Sarawak Votes: Be Careful for what you wish

May 7, 2016

Be careful for what you wish, be mindful of how you vote – Mariam Mokhtar

SARAWAK POLLS: Does the average Malaysian know what true development means? Opening up large tracts of land, for exploitation by timber merchants and then converting the land into oil palm plantations, because there are no more trees, is not sustainable development. This is short-term gain for maximum profit. Is this what is happening in Sarawak, or do you not think so?


You will be voting for him, not Adenan Satem

Sarawak is blessed with mineral wealth and has, for over a 100 years, been a major producer of oil and gas, but how much of this oil money has reached the average citizen?

Why have successive chief ministers been reluctant to convince Putrajaya, to amend the Petroleum Development Act 1974, to divert most of the oil royalty to the people of Sarawak? After the formation of Petronas in 1974, both Sabah and Sarawak received a meagre 5% of oil royalty. Why?

For decades Sarawak was ruled with an iron fist, though many people may disagree. Perhaps, it depends on who you talk to. On the other hand, certain families have become obscenely wealthy from the corrupt practices of those who abused their power when they were in government. And that system is being perpetuated by Adenan Satem to keep Najib Razak in power in Putrajaya.

The indigenous people lost their ancestral lands and with the construction of the mega-dams, were forced to relocate to areas far from their homelands where they were unable to sustain their way of life.

Why are certain NGOs and opposition politicians barred from Sarawak? Why would they want to stir up trouble in Sarawak?

Clare Rewcastle-BrownClare Rewcastle-Brown-The Indefatigable Crusader of Sarawak


Most people, who have a genuine love and affection for the nation and its people, do not wish to see further destruction of the rainforest, and the resultant, alarming decline of the lives of the indigenous people.

For far too long, politicians have managed to divide the Sarawak people. A lack of infrastructure has isolated villages. An inadequate provision of good schools and teachers, combined with low standards in education, have kept people uninformed and ignorant.

How many more promises will the authorities make about completing the Pan-Borneo Highway? This is not a new idea. The leaders talk about completing certain bits, but ignore the maintenance of the parts of the highway which have already been completed.

Chief Minister Adenan Satem  cannot just ignore the land-grab issues, the poverty of the people, the lack of medical facilities and teachers, inadequate water supply, lack of provision of electricity and the lack of concern, by the authorities, towards their well-being. It is not good enough for politicians to come every five years, and make the same promises.

Sarawak Report founder Clare Rewcastle-Brown once said, “Sarawak needs a free and open society, where the press is allowed to flourish and to question and criticise politicians. We know from experience, that this makes our society stronger and it is the best check on political corruption. It also makes each individual in our society safer and more valued by those politicians who need their votes.”

So if Adenan tells the Sarawakians that BN has the answer to most things, and Prime Minister Najib Razak is a friend of Sarawak, why bar opposition politicians from entering Sarawak? What are they afraid of?

BN fears the end of its empire, in Malaya. They need to ban the opposition politicians from entering Sarawak because the coalition needs to continue to fleece the Sarawakians and plunder Sarawak. BN also needs the MPs from Sarawak to continue to plunder Malaya.

3 thoughts on “Sarawak Votes: Be Careful for what you wish

  1. My wish is for Sarawak to become richer than the City of Hong Kong in the next 53 years of its independence.

  2. For what it’s worth, the Oppo in Sarawak is CRAP Unadulterated!

    Self interests, inability to compromise and sheer arrogance of the head honchos – disfigures and destroys whatever goodwill there is. Like a bunch of despoiled, decoherent and disgusting adolescents. Which means they score a D in my scale of Political Aptitude and an A+ for Hubris.

    Their only defence seems to be the similar FUBAR among the Establishment’s Entitled. Now.., is that anyway to mount a serious challenge? The difference is Pork Barrel Politics and Lotsa Cash.. Delayed Gratification or in Sarawak’s case, Unfulfilled Yearnings are not the strong point of the indigenous natives. They, like all disenfranchised will prefer immediate Satiation. More practical, than all the promises of Heaven on Earth.

    Team Adenan is like an smoldering HIV infection, while Team ‘Oppo’ is like a Canker (Syphilitic sore). Both are Chronic. Which would Sarawakians prefer?

  3. My wish is for Sarawak to become richer than the City of Hong Kong in the next 53 years of its independence.

    There may already may be many in positions of political power including those aligned to them who may already be richer than many in Hong Kong and thus no need to wait five decades.

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