The Panama Papers– Watch Video


May 11, 2016

The Panana Papers– Watch Video

Staggering  amounts of dubious/illicit money are involved. No small wonder the rich are getting richer and the gap between the filthy rich and the miserable poor is widening. The rest of us in between are suffering suckers who are made to bear the burden of heavy taxes.

It makes me wonder what central bankers and monetary and fiscal authorities around the world are doing to keep the financial system honest.–Din Merican

3 thoughts on “The Panama Papers– Watch Video

  1. The Panama Papers exposed the almost worldwide culture of those in political/corporate/other positions of power who ‘plunder’ the wealth of their respective countries and continue to impoverish the majority of the ordinary citizens to satisfy their insatiable greed for wealth regardless of the means used.
    Some do outright plundering while some ‘create’ or abuse existing laws to ‘plunder’ while others use their friends and relations and proxy companies. The accumulated wealth is then sent to little heard of countries which facilitate to hide ‘plundered’ wealth with their secrecy or tax laws. The result is that to-day it is perceived and/or estimated that 99.9% of wealth is controlled by 0.1% of individuals and 99.9% of individuals own less than 0.1% of wealth.

    Bloomberg dated 23.5.16 headlined an article
    ‘How Hungary’s Central Banker Funneled Funds to Friends, Family’
    providing details and all this while the country’s citizens are suffering.


    And most cannot even use the wealth and may return to their Makers with those holding the wealth enjoying it. If there is a Maker then what answer will these ‘plunderers’ give to their Makers to justify their actions or do they think that they have paid sufficient ‘bribes’ in the form of offering and prayers during their regular visits to the so-called holy places or the representatives of the Maker and thus exempted from any action against them by their respective Makers?

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