RPK apologises to Clare Rewcastle Brown

April 23, 2016

RPK apologises to Clare Rewcastle Brown

On February 2, 2016 we carried an article titled “A Record of Untrue Stories – the Case of Clare Rewcastle”. This is an article that we picked up from another website and then carried for our readers on Malaysia Today.

The article contains a number of allegations about Ms Rewcastle, who complained to us after she read the article and informed us that the allegations are untrue. We did not write the article and were not involved in its writing and we do not have any relationship with its authors. We do not know who the authors are and do not endorse the article. We took the article down from our site after we received her complaint and we regret any distress caused.




9 thoughts on “RPK apologises to Clare Rewcastle Brown

  1. Ms Rewcastle-Brown should be given honorary Malaysian citizenship. She is the scourge of corrupt 1Malaysian crooks in high places.

  2. Quote:- “…given honorary Malaysian citizenship…”

    I think when the time is right, Datuk Clare has a nice ring to it, and perhaps the Keys to the City of Kucing for her Sarawak Report.

    And “Kucing” is appropriate as she truly skinned the Fat Cat who will soon be an ex-PM of Malaysia.

  3. I usually don’t engage in schadenfreude, but couldn’t resist this.

    Horace’s Ode: “Carpe diem!” (Seize the Day)
    Latin Stoics: “Momento mori” (Remember, you must die)
    Pontius Pilate: “Ecce homo.” (Behold, the Man)
    Descartes: “Cogito ergo sum.” (I think, therefore I am)
    A.E. Neumann (Mad Mag): “What? Me worry?”
    RPK: “Why me? Dedak!” (Dedak = Dead Duck)

    Methinks, RPK is the greatest of all ‘Qiang-Qiang (Cowardly) Realists’, ‘Bring it On-ist!’ and Literary Gangsta, produced by BolehLand.

  4. This RPK sucker should be charged to court instead of just New Castle accepting an apology This type of rascals with double tongued human beings should be put in the right place. Does he have any integrity and right morals to be of human being with right dignity?

    Just for money he sold himself at the cost of our nation to a great robber. You, the self centered RPK, should be ashamed of yourself for playing double game with our beloved nation.

    I am sick of this type of human beings. At one time, I enjoyed the articles from Malaysia today because you spoke the truth.

  5. Common guys
    This guy was leeching his gullible friends in msia
    Free beers and dinners and money raised for him from tees sales
    At least now he is no longer doing that
    Let him enjoy his new found wealth

  6. Oh!……..Is that statement, which seems to convey no hint of remorse at all, supposed to be an “apology” by any standard? – given too, the seriousness of the matter?

    One can’t help noting that the “excuse” given for his “regret” appears to be far too simplistically convenient!

  7. That’s what we call a genuine pengkhianat kepada Negara does, Terlalu banyak makan dedak, Maybe back home they can do that, but in the what they call kapir country they shivers to their balls. Its all bangsat species.

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