Thanks, Guys and Gals of my Generation

May 10, 2016

Dedicated to CL Familiarist, Orang Malaya, Tok Cik, Conrad, Kassim Ahmad, Isa Manteqi

I thank you for standing up for Malaysia and for leading exemplary lives. Truth be told, our generation of Malaysians are the fortunate ones.  I have a simple message to UMNO rent seekers led by Najib and his consort, Rosmah Mansor. We will have none of your corruption  and abuses of power.

As a friend who was educated in America in the late 1960s. I take this opportunity to remind the next US President of what America did to Vietnam, and Cambodia and Southeast Asia. America must now be a partner  with ASEAN and China for peace and stability. We in ASEAN want economic development through cooperation. –Din Merican

20 thoughts on “Thanks, Guys and Gals of my Generation

  1. One thing about that age of “experimentation”….the music that came into being then is everlasting.
    Sigh it was the generation that wpould change the world….”Where have all the flowers gone..”

  2. Ha ha Dato Din, getting nostalgic as you get closer to your upcoming birthday.

    Our generation were very fortunate to have Tunku Abdul Rahman,Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn and their cabinets leading the country. They were very dedicated to the well being of the Rakyat and tried their best to improve the quality of life and standard of living.

    The younger generation that grew up under Che Det’s administration became weak and very dependent on government handouts. Notice that many kampongs and new development depend on the government to build them a mosque or Surah. What happen here?

    Our generation also saw Malaysia’s involvement in the Vietnam War indirectly, Konfrontasi and the emergence of non alignment groups. For a while we had National Service and a greater sense of loyalty to the nation. The youth we’re proud to serve in the Armed Forces even on short commission.

    Scholarships were far and few and we had to really slog to make it. Well that’s something we can and never forget. We’re happy and proud to say we made it “My Way”
    Orang Malaya,

    77 means not long to go. I am at a journey’s end. It angers me to see Najib doing things with impunity. I said it before, and will say it again now, Najib belongs in jail doing hard labour. Rosmah can keep him company. We may have to build a separate prison to house his Cabinet and other UMNO-BN fat cats, both men and women. Some from PKR and PAS too.–Din Merican

  3. The ruling party may have more than 3millions members. Finding one member who will take nation come first, is like digging own grave with bare hand.

  4. It has been the Chinese belief that wealth within a wealthy family do not always remain or maintained beyond the 3rd generation.

    The reasoning being that the 1st generation, (the grand father and his brothers), did all the slogging to acquire and build the wealth. The 2nd generation, (the sons / cousins), saw, took part and therefore appreciated the hard work and built on the solid foundation. The 3rd / 4th generations, (grand / great-grand children), merely enjoyed the wealth and as the saying goes, “easy-come-easy-go”, the wealth is squandered away, confirming the universal human trait of anything gotten free of personal effort is never treasured.

    So too on a national level, the 1st generation are the Tunku, Tun Razak, Hussien Onn; the 2nd generation, Mahathir and Badawi, and the 3rd, you know who.

  5. Thanks so much for the timely reminder, Pak Din.

    When you mentioned “our generation” it reminds me of my late Commanding Officer and mentor, Col Zain Daud or Zain Pendek (his stature was his moniker).

    I was a budding captain then and was his adjutant. What a contrast we were. He was short while I towered over him by more than a foot. But he was my boss and my commanding officer, so I did his bidding.

    When angry he would reprimand us by saying this, “Gentlemen, when the first-class monkeys leave, the second-class monkeys will take over and when they leave the third-class monkeys will take over.”

    And since he had gone, the second-class monkeys, meaning we, are in charge. Now that we, the second-class monkeys, are about to go, the third-class primates (Jibby, Zahid Hamidi, Mohd Dahlan, Jamil Khir etc) will run roughshod over the rakyat. That seems the way now.

    Ironically, Zain’s prophesy is right on target.
    Tok Cik,

    Now the 10-Class has taken over. Jamil Khir Baharom is a fine example. I never thought Kedah can produce a General like. It is fortunate that Malaysia was not at war when he was in service since all he could do was to baca doa.

    Yes, Col Zain Daud. He was my golf kaki in the 1970s at Kelab Golf Negara Subang. He was a fierce competitor and a close friend. Al-Fatihah for Zain. –Din Merican

  6. Dato

    Never give up hope. Rome wasn’t build in a day. We may not see the outcome of what we are fighting for but if the future turns for the better, at least we are part of the struggle. We don’t need to be seen in our beliefs and values but deep in our hearts God knows what we stand for.

