Thank You, Zeti, says Prime Minister Najib Razak

May 1, 2016

Prime Minister  Najib thanks Ex-Bank Negara Governor Zeti

by Bernama

Prime Minister Najib Razak today expressed his appreciation to Zeti Akhtar Aziz, whom he described as having served the nation in the most outstanding manner as the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Najib said Zeti had led and implemented initiatives to ensure the stability of the country’s banking and financial sectors, besides placing Malaysia’s economy on a strong footing.“Malaysia takes pride in the contribution and achievements of Dr Zeti, a woman who also received international recognition and awards, all this while.

“Thank you Dr Zeti and I wish you success and the best of luck,” said the Prime Minister in his Facebook entry, today.Zeti, who retired on April 30, was chosen as one of the best central bank heads in the world by the magazine, Global Finance in 2009.

The daughter of Royal Professor Ungku Aziz Ungku Abdul Hamid and a noted cultural figure, Allahyarhamah Sharifah Azah Mohamed Alsagoff, Zeti joined BNM in 1985 as Deputy Manager in the Economics Research Department. Dato’Muhammad Ibrahim succeeds her as the new BNM Governor.

15 thoughts on “Thank You, Zeti, says Prime Minister Najib Razak

  1. Of course she lost her reputation and he won. Why not praise her if not. Bunch of really surprised about this Zeti. Family reputation also down the drain

  2. Did she take a firm stand to safeguard the integrity of the Institution she was put to look after. No, I dont think so having allowed billions to flow out of the country illicitly.

  3. Thanks Zeti, Lu tolong Gua, Gua tolong Lu. A billion thanks for saving my ass and my bank account. Err…. whats that about the Panama Papers?

  4. Best of luck? Anyone else who have served a modicum of “outstanding” would have a cushy and highly rewarding position already arranged for her. So the grudge is still there.

    He wanted to fire her and now praised her. It’s why I do not get it why Sarawakian do not see him as a creepy, slimy, sleazy Santa Clause.

  5. And we thought only the poor uneducated peasant classes in the hinterland are the ones susceptible to the wiles and cajolery of the BN and its thieving leaders.
    Looks like the corrupt and tainted educated coat-and-tie types are even worse especially since the positions they hold inflict greater damage to the country and its institutions.

  6. /// having served the nation in the most outstanding manner as the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). ///

    Yup, you got that right:
    The investigations into the 1MDB are still outstanding.
    The charges are still outstanding.
    The PAC report (however compromised and watered down) is still outstanding.
    The billion dollar loans and interest payments are still outstanding.
    The money-laundering investigations by the various countries are still outstanding.

  7. A big WHITEWASH! Cannot trust anyone under this regime. Money is what is all about under Najib. You can see right now how the money is thrown in Sarawak Elections.

    She was not a responsible Bank Governor because she failed to control the money flow from the beginning. It would not have entered into this mess if she had from the beginning did her job as the chief of Bank Negara. May be she at that time expected some favors for her husband to enter to business in off shore entities. All are crooks!

    All are of the same fathers! To see any changes in the present regime, we need to change the government at the next election if we were to have GE14

  8. The current state of affairs reminds me of the lesson to be learnt from Pandora.
    Somethings, sometimes, are better left alone. The more you know, the worst off you are. It is all just depressing.
    Would it be better to live in denial I wonder? Live and let live etc?
    No, I think it must be done, and the demons and evil which live in the box (read Malaysia) must be vanquished.

    It will take a long time, judging by how integrated they are, and the extreme brainwashing that continues, but Isis fight that Malaysians must struggle to win. The good fight, a fight for our self respect and identity.

  9. People remember you for your last actions. The former AG conspired to convict DSAI but this is forgotten and every one will now remember his last action of framing a charge against Najib. Zeti did an excellent job but will be remembered for her mistake in 1MDB. Thanks anyway Zeti and may you have a happy and peaceful retirement. Or do you plan to carry on outside Bank Negara?

  10. Credibility lost. Zeti’s legacy is one of omission to be forthright to the public. As a trustee of funds belonging to the Malaysian people she has breached it…I suppose you have now to live out your life with this blackness. There were Ministers, Judges and an AG in the 1990s that resigned because they did not give up their principles.

  11. People are getting tired and losing interest after 59 years of merdeka we have wasted hundreds of billions which are not accounted. Those money suppose to be in the treasury vault to strengthen the value of the ringgit. In 1970s the US dollar against the ringgit was 2.1 and now after 40 years it is 4.15. It is as if a government clerk earning 1000 ringgit in 1970s and 2000 ringgit now, the purchasing power is lower by 50%. That is why ordinary people find it difficult to purchase their groceries and make ends meet. Now living is similar to going out for a wild goose chase.

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