Malaysia: Opposition has ‘lost its bearings’

May 17, 2016

Malaysia: Opposition has ‘lost its bearings’

by FMT Reporters

Zaid Ibrahim says the Opposition has lost its bearings by deciding to support PAS in the coming by-elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar against the Barisan Nasional (BN).

Calling the move both “foolish” and one that “serves no useful purpose”, a puzzled Zaid questioned whether Opposition figures like former Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Azmin Ali of PKR and Ambiga Sreenevasan of Bersih had become so motivated by their hatred of BN and Prime Minister Najib Razak that they were making the wrong judgement calls now.

“The credibility of the Opposition is more important than a superficial win by PAS, a party that ultimately serves the BN’s interest. A PAS win in these by-elections will mean nothing,” he said in his latest blog entry.

Arguing against the Opposition’s insistence to beat BN “at all costs”, Zaid asked, “Since when is PAS better than the BN? I lived in Kelantan so I should know.” He pointed out that apart from bringing very little development to Kelantan in their 26 years in power there, PAS clerics were also staunch Najib supporters who argued that according to Islamic law, no definitive judgement could be made against the Prime Minister in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad financial scandals unless there were four witnesses to any activity of alleged corruption. Wow.

“PAS is a party that only wants Muslims as leaders,  that supports child marriage and that believes womens’ place is at home. It’s also a party that wants — above all else — hudud law to be implemented in the country. Is that  PAS you want instead of the BN? You must be out of your mind,” he told Opposition leaders.

“In a straight fight with PAS the BN will win because these parties are now on friendly terms, and Hadi will not embarrass the Supreme Leader.The BN will come out smiling,” Zaid said, adding the ruling coalition would mobilise all its election machinery to guarantee an even bigger majority than the last election.

“Some Opposition leaders have lost their bearings because their struggle is no longer based on what they wish to offer to the people in terms of policies and political messages. They have become consumed by their desire to win another seat, at all costs. This is not progressive politics,” Zaid said.

9 thoughts on “Malaysia: Opposition has ‘lost its bearings’

  1. Zaid knows that Pakatan Harapan by using PKR or Amanah candidates for Sungei Besar and Kuala Kangsar constituencies in the by-elections against UMNO-BN will lose badly. They cannot afford another humiliating defeat similar to one they suffered in Sarawak just some two weeks ago.

    DAP will naturally go along. Lim Guan Eng and his strategists know it too. Why compete and break up the fragile coalition and waste money and resources competing when the prospects of winning against UMNO are indeed slim? They are realists.

    Zaid who himself has in the past lost his bearings is trying to be the wise guy here. But he has no credibility left after making number of political blunders himself. He needs to sort out himself first and stop becoming a grasshopper or slimy frog (with apologies to those honorable creatures). –Din Merican

  2. How the gods make fools of men, and the more powerful the men, the more foolish they are made to be.

    But is it foolish of Mahahtir / Opposition, (sans PAS), or rather a despicable compromise of basic principles of political decency to support PAS in a straight fight with UMNO / BN with the hope that in an undivided vote UMNO / BN would be defeated, thus eroding Najib’s personal legitimacy to further claim popular support for his premiership?

    This is truly, truly, truly, Mahathir’s Dilemma.

    In principle, I do agree with Zaid. If we are to tell others, whether in social or political life, to behave properly, we have to lead by examples, otherwise we would rightfully be accused of being the proverbial black pot.

    However, these are extraordinary, critical times for the country. Everyone, except perhaps those in UMNO, knows or acknowledge that.

    So will the people forgive and forget if Mahathir / Opposition, just this once, were to take the low road because the greater good of a better Malaysia is at stake and therefore worth the price of not preserving some, in the Malaysian context, ill-defined, in-the-cloud notion of political integrity and righteousness?

    I believe the people of Malaysia expects Mahathir / Opposition to do what it takes to deprive Najib of any more unearned bragging rights, even if it means, for the time being, benefiting PAS.

    It is after all only a couple of by-elections, but with such great disproportionate national significance for the country that powerful men have to do foolish things to achieve the greater good, hopefully.

    In any case PAS could not, even if it wins, implement Hudud in Sungai Besar and or Kuala Kangsar, if that is Zaid’s unfounded fear, unless the fear includes PAS / Hadi, in an ultra-secret pact with Najib, deliberately throwing away the by-elections. If so, then it’s truly God’s will.

  3. I sincerely disagree with those who discredit Zaid. I do not agree with him on one important thing which is Mahathir, but his views are logical and sensible. The problem is politics in this country is savagery – it’s uncivilized, unhuman, more than just beastly. They are by perverts and sociopath.

    Zaid does not really dig deep enough to really offer a solution but he is sincere, he is right about what is wrong and what should be but he offers no realistic mechanics to the solution.

  4. This time I think Zaid got it right.

    All over the world, left leaning political philosophy such as DAP’s socialism has the tendency to work hand-in-hand with Islamist’s politics. They both share the urge of big change to status quo. Beyond that, they share little.

    It takes someones like Zaid to tell longer term damage that can be caused by Islamist parties such as PAS. Malaysia social fabric will be torn apart when those who believe that Mohamad as the best model of human behavior and Quran as immutable words directly from god hold political power.

    Socialists in DAP have no religious foundation to detect the danger of Islamism, except crying foul for corruption and injustice, and occasional dismissing religious people as ignorant and under opium. The increasing number of Christians and, to lesser degree, Muslims, in DAP have contributed to recent divorce of DAP and PAS because those religious foundation (either Christians, Muslims, or Buddhists) is a necessary condition to see the subtle corrosion of Islamism to a nation’s politics and to stay sane seeing the corrosion. Zaid has to say what he sees.

  5. I just could not understand why Ambiga and those in bersih or Tun is of the opinion that PAS is the best party for the 2 by election and can ensure the defeat of BN. I think if PAS is the only party to contest against BN in these 2 by-election, BN will surely win.

    Do they know that PAS is now under the total control of Hadi Awang, whose stand about Najib and UMNO is public knowledge. He is more than happy to allow PAS to be defeated by BN.

    The chinese voters which represent about 31% in sg besar and 24% in kuala kangsar’s registerred voters will definitely not support PAS in these by election or for that matter in future elections, they have totally lost faith in Hadi Awang.

    I really believed that Amanah has a good chance of a win if they do contest and they must contest if they want to be one of the significant political party in this country.

  6. Most stupid statement of the year to say PAS is the best party to contest at 2 by-elections after Hadi openly declaring his support to Najib. Sometime I find it difficult to understand our Malaysians. Ambiga and Thiru even advised LGE, the CM of Penang to take leave to allow MAAC to investigate his house matter when UMNO Penang made a report of element of corruption in its purchase.

    Do you think the corrupted government would be fair to Lim Guan Eng to speed up the trials and set him free to take over his job when we have AG like Pandi. Knowing all the odds against the opposition, the so called educated people still talk of principles to show the unprincipled government.

  7. Zaid is right here. But, is there a solution to the problem? I feel BN will win, the opposition already having exposed its weakness and infighting for all to see.

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