Azmin’s call for PAS-Pakatan reunion–A PKR’s Desparate Act

May 15, 2016

Azmin’s call for PAS-Pakatan reunion–A PKR’s Desparate Act

 by Scott Ng

PKR has become something of a sideshow since Anwar was sent to prison. With Party President Wan Azizah and her faction turning their attention to a futile campaign for Anwar’s release, Azmin Ali and his clique have emerged to become the dominant representative voice of the party.–Scott Ng

Chegubard– Azmin-led coup to topple  PKR President Wan Azizah

The return of BN to dominance in Sarawak was not merely an open embrace of Chief Minister Adenan Satem’s policies and ideology, but also a steadfast rejection of the opposition as it stands now. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the opposition parties cannot deny that a major reason behind their failure to get enough support from voters was their inability to present a united front in the face of BN’s electoral juggernaut.

We can talk about misconduct, outright bribery and chicanery, but ultimately, the opposition parties failed to galvanize support on the ground because they were too preoccupied with the ego-stroking exercise of trying to extort more seats from each other. The tussle between PKR and DAP put off many voters, and despite calls for reconciliation from their leaders, there is a profound sense that this particular issue is far from over.

A lot of it has to do with the change in PKR’s power structure and its need to show that it’s not subservient to DAP, which has thus far been the spear point of Pakatan Harapan with its widespread Chinese support and clearly visible representatives. PKR has become something of a sideshow since Anwar was sent to prison. With Party President Wan Azizah and her faction turning their attention to a futile campaign for Anwar’s release, Azmin Ali and his clique have emerged to become the dominant representative voice of the party.

In many ways, PKR desperately needed a big win in Sarawak to shore up its waning reputation, but its inability to win any new seat speaks volumes of what people think of this new, aggressive PKR. Many observers have noted Azmin’s ambitious streak, and this has worked against him. There is a sense of discontent with the Menteri Besar among Selangorians, who see him in the headlines for everything but his work for the state. What we do hear of his work involves a lot of the tolled highways we protested against and which Pakatan leaders swore they would never allow.

In his latest major political statement, Azmin pleaded with PAS to rejoin the opposition coalition for the next general election. But DAP and Amanah are not likely to entertain the suggestion given PAS’ persona non grata approach to the two parties.

Let’s assume that PAS is even open the notion of rejoining an opposition coalition. Without establishing common ground rules and a mutual ideological stand, we will end up with the same problem sooner or later. Hadi Awang’s pride and his inability to evolve ideologically will always remain a point of friction between his party and Amanah and DAP.

Truly, aggressive promotion for Amanah should be the opposition’s current task. PAS is a party divided on the notion of working with UMNO, and Amanah could prove to be the better deal for many ideological purists who reject BN and UMNO.

In all likelihood, this is Azmin’s play for a stronger position for his faction come GE14. As it stands now, DAP and PAS are the most powerful of the opposition parties. One assumes that the tussle for seats in the Sarawak election has indicated to Azmin that PKR lacks strength at the negotiation table. He probably reckons that with PAS on his side, his PKR faction would hold significant influence over DAP.

Regardless, Azmin’s call for PAS to rejoin the fold is unlikely to endear him further to an already sceptical public. Azmin’s reputation for being ambitious makes him one to be held at arm’s length, as evidenced by the reaction to the notion of his becoming Menteri Besar in the run-up to GE 13 and during the Selangor MB crisis. This call will be seen as another power ploy.

Either way, there’s some truth in his words. The opposition coalition cannot afford to be fractured like it was in Sarawak or it will lose what little it has in Peninsular Malaysia as well.

8 thoughts on “Azmin’s call for PAS-Pakatan reunion–A PKR’s Desparate Act

  1. Wan Azizah’s obsession with Freedom for Anwar Ibrahim will lead to her political demise and the collapse of PKR. She should realise that PKR is more than just releasing Anwar from Sungei Buloh. When Azmin takes over, PKR will probably work with UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

    If that happens, it will be interesting to watch what will happen to Tian Chua, Sivarasa and other former PRSM leaders who chose to follow Dr. Syed Husin Ali to form PKR under Anwar’s leadership. PAS will remain with Najib as long as Hadi remains PAS President. The real sideshow in Pakatan Harapan is Mat Sabu’s faction. Any one care to comment?–Din Merican

  2. Malay opposition is in disarray just when UMNO/ BN is at its lowest point. It’s a condemnation of Malay leadership in this country. Honestly, the Malays are lucky they are not a laughing stock of the world.