    Wishing you an advanced Happy Birthday, just in case i miss the date. Take care and don’t ever compromise on our life values i.e. integrity, that are becoming a rarity in the present time. In time to come it may not even be heard of except in the history books or only mentioned in passing by the netizens. Truth will always prevail.

    I was trained by Capt Mohd Noor of PFS, remember. He was a man of integrity who nurtured and trained generations of Old Frees. Fortis Atque Fidelis (1816). It is difficult to compromise on what one stood for all these years. It is in the DNA, so to speak.

    Thanks for your good wishes. How quickly time has flown and there is little of it left with so many things to be undone and then to reconstruct from the rubble of a disfigured and morally depraved nation. –Din Merican

  7. Din, I only ‘tripped’ into your blog recently. You are, indeed, a towering M’sian in your own way. I thank you for running/maintaining this blog; we are aware it is very time consuming. Believe it or not, you have made a huge contribution to M’sia and I firmly believe it will not be in vain.

    You have provided a space for comments & discussions of a quality level not found in other popular sites like FMT, etc.

    Please do not be despondent as I am sure the M’sia we all want will emerge one day.
    Thanks, HT, for your heart rendering words of encouragement. Nothing is more meaningful for me than knowing what I try to do with my blog can mean so much to many people who I will probably will never meet. Let us each do our part and together we can build an inclusive nation where there are equal opportunities for all, not equal outcomes.–Din Merican

  8. Why would Najib and his UMNO -BN cabinet ministers be bothered. They have so much money stashed away that will last for their families next 5 generations. Money is king as proven once again in the Sarawak elections. Next up is the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar buy-elections. The voters in these two constituencies are next in line for a cash handout and promises of more suraus and mosques.

  9. Din,

    Your blog educates- quality, integrity and reliability, a product of profound parental linkage (genetic) and up-bringing, lushful environment and connectivity. It is most inspiring. But it is entirely up to you to make it happen. That is the no easy task.You did and have improved on it where people can emulate and benefit from it.

    I feel fortunate (though only quite recently) to have associated with you to share our thoughts and with others who have also contributed and commented in the space provided. Thanks.

    I am humbled by your kind remarks. The reality is a blog as good as its readers and their comments, views and ideas. If the Malaysian government is smart, it will know where to get feedback and ideas. Obviously, it is too arrogant to learn and stay connected with us who care for our country. It is a loss to the government and it will face rejection in a matter of time.–Din Merican

  10. The Arrow of Time waits for no one, my friends.
    Either you get on board or get Left Behind (the Christian Evangelical term of sheer idiocy and poor theology). What Din and the oldies here strive for is “Wisdom”, not merely education or worse, disjointed ‘knowledge’ – so prevalent in many tunnel vision blogs.

    Although I am the puppy here in terms of chronological (and perhaps cynical) age, I have no doubt that our combined experience in Life and its vagaries exceed a couple of Millennia. Nothing is sacred, although some form of self-censorship is mandatory to avoid crass, abusive and vulgar comments. Pak Din is a class act, but beware of his brutal honesty and distaste for insipid one-liners! Haha..

    Age should be the least of our concerns – the Will to Life and Purpose will be our immortality. We realize our physical limitations as we start to wheeze and sputter while climbing or running or our memories blur and eyesight might not be 20/20 anymore. The weight bearing joints aren’t what they used to be. But it’s the Mind that counts.

    So my ‘old’ friends, take your medications regularly and take care of your Prostates (for the Men) and Screen for whatever untoward Health issues. For the younger Gen X, y and Millennials, drive carefully and wear ‘Prophylactics’, okay?

    Now.., if i can only stop smoking… Atrocious habit, which i’m sure my grandkids will be taught to abhor.

    Here’s to Din and Dr Kam. May you have many more blissful years ahead:

    For the rest of us – we can bicker, but we remain friends, even if one can’t get past the monikers:

  11. Din,
    The Umno Baru government leaders are too smart to care for their self-interests than for the country and the people. Almost everyone of them is either a multi-millionaire or a billionaire who could not explain fully their acquired wealth based on their salaries/income.

