Be Careful Sarawakians who you vote–It is not Adenan Satem, it is this Crook Najib Razak

May 6, 2016


With this and without any further thought or delay, I can now declare ahead of our Elections Commission that UMNO-BN led by Najib Razak supported by sidekick Adenan Satem wins the 2016 Sarawak Elections.–Din Merican

TIPU Elections in Sarawak:

S’WAK POLLS Multiple election offences were committed during the Sarawak campaign with little regard or respect for a fair democratic electoral process, said Pemantau, an election watchdog set up by Bersih 2.0 and other NGOs.

Pemantau, which has over 100 observers stationed statewide, said it has witnessed instances of money politics, vote buying or mistreatment of voters on the part of BN. The group also blamed the Election Commission (EC) for failing in its duties.

“The EC has failed to ensure that the Sarawak election is conducted in a clean, free and fair way. We urge EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah to resign immediately for failing in his duties,” said Pemantau committee member Lena Hendry.

Pemantau also noted residents who were given money – up to RM50 each – to attend BN events in Tasik Biru.

“All of BN events organised during the campaign period saw free food being distributed. At one lavish dinner organised by Tiong King Sing Bau Town, a seven-course dinner was served to about 1,000 people,” Lena said.

Pemantau also noted that up to RM36 million was approved for volunteer group Rela by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, his deputy Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Chief Minister Adenan Satem.

Other instances of violations of rules were threats and intimidations on the part of BN.

“At an event organised by the Tourism Ministry in Serembu, cabinet minister Nazri Aziz in his speech mentioned that if the voters of the area elect an opposition leader, he will not bring any tourism-related developments to the area. He also repeatedly described such people as ‘bodoh’ in his speech.”

Lena said the checks and balances that were supposed to be carried out by the EC were “non-existent”.

“Not only was there blatant disregard of election laws, there is also an alarming sign that there is a broken democratic system being practised in the state election in Sarawak, which is now accepted as the norm,” said Lena.

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OPEN LETTER to Voters in Sarawak–Be Careful who you vote on May 7, 2016

by Kelvin Yii

My dear Fellow Sarawakians,

Be Careful Sarawakians who you vote–It is not Adenan Satem, it is this Crook Najib Razak

Thomas Paine,  renowned English-American political activist, and a major catalyst for the American Revolution once said “Voting is the right which all other rights depend on.” If we do not at least exercise our right to vote, we are not only jointly responsible for all the things that is going on but dare I say, we also forfeited our right to complain.

I cannot stress enough the importance for us to come out to exercise our right to vote. It is our right but sadly more often than enough, it is a right we often take for granted.

I was in Myanmar recently and had the privilege to visit their iconic City Hall which staged a huge pro-democracy uprising spearheaded mainly by students, where thousands to the ten thousands, march on the streets demanding for their right to vote.

Many of us are familiar with the story of Aung San Suu Kyi and her fight for democracy, but many of us didn’t know the price that was paid just for the right to vote and determine their own governance. During that uprising at the City Hall, the military army actually opened fire against the peaceful crowd who were there to demand for their rights. More than 300 people died and majority of them were students.

Hearing this story, it really broke my heart. These university students, who had such a great future ahead of them in a growing economy of those times, but yet were willing to stare down the barrel of a gun and pay the price with their lives for that simple right to vote. A right so simple, yet far too often taken for granted.

Fellow Sarawakians,

With all that is going around in our own State of Sarawak, from the massive mismanagement even within the state, the raping of our treasured forest, and even to the lack of basic necessities in many areas in the state, it clearly proves even more the need for us to make our voice known.

When you see our fellow Sarawakians deprived of the basic access to water or even electricity, or to have their ancestral lands taken away risking them becoming squatters in their own land, our vote then is no more just to choose the government of the day, but our vote has to reflect our stand for these people. Our vote has to be a stand for humanity and morality.

