Save Malaysia from debilitating Bumiputraism

May 2, 2016

Save  Malaysia from debilitating Bumiputraism–The Agenda of the Third Force

Time to save Malaysia from neo-liberal capitalists, naked political opportunism, and racial discrimination.

by Dr Kua Kia Soong


The Bigots and Extremists rule the day–How is this related to Neo-Liberalism, Dr. Kua? Socialism is Dead

In March 2008 the two-front system that we had called for in the 1990 general elections finally came about, producing an alternative, namely Pakatan Rakyat (PR), to the Barisan Nasional. Barely eight years later, those days of hope have been dashed by the recent split between DAP and PAS in 2015 and now, the bickering between DAP and PKR and their failure to present the BN with a one-to-one challenge in six seats at the Sarawak state elections.

The name calling by DAP leaders we thought was only reserved for the PAS leaders has now been used against PKR leaders as well.

Dearth of leadership & alternative policies in PR (now the so-called Pakatan Harapan–Coalition of Hope)

Without a doubt, the PR coalition was held together at the start by the PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, even though their alternative policies to the BN were never entirely clear. Their neo-liberal tendencies led to BN-type policies in the development of the states they controlled, ie. Selangor and Penang, policies which have produced little change in the living conditions of the lower income groups.

Private developers have had a field day in these PR-held states since 2008 with the promise of more multi-billion projects in reclamation, undersea tunnels, highways and luxury development.


The Rosmah-Centered Authoritarian of Malaysian Politics

Policies aside, Anwar’s leadership in holding the PR coalition together started to suffer a setback possibly because he was deflected by his sodomy trial as well as self-centred opportunistic tendencies among the component parties in PR.

This was clearly seen during the asinine ‘Kajang Move’ in 2014 when there was a “resignation of convenience” by the incumbent PKR Adun after internal politicking between the PKR Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and the PKR strongman Azmin Ali who was opposing him.

The cost of this short-sighted ‘Kajang Move’ was to force a by-election and leave constituents without representation for weeks. It exposed an irresponsible attitude of PR in taking the Malaysian electorate for granted by forcing a by-election just to facilitate the entry of Anwar Ibrahim into the Selangor state government. It was a most cynical violation of the public trust.

The Checkmated Anwar Ibrahim

More costly for the PR coalition, the Kajang Move had been carried out without adequate consultation with the other PR partners and fissures soon began to appear between them. Three decades of engagement with PAS, the largest Malay-based party in the coalition, was about to come asunder.

The dearth of leadership in PR was clear when the former Menteri Besar was openly maligned as inept and corrupt by lesser DAP politicians to justify his ousting. It was also clear the PAS President was not consulted over this irresponsible political move. The Kajang Move showed not only contempt for the voters in Kajang but also insensitivity toward the PAS leaders who were part of the PR coalition.

Bad mouthing the PAS President

Malaysia’s Political Nightmare–Corruption

After months of name calling against the PAS President Hadi Awang, which can only be described as ‘kurang ajar’, Pakatan Rakyat was officially disbanded on 16 June 2015 after the DAP declared it could no longer work with PAS. It was a sad day for all Malaysians who had hopes for a viable alternative to the Barisan Nasional.

The long-term effect of such uncouth bad mouthing of the PAS leader remains to be seen. The DAP will have to measure the relative weight of their token Malays in the party against the loathing towards DAP among not only UMNO supporters but now also PAS supporters.

Is this behaviour the result of insensitivity, the lack of wisdom or naked opportunism that has blinded the DAP leaders to common sense needed to engage with PAS leaders and members if they are genuinely interested in “winning over Malays to the DAP”?

The DAP is now willing and able to work with the man who has been responsible for privatising practically all of Malaysian industry and destroying whatever semblance of democracy we had in his 22 years in office – all because of the stated need to “save Malaysia”.

Naked opportunism the main culprit

The DAP’s significant political turnaround in their current readiness to work with the erstwhile oppressor and autocrat of Malaysia requires a more responsible political economic analysis by the DAP leadership to justify this volte face. They also owe the Malaysian people an analysis of class oppression in Malaysia today and how this ties in with their new agenda to “save Malaysia”.

It is certainly a sad day for Malaysians who have hoped for an alternative to the BN and who have carefully nurtured a working relationship with PAS since the Eighties, to see this Alternative Coalition wrecked by total lack of sensitivity to coalition principles, human relationships and dearth of leadership.The DAP leadership is now banking on their token Malay centrists and the former PAS “New Hopers” to get by.

No doubt the DAP will be complacent to rule Penang but succeeding to drive PAS out of PR is undoing more than thirty years’ work engaging with PAS to build the Alternative Coalition. The positive aspect of the last thirty years included PAS’ participation at so many May Day, anti-war and Bersih rallies. This has been an important contribution to inter-ethnic integration in Malaysia and the attempt to build an alternative to the BN.

What is to be done?

