Malaysian Leader Najib’s Stepson Allegedly Funded U.S. Property Deals With 1MDB Money – WSJ

May 14, 2016

Malaysian Leader Najib’s Stepson Allegedly Funded U.S. Property Deals With 1MDB Money WSJ

by Bradley Hope and Tom Wright

14 thoughts on “Malaysian Leader Najib’s Stepson Allegedly Funded U.S. Property Deals With 1MDB Money – WSJ

  1. This matter won’t just go away. Justice must be done soon, if Malaysia’ s reputation is to be restored. Kleptocrats, their cronies and proxies must not be allowed to act with impunity. –Din Merican.

  2. WSJ’s Christian crusade in disguise, instigated and probably funded by amongst others the DAP, Dr. Mahathir, enemies of Islam, etc, to topple the democratically elected PM of Malaysia seems relentless, especially in hitting someone who is only a stepson, not even his flesh and blood. How ungentlemanly.

    We should in the next few days hear counter arguments from some Cabinet ministers / UMNO Division chiefs / maybe even Bank Negara refuting all these unsubstantiated accusations.

  3. The scoundrel is skipping August House sitting this Monday . He escapes the placid Malaysians and the sleepy Agong. But the International Media in London is waiting for Mr.Najib the Guardian of the Bangsa and Ugama to grill him. May be the backdoor of the hotel where he intends to stay is kept ajar for him to slip in and out. Such is the life of a fugitive Emperor without Clothes.

  4. We all know Najib is guilty like hell. The sad fact is he has been able to retain the support of senior officials throughout the scandals thus far. The key is how rank-and-file voters view him. The recent state election in Sarawak is not a good assessment of his popularity, for the Sarawakians voted for the interests of their own state. I believe the litmus test for under-siege Najib comes next month, when the by-elections will be held on June 18 for the two lawmakers killed in a helicopter crash last week in Sarawak. If UMNO won back these two seats, that’s it, folks, Malaysia is FUBAR(fcuked up beyond all recognition)!

  5. In most ‘autocratic’ countries whether ruled by leaders who may be ‘elected’ or become leaders by other means in many countries normally treat the country’s wealth as their personal wealth to be used/abused/misused at their whim and fancy to satisfy their insatiable greed and financing their luxurious/wasteful lifestyles even when they know that the methods used are against their own religious values not to mention neither honest-fraudulent-corruption ridden and in some cases even they say that they are very religious and visit their respective holy places regularly to report to their Makers and may be to ‘bribe’ their respective Almighty. Consequently their examples may also be followed by their spouses-children-relatives-partners and creditors who financed their positions to leadership.

  6. Election in Peninsular as in Sarawak is not indicative of the popularity of the Master Crook . The Ballot boxes are infected with pre loaded crosses. The election in Malaysia is not a reliable measurement to indicate the popularity of the master crook and the gang of UMNO thieves. Every convention and procedure for a fair election gets violated by these UMNO gang of Mafia like thugs. So my friends dont wait for the outcome of bye election as the ballot boxes will be stuffed.

    • Correction: Earlier comment should read

      ‘not to mention dishonest-fraudulent-corruption ridden’


  7. Wayne,

    WSJ has pretty good record in its journalistic professionalism. When WSJ pointed out money get deposited into Najib personal account, it stuck to its investigated conclusion. When WSJ pointed out Najib’s stepson used money from 1MDB, it likely will stick with that position too. WSJ, a conservative news business, however does not go overboard to act like a congress to impeach Najib or a judge to cast guilty verdict to Najib. Most political conservatives know that impeachment is the duty of parliament and indictment is the duty of capable law enforcement.

    Najib is more likely to prevail politically due to Malaysia voters than to prevail over fact-based accusations thrown by WSJ.

  8. My prediction is that there is no honour amongst 1MDB thieves:

    The smart ones will do a plea bargain with the US Dept of Justice and
    spill the beans/sing like a canary etc. Soon, there will be seizures of
    ill-gotten gains in the USA etc and some “prominent” 1Malaysians will be
    persona non grata in some powerful countries soon.
    They have already entered the annals of Third World misgovernance,
    kleptocracy and infamy.

  9. In defending their Leader , the PM , tooth and nail , they are in fact DEFENDING their own self – They are all ‘Defenders ‘ , nay ……they are great Pretenders ! !

    Problem is as to why they are not Credible, because they keep ‘ shifting the goal-post ‘ each time they are in a spot ! The Great Pretenders……

  10. Razak’s business model is undone by its own greed and arrogance unlike its two predecessors Mahmud and Mohammed which are conservative in the same art of siphoning off public funds with impunity. I am afraid in the short term nothing much will change, the chairs will rotate but the political and economic system is business as usual. Just look at the capital market, the bond market in particular which is a good barometer of long-term investors confidence, its hardly stirred or shaken.

    So what now? Even if the Deklarasi Rakyat garnered 10 million signatures, no worthy changes will happen unless it is leveraged on electoral and political reform. And that will at least takes 2 generations to put the country back on an even keel.

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