For far too long, the Barisan Nasional government has constantly instilled fear into the people. They have mislead many into thinking that they should be grateful for the little cookie crumbs they leave behind after already ingesting for themselves the riches of the state.

The fact is, the example of giving “Tong Biru” to villages without access to clean water as a symbol of “development” and “fulfilled promise” is a clear insult and a total disregard for the welfare and interest of their own people. Why deprived them of proper access of water but instead just give them an out-dated commodity but yet still demand them to be grateful?

There is a fever in the State, and many people are now commending how great Adenan is and how they would vote for Barisan Nasional this time round to allow him a “stronger mandate” to demand back from the federal government what “belongs to us.” Dare I say, if it wasn’t for the very same Barisan Nasional government who sold our rights as equal partners and stood by as the constitution was changed to demote Sarawak as one of the 13 states, there wouldn’t even be a need to “demand back what is rightfully ours.”

What is worst for me, is the total disregard of the process of democracy that Adenan has displayed over the past few weeks leading up to this election. The blatant abuse of our immigration rights is an insult to the very democratic process many has paid the price and spilled their blood to protect.

By abusing our democratic rights, it just speaks volume of his self-interest in the state, rather than the people’s interest. If we want our state to truly progress, we must allow our democratic process to mature. We must allow our society to grow in both political and social-economic maturity and that could only happen through an open platform of information which the government of the day is clearly afraid of.

Imagine if Adenan and BN Sarawak is already abusing the little power he has, imagine if we the people empower them with more? Adenan might portray himself as a reformist, a moderate or even a capable leader. However the cancer called corruption is so ingrained in the BN system that it has already crippled the ship of Barisan Nasional that no matter who the captain is, the ship is already sinking and it’s carrying every one of us down with it.

We must remember, a vote for Barisan Nasional is not just a vote for the next government, but it is also a message we send that we condone the negligence and blatant corruption this government stands for. A vote for them is also a choice to condone them for their extensive practice of money politics, fear politics, intimidation, and also politics of control that is so rampant in the state.

We cannot grow numb to corruption, neither can we ever condone it. It has spread throughout our state and crippled it to what it is today. A vote for BN is a vote saying we accept such abuses and allow such practices to continue to grow in the government.

So then, I urge you, my fellow Sarawakians,

Let us make our vote count this election. It is really not just a vote for the government of the day, but it’s a vote to send a message, a vote to make a stand, a vote for our other fellow Sarawakians who has endured much due to the negligence of the government, and a vote for humanity and morality.

Let us together choose what is best for our country, and not just ourselves…“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban. Anang takut, Anang Surut.-

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5 thoughts on “Be Careful Sarawakians who you vote–It is not Adenan Satem, it is this Crook Najib Razak

  1. Beware Sarawakians !
    A Vote for BN-AS is A Vote for MACCP !

    ( BN- AS == Barision Nasional -Adenan Satem)
    ( MACCP=Money politics, Abuse of power, Corruption, Cronysm and Puppetry)

  2. Well, if we let EC to maneuver the way the scum burgers in EC wanted the elections in our country the UMNO/ Barisan way, it is not all possible for any change of government for the next 100 years or so. EC is real filth and Najib can go on and on with his billions throwing to remain as PM till he dies in office, then Ros may take over perhaps.

    Where is BERSIH? It’s time to go hard with EC to get the many unsolved problems for a fair and clean elections. You can’t fight close to elections like GE13. The new chief of EC is also playing fucks with rules of the game by citing not their business when coming to corrupting the voters.

    Police work for their master and the judiciary throw the cases when taken to courts. So where do we stand with all the mess going on in the country?

  3. Fact is Adenan will be gone in one term or at his age, maybe even less. When he is gone, Najib will own whoever take over. Then, in return for Hadi’s PAS support, PAS gets to come in Sarawak. So a vote for Adenan, is vote for Najib and worst, Hadi’s PAS.

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