The squabbles within Pakatan Harapan over the apportionment of seats have to do with naked opportunism and the lack of higher principles in their respective party ideologies. The politics of opportunism can also be seen with the party elite monopolising federal seats and state seats in the same term and with no fixed term set for the party leader.

Nevertheless, with leadership and an adopted procedure as can be seen in the BN, even that naked opportunism can be managed with due diligence.

For now, we are back to square one as far as engagement with PAS is concerned. It remains to be seen how DAP’s alliance with PKR will hold. It is time for progressive Malaysians to take stock of the political situation and to consider what is to be done in the struggle to make Malaysia truly democratic, free and just for all Malaysians, and especially for our working peoples.

Building the socialist alternative

While there was hope of an alternative coalition to challenge the Barisan Nasional that has been in power for nearly sixty years, Malaysians were prepared to be patient until BN was deposed. It is now clear that some of these opposition parties are ideologically similar to BN in their commitment to neo-liberal capitalism evident in their own state policies.

With our hopes dashed, it is time to build a Third Force that is people-centred, free and equal and led by those who are committed to a common platform set on an alternative road to development.It is time to reclaim the national assets that have been sold to private magnates and to ensure there is fair redistribution of income to the people. There is a need for state intervention and nationalisation of basic resources such as oil and gas; utilities such as water, energy; health, education and social services.

We need progressive taxation to check unfettered capital transfers by speculators and finance moguls and to balance rampant income inequality. Such a socialist alternative differentiates itself from the Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan.

Save Malaysia from Neo-liberal capitalism

Malaysia needs to be saved from neo-liberal capitalism that was unleashed by Mahathir when he came to power in 1981.

Mahathir is indeed the “father of neo-liberalism in Malaysia” after selling off our national assets through his privatisation policies in his 22 years, our national resources hived off to crony capitalists under the guise of affirmative action. Mahathir succeeded in creating private Malay capitalists out of the erstwhile state capitalists who had entrenched their power after May 13, 1969.

Privatisation in Malaysia since the eighties has not demonstrated that increase in efficiency, productivity, or competition, the elimination of sources of state deficit as privatisation has been purported to produce. The failures of MAS, Proton, KTM and other corporations testify to this fact. In most cases, privatisation has merely substituted a private monopoly for a public one without producing any of the benefits that are supposed to come from competition.

Neoliberal policies represent the political requirements of global capital, harmonising the national with the global economy, freeing capital from social forms in which it is under or open to state control and thereby turning those forms into corporate private property as Mahathir succeeded in doing. It will be more and more difficult to maintain a public sector to alleviate the living conditions of workers and the poor when all these public services have been privatised.

Save Malaysia from racism and racial discrimination

Malaysia needs to be saved from racism and racial discrimination. For years now and especially since the New Economic Policy, “race” (“bumiputeraism”) has been used to divide the Malaysian masses so that they cannot unite against their common oppressors and exploiters. Racial discrimination further worsens the plight of workers in the non-Bumiputera communities. Neither the BN or PH have categorically pledged to abolish the New Economic Policy that has been the racist/ populist strategy to try to win over the Bumiputeras and to enrich the well-placed Bumiputeras.

Powerful capitalist interests control our resources and markets and thrive on the cheap labour of Malaysian workers and migrant labour even in the states run by Pakatan Rakyat. The price has been paid by workers and the poor whose living standards continue to be pushed downwards.

If voting changed anything, they’d have made it illegal’

This resistance to neo-liberal capitalism can only be led by a Third Force that tries to empower oppressed people in the process of democratic participation. Popular democratic participation is not just in economic but also political institutions. Real democracy will never be attained merely through periodic general elections and relying on parliament alone. As Emma Goldman put it, “If voting changed anything, they’d have made it illegal!”

Peoples’ power comes about through direct action, based on the self-organisation of workers and other communities in their struggle against capital, with directly elected workplace and community councils taking responsibility for their own affairs and linked to decisions for society at large. The idea is to create an entirely new form of politics centered on direct popular power. When working class people are organized, they can start to believe in their capacity to change the world.

This is the task before us. Can you see any alternative?

Kua Kia Soong is the advisor of SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia).


11 thoughts on “Save Malaysia from debilitating Bumiputraism

  1. “It is time to reclaim the national assets that have been sold to private magnates and to ensure there is fair redistribution of income to the people. There is a need for state intervention and nationalisation of basic resources such as oil and gas; utilities such as water, energy; health, education and social services, ” Dr. Kua.

    Die hard socialists such as Dr. Kua are obligated to tell us why people of ALL rigorously socialistic nations (North Korea, Cuba, Soviet Union, Eastern Europe before Berlin Wall fell, China before 1978, all sharia-based nations) adopting his above policies fails to achieve decent life enjoyed by people of the free world adopting a version of American core creed: liberty, In god/truth we trust, nationhood, and free enterprise. They must answer the failure of socialism before they tell us to adopt those socialistic policies.

