MAS Chief Executive Meuller Quits

April 20, 2016

COMMENT: Well, what is surprising about MAS? How many bailouts, restructurings and senior management changes do we need? It is time to say enough is enough with the problems of our national airline.

It is clear that Khazanah with all the financial geniuses and whiz top managers in it cannot get it out of trouble of one sort or another. Even our top investment bankers have  not been able to help. MAS proves the point that if we cannot run a proper taxi and bus service around Kuala Lumpur, operating a national airline is beyond us. It is time close MAS as a GLC and handover the business to the private sector airline. I suggest that Tony Fernandes at Air Asia and his colleagues should be considered.–Din Merican

MAS Chief Executive Meuller  Quits

by Reuters

Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) said today that its Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Christoph Mueller will leave in September, well before the end of his three-year contract.

The airline said in a statement Mueller was leaving because of “his changing personal circumstances”.

Mueller will serve a six-month notice period to September 2016. He has expressed his intention to the MAB board to remain with the airline as a non-executive director, the carrier said.

“We are very disappointed to lose Christoph as CEO but we fully understand his reasons and respect his need to do this,” MAB chairperson Md Nor Yusof said. MAB has begun a search for a new CEO and is considering both internal and external candidates, it said.

Mueller formally took charge in May last year to lead restructuring efforts at the airline formerly known as Malaysia Airlines Systems (MAS).

Malaysia state investor Khazanah took MAS private in 2014 as part of a RM6 billion restructuring aimed at returning the carrier to profit within three years.

MAS suffered twin disasters in 2014 after flight MH370, which was carrying 239 passengers and crew, disappeared in March.In July 2014 another flight, MH17, was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.- Reuters

13 thoughts on “MAS Chief Executive Meuller Quits

  1. Quote:- “…“his changing personal circumstances”

    Why do people in important positions always never ever give straightforward reasons?

    If it’s health, say health, like getting cancer or something equally serious. People will understand. If it’s some real family emergency that requires his full time attention, that too is understandable.

    “changing personal circumstances?” What is that?

    My best interpretation is that “his personal circumstances” at the present moment and in the foreseeable is and will no longer be the same as at the time he became CEO of MAS.

    Has he unexpectedly gotten less intelligent, early stages of Alzheimers, his wife divorcing him, got a divine vision instructing him to quit MAS, caught some political bigwig’s hands in MAS’s cookie jar, what?

    So what’s left is something unmentionable, for reasons which will put MAS or somebody or some organisation in a bad light? He just sacked 6000 MAS employees remember? And you can bet these 6000 deadwoods are either UMNO / BN members or have family members who are.

    So please don’t blame people for putting negative spin and speculation on this if such people cannot, do not or more likely prevented from telling it in plain, simple, language we all can understand.

    In any case, nothing in Malaysia is un-political.

  2. Life is one long climb up the proverbial ladder. The moment you stop climbing for any reason, big or small, other will get a head of you. If by some magic we take away the wealth of all the airlines of the world and then distribute it equally those airlines you will find in five years that those airlines that arsuccessful today will become will become successful then.That is the law of life.

  3. Ever wonder why Chris Meuller threw in the towel? He started out strong and cut the airline down to a manageable size but in doing so he also reduced the routes and fleet whereby MAS is now a shadow of its past. It is no here or no there. MAS is no longer a global player and thus now have to compete with the regionals which is dominated by the other regionals and low cost carrier. The workhorse B 777 are being retired and the A 380 put up for sale. MAS will now operate the A 330 and B 737, not much of a fleet.
    Dato Din, Tony Fernandez and Air Asia are also in trouble, so let’s not give MAS to Tony and Kamaruddin.
    There are other interested parties that have made proposals that should be looked at. The ball is now in Khazanah’s court.

  4. Christoph Mueller did the right thing to quit to save his credibility. MAS is beyond saving as there is too much of interference from Putrajaya and the religious bigots who dictate what beverages can be served on board and how the flight attendants should dress. If Mueller had known he was appointed to turn around a syariah airline he would have rejected the appointment straight away.

  5. Wayne, i just happen to experience (unfortunately) flying on MAS quite recently, and lemme tell you it’s gone down from a full-service carrier to a low-cost, atrociously inedible foodie cryer. Cheap, horrid and nasty for gourmands like me. The service ain’t what it used to be, but at least the timing were better. Maybe, i’m just a spoilt dog..

    What i heard, was that ‘Personal Problems’ had more to do with Khazanah threatening to kick him out, due to his Teutonic Instrangency and Resoluteness. Them folks are much more spoilt (basi) than me..

    I would agree with Orang Malaya’s take about the drastic scaleback of service routes (look at the flights to PRC and Europe!), and the fact that the OneWorld Alliance code-sharing deal is not working out as well as it should. Khazanah will be hard put to replace Mueller, and Peter Bellew ex-Ryanair may have to warm the hot-seat for longer than he wants.

    Btw, Aer Lingus ain’t exactly full fledged either, but Ryanair takes the cake for lackadaisical timelines and horrid excuses – somewhat like our marvellous shariah compliant Rayani Air. I had the misfortune of being stranded for 8hrs, courtesy of Ryanair on a cold winter’s day in Frankfurt (yeah.., the supposed city where the bogus Episcopalian ‘priest’ turned Muslim preacher who was bundled outta the dakwah lectures in Sabah). Bloody flight was only over the Alps in 1&1/2 hrs.. Guess i don’t have any lock with airlines anyway. Should have taken the EuroRail..

  6. Why not recall that Munir fella (a pukka sahib,what! what! you bounder) and his million dollar paintings or tajuddin fella and his cozy travel companion who cuddles up with him under the MAS blanket. Yah as to food bodohwi”s brother Brahims 20 year supply contract.yes sir a SNAFU

  7. You can have the best airline CEO in the World running any airline, indeed running any commercial enterprise or government, it will not make any difference when the people working under him are not there for reasons of competence and or suitability but skin color and religion and or to provide quick jobs for unemployable graduates from our 2nd rate universities.

    I still maintain that firing the 6000 did Mueller in. It would be interesting and educational to make a detailed analysis of the personal profiles of the 6000.

  8. Khazanah and Chris Meuller have just turned the clock back to 1972 when Malaysia Singapore Airlines broke up into Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. Singapore Airlines took all the international routes while Malaysia Airlines was happy with the domestic and regional routes.
    44 years later MAS is back to its original business of being a regional and domestic airlines. At one time MAS was flying high, flying to new destinations and acquiring the latest aircraft. MAS was making money under the management of Tan Sri Aziz and Saw Huat Lye. MAS expanded its fleet, network and routes and was even acclaimed as a world class airlines alongside Singapore Airlines. MAS won many Best Airline awards and Best Cabin Crew Award and best on-time performance.
    Today MAS is a small regional airlines struggling to maintain market shares and even competing with the low cost airlines such as Air Asia just to fill up seats. Sad, very sad. Its an across the board problem, not just management, staff attitude and worst of all political interference and rent seeking cronies that bled the airline until it is no longer competitive or viable.
    while other airlines are competing with the open skies policies, MAS is now just happy to keep its doors open.

  9. Saam Dato,
    My 2 cents worth of guess is: he cannot work with the Malay big wigs at Khazanah Nasional.
    What a loss.
    The Know Alls at Khazanah know nothing about running an airline. Time to replace the MAS Chairman and Board and get tough with the Unions. Hard nosed business must not be interfered with by politics. That is why MAS is in a mess.–Din Merican

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