How Stupid can UMNO get

May 15, 2016

How Stupid can UMNO get–Tearing Down a  “Tokong” (Shrine)  in Penang

A Chinese “tokong” will remain a part of the Armenian Street Park, and will not be demolished, despite Opposition from UMNO, said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The  Chinese Temple in Armenian Street Park, Penang

Lim said the shrine’s heritage value should be appreciated as it had been in the park since World War II, about 70 years ago.”There is no reason to tear it down,” Lim told Malaysiakini, dismissing the request to demolish the shrine by state opposition leader Jahara Hamid, unless she could come up with a good enough rationale.

UMNO’s Jahara Hamid

“If it is a new shrine, and illegally built, we will tear it down,” was his message to Jahara, who had made the request at the Penang State Legislative Assembly last Friday. Lim cited the example of the “illegally built” Goddess Mazu shrine in Pulau Jerejak which was demolished as it did not get the approval of Penang Island City Council.

Jahara had alerted the state legislative assembly about it last year, citing a Facebook Page set up by devotees of the Goddess. She had questioned if there were plans to change the island’s name to ‘Pulau Mazu’.

“We tore it down. It was a hundred times bigger. But when she (Jahara) complained, we brought it down,” Lim said. “But this one (in the Armenian Park) has some heritage value so we’ll see what we can do to retain it, or relocate it to another spot,” Lim added.

“It was not a problem before, she is just trying to play with people’s sentiments. So can you trust UMNO when they tend to play with such sentiments? Umno reminds us of all that is wrong.

“They should stop playing with such sentiments in a multiracial society. It’s a sensitive issue and it hurts people’s feelings. We have freedom of religion here,” said the chief minister.

‘Confusion possible’

During the debate on the motion of thanks to the Yang di-Pertua Negeri on Friday, Jahara said of the shrine “It is clear that this is a Western-influenced design. Muslims will not go to pray there for sure, but some may be confused.”

UMNO’s ally MCA had also ticked off Jahara for being insensitive about the religious matters of others.

According to Lim, the park was rebuilt with funds granted by Think City, a federal agency involving heritage. “The tokong is about the park’s heritage, and about not religion.”

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30 thoughts on “How Stupid can UMNO get

  1. Taliban destroyed the Buddha’ statues by cutting the head. Is this the new trend of intolerance? Has the country’s leadership no comments on this? DAP REMOVED one of its own for racist remarks.

  2. The point is why is such grandmother who remembered what Malays were like under Tunku tormenting such hate? You cannot plead ignorance. If it’s malicious where does it come from? What have non-Malays and non Muslims done to her to deserve such hate?

    Frankly, the smart Western liberals are right. Her values are different than current Universal ones, then you and I – because of Islamic practises. Islam is not necessarily a religion of peace and tolerance. Malays are not necessarily tolerant, and not hateful.

  3. What has Nazri, our enigmatic Tourism Minister, to say about this. It is a heritage and a landmark temple in Penang. It was never an issue when UMNO-BN was in control of the state government. Now and suddenly it has become a problem.

    How many Penang muslims been converted because of this temple? None. That is why I said, this UMNO leader is an idiot and a bigot, Or is she seeking publicity. Come on fellas, expose her idiocy. –Din Merican

    • ‘Is Malaysia being more Arabic in their thoughts?’

      Could this be the result of all those returning from Middle East countries where they were sent to study in the Muslim universities and this is what was taught there and now being applied locally?

      Religions, like knives/weapons, may not the problem but those who use them for personal ambitions.

  4. Time for her to tend her grand children
    Else the kids may get confused
    Is she from another planet
    Idiocy at its height

  5. When people use to say, dia orang busuk, main kotor for what they did to Anwar. How to say about this fellow, when she is not even worth the standard of cheap publicity.

  6. There is nothing quite so effective to capture the attention or work up some emotional sweat of the god-fearing Malaysian Malays, especially the less educated ones, than to play up some religious issues, even if done obliquely by attacking some other religion or religious infrastructure, like temples, statues which were made to appear as desecration of the holy Islamic soil on which they stood.

    There are two tried and tested ways to quickly climb up the rungs of UMNO’s political ladder the higher of which ascended is in direct proportion to the higher amount of wealth entitled. There are Race & Religion. Any other ways would be too complicated, too tiresome and too slow.

  7. Where does this religious intolerance comes from ? We never saw this in the 1960s. Is Malaysia being more Arabic in their thoughts? Have we forgotten that we are a secular country with multicultural religious population. What if the same was said about Mosques?

