President Bill Clinton’s Lecture @Georgetown-Purpose

May 1, 2016

President Bill Clinton’s  Lecture @ Georgetown University, Washington DC–Purpose

Earlier today I posted this April 21, 2015 Lecture by the 42nd President of the United States, President William Jefferson Clinton, to guests, faculty and students at Georgetown University, Washington  DC–where he attended the Walsh School of Foreign Service  in 1968 before going to Oxford and Yale– on  Facebook of The Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations, The University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh for the benefit of my colleagues and Masters and Doctoral students.

In his Lecture, President Bill Clinton spoke about inclusive politics and inclusive economics and the purpose of public service, citing many examples of leaders in politics, business and civil society when he was in the White  House. I hope my fellow Malaysians in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of our country, my associates and friends and readers who support my blog can get the drift of Bill Clinton’s message  and reflect on his thoughts about the true purpose of public service.

I am sure our Prime Minister has own purpose to be in public service. But you can bet that  Najib’s  purpose is not something the 42nd President of the United States has in mind.–Din Merican

3 thoughts on “President Bill Clinton’s Lecture @Georgetown-Purpose

  1. Clinton’s purpose is $500,000 @ lecture. Maybe he is over-paid for some babblings but, unlike Najib, he earns it.
    He used the money for his Clinton Foundation which funds humanitarian projects in Africa, Latin America and elsewhere. His Foundation works with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Our Prime Minister Najib, on the other hand, uses state money for purposes that are self-centered and illegal. I hope you had time to listen to the entire lecture and the ensuing Q&A session before coming to your conclusion. Otherwise, I will be disappointed.–Din Merican

  2. Bill Clinton is the best thing in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The problem is he is the best thing in her campaign. His presidency was marked with metrics and performance driven policies. BUT he was also the one who was pivotal to making of the mortgage led financial crises that nearly destroyed the world.

    Clinton’s may be a class above any UMNO leader especially Najib but they are ideologically not completely sound an there are big risk of their presidency again

  3. Din: CNN has a documentary which shows that Bill and Hillary Clinton combined to earn more than $153 million in personal income from paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary launched her presidential campaign last spring.

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