  3. Dato Din, if you are the long-suffering wife of a man who is in jail because of trumped up charges, ‘ably’ assisted by a compliant judiciary and a totally corrupt police and AG’s chamber, I think you will do the same. It is a very sane reaction from the wife, children and friends who feel the pain in a very unjust system. The mainstream media and the paid-bloggers paint very different pictures of the opposition. I have attended a few opposition ‘ceramahs’ and forums, and from what I can discern from the speakers is that they speak well with facts and figures. My only worry is that, with our level of education, whether the ‘listeners’ are able to grasp what is being said. Most of the listeners come for a ‘good time’ and at the moment umno provides most of that.
    Maybe, but PKR should be more than Anwar. Right now PKR is in a mess and will not be able to lead the opposition. They can talk but can they communicate? I am sure you know the difference between the two words. Don’t blame the level of education. –Din Merican

  4. Dato Din,

    What you wrote about Azizah being obsessed with Anwar being in jail, and Azmin- UMNO – PAS is essentially what I said to my son about 2 – 3 weeks ago. Ditto many other folks watching the Azizah-Azmin sideshow, in my opinion..

    [BTW “baski330”, I can empathise with Azizah’s personal sufferings, but she is also PKR president. She must lead or step aside for someone who can. If it was me in her place, I certainly hope that I will do that.]

    Surely the top leaders in PKR cannot be unaware. And amongst these, are good, solid men/women. What puzzles me is the seemingly lack of action on their part to save PKR. Surely they are as worried about the path of doom Azmin is leading their party down with Azizah essentially comatose or paralysed, and reduced to the odd ineffectual whimper.

    It is these good folks who may yet offer some glimmer of hope that PKR may be saved from the vile machinations of Azmin.

    As for Mat Sabu and Amanah, I think they are also good people in the main. But they appear to be woefully short of support aming the Malays. The “Pembela Bangsa dan Agama” spiel, race and religion cards, handouts, contracts, goodies and incentives are still working their magic for UMNO. UMNO and PAS still have much stronger hold on the Malays, so Amanah does not yet look like a viable alternative which can bring that crucial block of votes to Pakatan Harapan.

    To me, looking forward to GE14, UMNO seems to have neutralised the Opposition with the help of Hadi and Azmin.

  5. Look, i don’t wanna poor cold water on what drivel this writer is about. But i think Coalition Politics is never easy, nor can we get rid of Azmin’s ‘Umnob’-ness. PKR is wracked by intra-party factionalism, no doubt. But they have lost their ‘head’.

    Otoh, I would agree wholeheartedly with YB Leong analysis here:

    PKR and Amanah will have to carve out their ‘Being’ from the Bullying of Taikor DAP – who will never learn Humility except in defeat.

  6. I don’t to talk about what Scott Ng writes. Here’s a man n his party. PKR, without Anwar is like a bird without wing. Anwar without PKR, still has the support of all races
    Not a slightest doubt about it. Before u argue, go n talks to the ordinary rakyat in any places. How many are interested or give a damn about PKR.
    Talking about Anwar is different stories. U will hear alot. Dia orang busuk, main kotor. They’re not afraid of PKR, but scared of one man.

  7. It is the policy of Umno Baru to create messy divissiveness and at all cost and at every avaible or drum-up opportunity ,particularly against the opposition and among the people, to Sustain power that are constantly abused and corrupt to feed itself.

    For whatever the reason behind, putting Anwar behind bars even on the 2 nd time ,was,I think, premeditated during TDM time.LKG will be next?.

    If the leaders and the people do not recognize this and be prepared and prevent for such eventuality, they will forever remain in opposition.

    For the time being,there isn’t many options left, except behind “to agree to disgree” while working on solid principles on Inclussiveness based on Accountability, Competency, Governance and Transparency, regardless of race and religion.

    The emnity of the people is the culture of the Deeply Entrenched Culture of Umno Baru’s leaderships of MACCP, (Money politics, Abuse of power, Corruption, Cronysm and Puppetry).

    There must and has to be some temporary (setting a time frame) compromised, with unquestionable sincerity, with the sole purpose to serve the people’s welfare beneficially, moving forward.

    One suggestion is for Pas to contest in Perak,while DAP or PKR in Selangor based on the most winnable chances scenario.

  8. People like Azmin in PKR, the party is doomed. He will screw up PKR by collaborating with Religious bigot and sickening UMNO advisor HADI who is supporting Najib.

    What the hell is Azmin trying to prove when this ulama Hadi is openly supporting Najib and asking others in the Harapan to avoid the clash in the coming by-elections. Whom is Azmin supporting?

    Who is the spokesperson of this PKR? Every time, the big mouth Azmin takes the lead to speak. He will sell PKR in the coming GE14. He is grouping his supporters like Najib did to show his strength come close to GE14.

    Watch out for this big ‘snake’ who will use his influence as MB of Selangor to get the influence to gather the group to swallow Wan Azizah and others who don’t follow him.

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