  8. Real stupid., because this confused Umno Baru leader basically lacks the sense of culture and history..The shrine is as old, if not older, as the birth of Umno

  9. It’s typical of some UMNO leaders who have lost their understanding and appreciation of values. Some have also forgotten about sentiments and sensitiviti3s. In this example, the state opposition leader, Jahara Hamid, obviously Jahara Hamid, even appreciate the value of that temple as a heritage building, not as a place of religion. The latter is just a coincidence. I am sure there are many other more important issues that can be raised in the state assembly .
    Welcome back, HAK. –Din Merican

  10. Malays seem to be easily get confused over certain matters unimportant to their religion. Are the Malays in this country so confused of of what you are?
    Is the brain of a Malay so weak in understanding what is right and wrong?

    People like this lady Jahara are trying to champion the cause to win the hearts of Malays to win UMNO Elections to lead to get free money from its corrupted leaders. JAHARA, you’re a disgrace to the human society.

  11. One of the requirement to progress up the leadership hierarchy in UMNOb is the ability to make stupid statements. Those that have made stupid statements have been amply rewarded. Examples are the various Ministers like Ahmad Maslan, Rahman Dahlan, Naina Merican, Ismail Sabri and Salleh Keruak just to name a few. Oh don’t forget that Azeez feller.
    MInisters that make smart and intelligent statements are retired or left out to pasture. Thus the nature of UMNOb, how sad.

  12. This is not the country I grew up in…and the way things are going that country is not going to come back…pity…

  13. Please, idiocy, psychosis etc are not the monopoly of the Malays only. You may already know that they exist in many ethnic, political groupings, age groups and at many levels. So can it, already.

  14. I pity the Malays and Muslims in Malaysia. According to UMNO leaders, Malays and Muslims are easily confused by almost everything. From temples, churches, Hindu shrines, crosses to “Pork Free” restaurant signages. This thoroughly confused UMNO grandmother is definitely confused when she claims the temple tokong is a “western influenced design” because there is nothing western associated with the temple. People of all walks of life and religion are welcomed to visit temples and churches but according to the confused UMNO grandmother, Muslims will be confused and end up praying in the temples.

    About time the intelligent Malays and Muslims in this country speak up to tell these UMNO leaders to shut up and stop insulting the Malays and Muslims as if they are stupid and are a confused lot.

    • About time the intelligent Malays and Muslims in this country speak up to tell these UMNO leaders to shut up and stop insulting the Malays and Muslims as if they are stupid and are a confused lot.


  15. Malay Muslims entitle to marry 4 wives. It’s their religious right. My question is that do they also get confused when they live to have the pleasure to satisfy oneself?

    Oi Jahara, does your hubby do get confused who are the children born to him when coming to understand the members in the family.

  16. What we’re witnessing is the slow & calculated dismantling of the secular ideal of our founding fathers that would lead to a M’sian M’sia. The centrifugal forces let loose by 5 decades of divisive sectarian politics, initially race-based and now religion-based, has driven M’sia into the abyss. Instead of uniting the various communities to forge a common public space & common universal identity based on universal citizenship, UMNO & BN perpetuated the logic of racial, ethnic and now religious compartmentalism by catering exclusively to the demands of the sectarians. The erroneous logic of racial divisions that underlies the BN formula has now come full circle, and the rise of religious communitarian politics and tyranny of the majority are the net results. Malaysia is FUBAR.

  17. Quote:- “This is not the country I grew up in…and the way things are going that country is not going to come back…pity…” Isa Mantegi (I assume is a Malay Muslim, if not I stand corrected?)

    Well, when even a Malay Muslim has given up hope, what else is there left?

  18. Boy! This granny is rummaging thru her basement gutter for whatever dildo serves her best.

    The common lowest denominator for a UMNOb hack is Confused Sex and Religion. Cash however, remains their main Tool of Coercion.

    C’mon LGE, invite her to your bungalow for a cuppa. Show her there are no basements there! But keep the crosses outta sight, lest she suffers from a hysterical conversion reaction, like all those schoolgirls in Kelantan..

  19. Jahara do you get confused with your kids? After all you cannot possibly remember who you went to bed with!

      ______________Why use block letters? –Din Merican

  20. The people got screwed by UMNO for so long, like boiling frogs, and yet do not have any idea how to change the situation but masturbating with words to feel good. Who, then, is stupid? Maybe the saying is right: masses are asses.

  21. Zaid Ibrahim made the observation that Malays, unable to understand the workings of Wall Street and high finance, turns readily to God, Zakir Nair being their conduit to Heaven. If only that is true: we, too, would queue up to get some of the Zakir holy sprinkles.

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