Arrogant and Condescending DAP misread Sarawak and lost

May 10, 2016

Arrogant and Condescending DAP misread Sarawak and lost

by Mikha Chan

Adenan Satem didn’t win because of vote buying. He didn’t win because he was in Barisan Nasional. And he didn’t win because of Prime Minister Najib Razak. Adenan won because he took care of Sarawak’s voters, no matter their race or religion. He upheld Sarawak’s independent right to do what it wants. That’s the bottom line.

Adenan Satem taking his oath of office in the presence of out-going Yang Dipertua Negri Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng at Astana Negeri in Kuching

DAP leaders adopt an uncomfortably colonialist tone in their rhetoric when speaking about the party’s work in Sarawak. They refer to the party’s work in the hinterland as efforts to “improve the natives’ lives”. Thus the “Impian Sarawak” programme is to “bridge the rural-urban divide” and to bring about other uplifting things.

That isn’t to say that such work is not good. Any effort to repair the state’s logging-ravaged interior is commendable and should be supported. But if that’s your party’s entire shtick, maybe you need to realise that you’re sounding just a tad colonialist.

The Sarawak state election last weekend put this in stark highlight. The overwhelming Barisan Nasional victory saw DAP losing not only rural bumiputera seats (in some cases with their votes outnumbered by independent votes), but also the largely Chinese seats such as Batu Kitang and Repok.

It was sheer arrogance that led to the party’s downfall. It made a great deal out of its West Malaysian politicians being barred from the state, forgetting how little Sarawakians want to do with politics on the peninsula. Nobody in Sarawak cares about politicians here. Sarawakians want to hear their local candidates both Chinese and bumiputera who know the land inside and out.

Of course, the opposition’s supporters in West Malaysia have not been happy with the result of the election. This colonialist arrogance isn’t limited to just DAP; it’s an overwhelmingly West Malaysian thing. And nowhere else is this more apparent than in the way the opposition supporters have responded online, castigating the Sarawakians for their “stupidity”.

Perhaps this unedited comment by an irate Facebook user sums it up best: “Good job Sarawak stay in jungle forever.” According to a compilation of Facebook comments by Raja Petra Kamarudin, it isn’t alone in its ugly condescension to Sarawak voters, as the the following unedited comments show:

“Congratulations Sarawakians, continue burning your candles and collect rain water for the next 5 years.”

“Disappointed with so many ignorant and cheap Sarawakians who voted for BN for money.”

“Sarawak, you can continue to stay uneducated and undeveloped. You’ll never learn.”

The list goes on, with the comments getting progressively viler and more disgusting in their name-calling. It really shouldn’t be surprising then that Sarawak wants nothing to do with their compatriots on the peninsula.

This isn’t a blanket judgement on all West Malaysians and the politicians they support. This is merely to show to what insulting level our opposition parties and their supporters have gone in their condescension. They ignore the specific concerns of Sarawakians, boiling them all down to the issue of “education”. They assume that Sarawakians know less about what they need than the West Malaysian politicians do.

The opposition parties will continue to fail in Sarawak if they refuse to see past their intellectual disdain of voters there. Their declaration of support for Sarawak autonomy becomes mere pretension if they don’t realise that respecting Sarawak’s autonomy also means respecting the right and ability of citizens there to decide what they want.

Adenan Satem didn’t win because of vote buying. He didn’t win because he was in Barisan Nasional. And he didn’t win because of Prime Minister Najib Razak. Adenan won because he took care of Sarawak’s voters, no matter their race or religion. He upheld Sarawak’s independent right to do what it wants. That’s the bottom line.

13 thoughts on “Arrogant and Condescending DAP misread Sarawak and lost

  1. Adenan upheld Sarawak voter to decide when cash was flying around like crazy and near graveyard timber tycoons and old warlords were allowed to run, not to mention Hadi Awang not kicked out of the state, and Federal Ministers camped in Sarawak throughout the campaign?

    Adenan managed to appear like he held up Sarawak voter right. Who was not also trying to do the same thing real or not except PAS? Adenan had incumbency and resources that is all.

  2. In less than two weeks, a second 1MDB default is reported – a bond of US$1.75 billion note bearing a 5.99% interest, which amounts to US$52.4 million is due on May 11. Expect more default to come!

  3. My Struggle.

    I lost more than half of the total votes in my own village and even I lost votes from my own relatives.

    It is not a total surprise since some are so scared of me due to my standing in my political struggle. I lost badly in Dunuk, the place where I grew up, Bisira; where I have my cousins, nieces and of course my close relatives from my father’s side. Lost half of the votes in Marakep; the origin of my father. I lost all the rural polling districts.

    I saw fear in them when they are not allowed to hang on my posters and flags. Even I saw uneasiness impression on my cousin’s face when I visited him to ask for help to hang on my posters. They are fear of being sideline from all the goodies and assistance given by the Barisan National. Indeed, poverty doesn’t has its power to make a change since fear is always the victim of change.

    Few days back, I was asked if I could give some money to them as they expected form Barisan Nasional. RM 30 or more per vote and that will be a confirm vote for me. I said to them that I cannot afford for that since I am running the state election with limited funding from the party and small amount of love gift form friends, relatives and churches.

