Malaysians Face Travel Ban

May 18, 2016

Malaysians Face Travel Ban

Immigration Department source says the ruling that bars a Malaysian from travelling abroad for three years, was enforced a few months back.

by FMT Reporters

The  Travel Ban does not apply to Malaysia’s First Couple–Free to Spend Taxpayers’ Money Too

Think twice before launching a verbal attack on the government because the next time you do, you may just find yourself staring down at a three-year travel ban overseas.

According to an Immigration Department source, the ruling was enforced several months back as part of the government’s efforts to safeguard the country’s image, The Star reported.

“Anyone who runs down the Government or ‘memburukkan kerajaan’ in any manner will be barred from going abroad,” the source said, adding that the Immigration Department would act upon receiving a request from the police or other enforcement agencies.

He also said that only the Immigration Department’s director-general was authorised to consider appeals, if any were forthcoming.The ruling will also apply to Malaysians abroad who ridicule the government in that they will be barred from further travel overseas for three years once they return to Malaysia.

In an email reply to The Star regarding the ruling, Immigration Director-General Sakib Kusmi said that since the Malaysian international passport was a travel document issued by the government under the aegis of the Yang DiPertuan Agong, the government could use its discretion to either issue, defer or revoke it.

He also said that those barred from travelling abroad had the right to challenge the ruling in court if they so wished.

Currently those declared bankrupt, have legal cases against them or who have failed to settle government loans, are regularly barred from leaving the country.So too those convicted of committing a crime at home or abroad, deliberately damaging passports and visiting Israel without approval.


6 thoughts on “Malaysians Face Travel Ban

  1. No wonder, Maria Chin Abdullah was prevented from leaving to Seoul, to receive the Human Rights Award on behalf of BERSIH. Now not only are human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of speech being denied, but our freedom to travel overseas. Again a first in our country’s history. There of course exceptions where the ban does not apply. What is happening? –Din Merican.

  2. “the ruling was enforced several months back as part of the government’s efforts to safeguard the country’s image”

    I think even North Korea etc. make official announcements first before introducing any new ruling or prohibition !

    The people who “memburukkan” imej negara are the 1PM and his “gang”
    of lawless kleptocrats.

  3. Najib is a walking breathing advettising that an education can go horribly wrong which cost society much terribly more.

    The bloody ignorance of violating destroying fundamental ideas of society is astounding. He does not only think cash is king, he think Cash is GOD and Hadi Awang and all the Ulamas in this country has no clue that is what he really thinks. What “deen” do they even understand?

  4. Malaysia has been on this slippery slope towards dictatorship when the governemnt blatantly breaches basic human rights. By a stroke of a pen, a Minister can de-register a political party opposing the government, imprison a citizen without trial and now ban overseas travel . Mind you the list goes on…and on. The discretion to act arbitrarily has now become “unfettered’ in Malaysia. We have a weak and tainted judiciary that was selected by the executive to endorse its bidding. How ‘arrogant’ the minister can be when he says that “the government need not give any reasons”. The law was ‘then’ -if you dont give a reason, you have no good reasons and that order made by the Minister should be struck down.Over time we can see that the elite in Malaysia who support UMNO runs the show. There is a complete disregard to the man on the street. Non-Malays are no longer relevant ( they have been made so by years of being 2nd class). It now requires strong Malay participation to take Malaysia back and get rid of these people who have hijacked democracy in Malaysia. It would be pertinent to note that we cannot expect support from outside the country-today the PM is greeted by Obama ( golf partner) and by David Cameroon recently. If it is in the ‘interest’ of Western nations that a dictator can do their bidding, the West will do nothing-we have seen Mugabe,Pinochet,Suharto and Marcos as some examples.Malays must protest peacefully and democratically. Every time Non-Malays entered the arena, race and religion becomes an issues. Do the right thing-no taxation without representation!

  5. Mr Leaw

    You may be right! The Marshal Kim Jong Un has introduced economic reforms that have raised the living standards of the North Korean people (well, at least some of them), built ski resorts & equestrian centres & amusement parks to make life less
    grim for his people in his police state.

    What has the 1PM done for our people since 2009?
    “Zilch”, “All thunder and no rain” (borrowing these expressions
    from Mr Matthias Chang).
    He has only made life worse for ordinary people through
    the GST, withdrawal of subsidies for petrol, sugar etc.
    Instead, we have been blessed by very expensive propaganda campaigns
    (all unsuccessful, mind you) such as “1Malaysia” and “Endless Possibilities”

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