David Cameron is playing coy with Najib’s Corruption for Business

May 17, 2016

Conservative Party’s David Cameron is playing coy with Najib’s Corruption for Business

What can we expect from him? After all, David Cameron is just another politician who happened to be re-elected Prime Minister. His job is to take care of British interests. He will even entertain the most corrupt Prime Minister of Malaysia ever if  British businessmen can be benefit from deals out of Malaysia, be these be in Britain or in our country.–Din Merican

13 thoughts on “David Cameron is playing coy with Najib’s Corruption for Business

  1. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
    And then get chewed and screwed up at one go.–Din Merican

  2. Last year when the saga was still in its infancy, Cameron did challenge Najib. Now with Najib in front of him, Cameron is put on a spot if he does not up the ante. Someone has to lose face. It may not be Najib

  3. TS Liew of EcoWorld, the ‘Malaysian’ developer of Battersea, can’t give two hoots of all our yodeling, my friend. He’s given up on S.P. Setia and ganging up with T.S Quek’s Guocoland to become a mega-conglomerate developer in UK and Oz. These blokes have cut and run, because they can. Enough of the dirty, rotten scoundrels of BolehLand.

    What better way to fete the despised great leader, than to give him his 5 mins of infamy? After all a debt of gratitude for all that – is free. And, dirty business is still business? At this level – Ethics and Morality is just a bye-word.

    The Commonwealth Secretariat in Marlborough House, Westminster, is the epitome of conflicted self interest for hosting direct opposites within a week. But it ain’t great shakes once you are in there. Gloomy Grandeur. I don’t think the UK government gives two hoots about Jibros personally, but value their relationship with their former colony – whose billionaires are cannibalizing their land and utilities.

    UK’s got bigger things to worry about and couldn’t help but appear to be punctilious towards ‘just another’ Rotting head of state..

  4. So what if this Cameron comes preaching integrity and democracy?
    Spit at him? Throw a smelly shoe at him?
    On second thoughts
    Save your saliva and shoes
    Gosh such hypocrites don’t even deserve a smelly shoe

  5. The British,other Europeans and the Americans are all behind these nefarious schemes to use the local robber-barons to rob the Asian, Arab and African countries of their wealth. Their banks and their lawyers are acting in cahoots with the politicians. Sell them all the weapons and equipments to play with or kill themselves. Use the proceeds to feed their people and grow their industries.
    People like Najib and the UMNO gang has nothing to fear. Will the Americans arrest these people? NO! As long as they remain in power! So don’t kill the goose that lay the golden eggs.

  6. As for the Malaysian Prime Minister, his commitment to good governance is a mockery. He belongs in jail. Unfortunately, our criminal justice system is in a state of total disrepair. It makes me wonder what our Chief Justice is doing apart from earning a fat salary. –Din Merican

  7. leekh,

    Why wdo you want Americans to arrest Najib, our prime minister while we cannot find way to do it ourselves?
    I have seldom heard any developed nations begging foreigners to arrest their heads of states. Across the world, only Chinapeks have developed such contempt to their own country and other countries at the same time while they feel self-righteous to express their contempt. I think such schizophrenic response is due to losing faith to their own tradition and then cannot find a substitute for the lost faith.

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