4 thoughts on “President Obama @ Rutgers

  1. Nothing so great to say about this BLACK President. Many people around the world were so excited of Americans electing a black man to to lead their nation.

    The expectation was too much to stomach but to everyone’s dismay it turned out to be nothing great unlike his predecessors Kennedy, George Bush, Clinton and others.

    Obama warmed his chair to earn his pension for 2 terms.In fact Najib benefited the most being his best pal to project himself being golf buddy.

  2. Somu President Obama like other POTUS does not have unlimited power. The powers of President of the United States (POTUS) are often hamstrung or challenged by Congress especially since President Obama is a Democrat while Congress is controlled by Republicans. It’s very difficult to get the Republican to agree on what a Democrat President propose. Congress can often challenge or overrule the President unlike in Malaysia where the PM has absolute powers and even if brought before Parliament the BN which have the majority will vote along with the PM. So there’s no comparison between the powers of POTUS versus the power of the Malaysian PM.

    As an example the ObamaCare health reform after 2 years is now before the SUpreme Court of the US and in jeopardy of being cancelled. No such thing in Malaysia. With all the fiascos and evidence of wrongdoing 1MDB, Najib is still chugging along.

    Furthermore in diplomacy POTUS should not be seen as interfering or meddling in the domestic affairs of another sovereign country.

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