    A group of youngsters asked for few bottles of liqueur and beers to have their votes. A man with red eyes and stink breath came by and told me that I will never have his vote since I refuse to give a few shot of tequila sunrise. All I know is that, I won’t change anything if I ever let them to continue to get drunk and don’t go to work.

    I was given 15 minutes to walk around one village and not allow to bring my posters and flag into the village. I got a stern warning to not to campaign to my friends and relatives. I see opressing power, arrogant and disrespect over a mere politics of UMNO-BN.

    My team member was intimidated and almost get a punch on his face for being a Malaya to help me along the campaign day. Was approach by an assistant of a Ketua Kampung and he asked us to leave the village because the KK asked him to do so. He hates the Malaya over the word of Allah issue. I couldn’t say much on his ignorance since his angry face doesn’t show in invitation of second opinion. On the way back to operation room, a man stop us and almost swing a punch on one of my team members. Indeed, Malaya is a bad name of an opposition party but a saviour to Najib and UMNO-BN.

    I should give free meal for straight 10 days and nights. I should have given beers, liqueur and pork to win the vote. But can I make a change by those?

    Along the campaigning period, I saw fear, oppression, ignorance and so poverty, greed and arrogant. Yet, we march on with few braveness and love because we cannot leave them behind.

    I believe, the 3024 votes that are given to me were from Churches, former classmates, friends and relatives who believed in fairness, justice, liberty and good governance.

    Till then, I will never get tired and loose out my faith. This is not about an election itself but a long struggle that few man could endure; planting hope and making a change.

    I with never surrender to ignorance, oppression, tyranny and greed. This is a noble struggle that the disciples had gone through to bring hope to the world.

    Love can be so hurt but it brings good thing to those who give it to others.

    Thank you once again to all the voters out there who we brave enough to make a change.

    You are not alone! God bless you.

    Musa Anak Ngog
    Bekas calon N20
    DUN Tarat


  4. Election in Malaysia is all about money. Many has said that corruption in Malaysia is a culture. Nothing wrong. And these saying came from the people themselves. Don’t take now when take.

  5. i humbly disagree with the author’s remarks

    “Adenan Satem didn’t win because of vote buying. He didn’t win because he was in Barisan Nasional. And he didn’t win because of Prime Minister Najib Razak. Adenan won because he took care of Sarawak’s voters, no matter their race or religion.”

    author is delusional….nuf said

  6. Although I think this analysis is flawed oh hell it’s biased , the writer is absolutely correct about the behaviour of online Oppo supporters.

    DAP apparatchiks are notorious trolls , happy with their simplistic Weltanschauung, forcing the kool aid down throats with no regard for anything resembling rationality , lying, bigoted, racist and crude , all the while hiding behind “Bangsa Malaysia” bromides.

    Commander (RTD) piece about the Najib victory is spot on.

  7. Forever you will live in caves and forever money will decide your fate when the election time comes. No wonder the biggest cave in the world lies in Sarawak.

    My foot Sarawak is for Sarawakians. Then we don’t talk of Malaysia if you talk of me and you. This is to help Barisan to remain in power for more money showers from heaven. Don’t you realize you Sarawakians, how much has been neglected all these years. Keep harping on illogical way to make you further live in caves to become cavemen.

  8. Anyone who says vote buying is not by and large the reason for DAP defeat has no clue the huge elephantile challenge before DAP and the opposition nor what it will take to make real change. If they believe pandering to dysfunctionalities and being apologist and trading in their stronger but more boundary challenged partners for others is the solution is delusional and fatalist that will fail, ultimately are parasites themselves.

  9. “..with no regard for anything resembling rationality , lying, bigoted, racist and crude..” Conrad

    Something must have happened along the way to their ‘success’. The Hubris and sheer Vitriol exhibited by these trolls, including several in this blog, reveal the lack of empathy and understanding of that very term: “Bangsa Malaysia”. Mayhaps it’s due to their ‘Low Class’ Education. The most strident are no better than the idiot ‘Ekzos’ Mat Rempits and Ikan Bakar Red Shirts.

    This type of Devolutionary Politics is in part, a xerox of the sheer arrogance and gutter politics that DAP’s head honchos display. They yodel more than do.

    Not that i can completely blame them, because of the persistent bludgeoning by the Goons. But a lot of the stuff seem to come out without any processing from the higher centers of the neocortex.

    The unfortunate case of LGE’s house purchase applies. Where is the transparency, competency and accountability in that? Just admit that it’s a commercial deal at favorable rates and be done with it. No need for swimming pools, ya?

    The Art of Persuasion and Propaganda is now a matter of shouting vulgarities and low brow antics. Both sides, with no voice of reason. Such emergent phenomenon can only exist in a vacuum.. The thinking kind.

  10. In politics, one rule is to never take things at face value.

    There’s always “black ops” to discredit the opposition or split the groups
    which ruling regimes don’t like e.g. using agents provocateur, egging some of the younger and more volatile opposition people to act in more radical or extremist ways, making people fight amongst themselves, bribing members of the opposition to betray their friends and comrades-in-arms.

    I won’t be surprised some of the top people in a certain religious political party have received big “donations”.

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