some of his followers, the noble Prophet was asked ‘ What is Paradise ? ‘ , his reply was : ‘ It is what the eye hath not seen , nor the ear heard , nor ever flashed across the mind of men ” ( there are too many metaphorical descriptions ) BUT imagine angels being present , they are neither male nor female , ( often, being referred to as ‘ the 72 virgins ‘ by disbelievers ) – they have everlasting life in the abode of Bliss , in the Lord’s ‘ Eternal Presence ‘ , which constitute ‘paradise ‘ .

    ( ad infinitum……) all the rest are allegories and parables…..

  7. Resolve the riddle for the “But ” : How can there be eternity when there is death; , and conversely , how can there be ‘death ‘ when there is Eternity ?

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