    I blame TDM for not only allowing the 1982 BMF Loan Scandal but encouraging it to become the mother of all the hundreds of billion worth of scandals that followed till this day, because nothing or little was done to punish and prevent those who had ” robbed” or Abuse the power from the inside, from repeating the mistake over and again. Or the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis would never have affected Malaysia so badly. Lesson never learned. He also degraded the judiciary, Leaving an entrenched culture of MACCP. Traped by the culture / system, Najib is greatly embolden by it for self-preservation against his master onslaught.

    But if Najib had defeated the Mahathir, would he has the political will and decency to emerge and start leading the country on a clean slate?

  12. Dear Mr. Merican,

    I’m second generation – according to Wayne’s definition – growing up in the shadow of Mahathir. I don’t know if I have led or living an exemplary life. I owe a great debt to my parents who led by example, made mistakes and owned up to them, taught me that I had opportunities most others, had to work very hard to get or never got hence I should not waste them, encouraged reading in our home not to mention movie watching, encouraged questioning by discovery but most importantly taught me that independence and self-reliance did not mean disregarding empathy and compassion.

    Although I’m probably a younger reader of your blog I do appreciate the wealth of perspectives I get about the past, the differences of opinions, the effort most readers put into their comments and yes the music.

    The alternative media is toxically partisan at the moment and I am thankful there is a space here for most opinions. Thank you for that and for putting up with my sometimes abrasive style of commenting.


    God Bless your parents. You must honour them. I never knew my Dad because he died when I was 5, some 72 years ago. I owe everything to my widowed my mom who gave me good education and led by example. She taught me that life is struggle. She led a purposeful life to the every end. To honour her, I try hard to uphold the values she taught me and lead a life of learning.

    I have always enjoyed reading your comments. Please keep them coming. The value of a blog depends on its readership and the comments. I know many read this blog but they are reluctant to share their views with us. That’s unfortunate. –Din Merican

  13. Hi Din,

    Thank you for providing such a precious environment for us to say our piece. I hope I have not been too offensive in my comments for the past years.

    No apologies, my friend. Express your views without fear or favour. My years of experience tell me that no matter how hard we try, we cannot live to please everyone. After all, we are sovereign individuals thanks to the internet.

    Thanks for your support. I am learning everyday from the comments I read here. It has been a worthwhile undertaking for me.–Din Merican

  14. If Conrad is second generasi, then I must be about 1.2G, getting into my early teens when TAR relinquished his PM-ship.

    I second what TH Low said. This is one of the few rare Malaysian site where one can get meaningful and insightful views and opinions.

    Din, keep up the great work – you are only 77 years young!
    Thanks, Din

  15. Glad to know that you were Col Zain Daud’s golfing kaki once, Pak Din.

    Zain was a MCKK student who worked his way to FMC (later RMC) and was among the first regular intakes commissioned from the college. He made up for his lack in stature with his drive and pushed his subordinates to the limits and sometimes up the wall, literally.

    Being his adjutant, and the one closest to him, I bore the brunt of his frequent outbursts. But in spite of his temperament he was never one who kept things in his heart.

    After a long day at office he would call me to the Officers’ Mess and we would have a few “stengahs” to trash out our differences. That was the way those days. The Mess was our focal point and drinking wasn’t taboo like it is today.

    I have to thank Kedahan Jamil Khir, your orang kampong, for making this happen. The establishment of Kor Agama Angkatan Tentera (KAGAT) in the late 1980s marked the end of boozing in messes and with it went the so-called mess life and traditions we oldies hold dear to.

    People like Jamil Khir don’t necessarily go through the military mill like we did. They are given a commission based on their religious credentials and will go up the ladder in double quick time. That was how your orang kampong became a two-star general and now a minister!

    Militarily or more apt, professionally, Jamil Khir and his likes know next to nothing other than to “meratib” and “berkutabah”. They can neither differentiate between a bazooka and a howitzer nor define the meaning of combat power and combat multiplier. Terms like aerial combat, combat zone, air superiority, air supremacy, saturation bombing etc are foreign to them.

    Jamil Khir is Jamil Khir, that is about it. His illicit purchase of golfing equipment and lavish spending in the States are under scrutiny. So much for being an ambitious mullah cum politician from the land of “Jelapang Padi”. But with Pinkie Lips on his side, Jamil will live to see another day.


  16. Din,

    It’s wonderful how your blog provides a platform for Malaysians of all races to air their concerns in a civil manner. I enjoy how other Malaysians think about themselves and what they write about. Some are so damn clever.There are some impressive Malaysians out there.

    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for your kind remarks.–Din Merican

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