    But you know these socialists will not respond to the failure of socialism because they treat socialism as a belief and a religion. Unfortunately this socialism “religion” has a very short time to evolve compared to other traditions and religions. Socialism lacks self-introspection ability and may not evolve at all – which explain every single socialistic nation fails so far.

    Given such a background of socialism, reasonable people would adopt a version of American core creed based on liberty, In god/truth we trust, nationhood, and free enterprise.

  2. “Kajang Move” was a mistake-crisis that can happen anywhere. The break-up of PR is due primary to the hidden agenda of Umno Baru leaders to sustain power at all costs and expense to the people and country.

    Bumiputeraism is a dominant tool ,invented conveniently, among others, to ” Divide and Rule” or ” Rule and Divide”, resulting on longer term, a deeply divided Malaysia. They (tools) are and had been blatantly abused.

    So only Malaysian based politics and economics can have a good chance of saving Malaysia.

  3. Orthodox Marxist analysis.

    Unfortunately, the real world does not operate along Marxist postulates all the time.

    Eduard Bernstein pointed this out long ago.

  4. “They must answer the failure of socialism before they tell us to adopt those socialistic policies.”

    Um, you do realize that the US or at least the stereotyped, clichéd, right wing, corn fed version you idolize has embedded within it’s political , legal and economic foundations…..those socialists policies, you are so deathly afraid of.

    And why point to those countries you mention as a failure of socialism , that would be like using failed former colonies as examples of the failure democracy. Why not mention those northern (sic) socialist paradises ?

    Anyway Dr. Kua was pointing to the failure of PR as a credible game changing alternative. Maybe folks don’t really want change, that’s a possibility but to go on a rant about your fear of socialism and publically fellating right wing US agendas seems ….rude.

    Just sayin’

  5. I do like what dr kua has suggested. I feel the burn😋 big difference between failed communism run by dictators, vs nordic socialism which gives all a basic decent livelihood.

    To put it in another word, NEP was originally worded as a social good to better share the pie. I was not borned during before the time of NEP. But, looking at historical records, it is fair to say there are quite a few more chinese taukeh then.

    Yet, today, NEP is still here. It is run as feudalistic tool to enrich a few children of ex political figure head. Case in point is that we can wonder aloud who gets the pie of Felda when it was denationalized as the second biggest IPO in the world. Generations of felda Malays became indenture worker for nothing. As I google around, even amongst Felda workers, there are tons of freeloaders and challenges that plague the scheme. This is before we talk about 1MDB.

    Socialism or not, we need to end feudalism, be it implemented via racist policy or mind dumbing religious propaganda. It is sucking out from all the desire to work and live a happy life. We can say that confidently as we notice that even some Sultans were not happy with how things are going.

    I like Dr. Kua.

  6. Shiou,

    If I have a choice between a society which cares for its poor and the disadvantaged or one which free enterprise reigns supreme, I know which one I would choose.

  7. aitze,

    All societies take care of the poors in some ways. American system has poor people characterized with above-average obesity rate – i.e. you are more likely to find fat person in a poor household than a normal average household in US. North Korean would have millions of people die of famine had South Korea, USA, and China stopped humanitarian food aid. Which one do you want to choose?

    Having free enterprise in a society which values personal liberty, In god/truth we trust, and nationhood does not mean people don’t take care of their poor. However, you might be correct that a society that is depraved of religion/virtue and patriotism cannot practice money making business because it lacks the foundation to act in general decency.

  8. I get it that a lot of people don’t like “neo-liberal capitalism.” But this criticism is ridiculously misplaced when discussing Malaysia. If only Malaysia had more free-market capitalism!

    Say what you like about capitalism in Malaysia, it is more definitely not of the “neo-liberal” variety. The hand of the state is smothering the Malaysian economy. The single largest company in Malaysia by a long-shot, Petronas, is owned by the state. About a quarter of the market capitalisation of Bursa Malaysia is estimated to be owned by GLCs. The country’s two largest banking groups, Maybank and CIMB, are majority owned by GLCs. The great financial scandals that have bedevilled Malaysia – 1MDB, PKFZ, Bumiputra Malaysia Finance, Perwaja etc. – have all come about because of state involvement. What Malaysia needs is less government interference in the economy and businesses.

  9. @ veritas,

    Any form of Capitalism, neo-liberal, free market or otherwise is never perfect.
    Government intervention in the economy and businesses at certain stage of initiation or development or implementation is (may be absolutely) necessary.
    But it must done in the interest of the nation that benefits the people for the intended purpose, with merits and accountability, rather as a cover,latgely, for advancing personal or political which is what had happened here in Malaysia in the past 40 years of Umno Baru administration that had scandalously “robbed” in cohort with their cronies in the people hundreds of billions.

    Ultimately, it is the Accountability, Competency , Governance and Transparency (ACGT) that matters most.

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