Speak up, oh you young people of Malaysia

April 15, 2016

Speak up, oh you young people of Malaysia

 by Scott Ng
COMMENT:  It doesn’t matter that the politicians don’t represent us. We can make ourselves heard.

National debater turned political activist for the youth, Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman (above) is on a mission. It’s the same mission youth organisers all over the world have given themselves. They want to galvanise youth sentiment into political capital. They want to reach out to the most informed and most judgemental generation in history and make them care about politics because the political process has shut out their voice and fed them bread and circuses to keep them docile.

We often forget that the “battle for the next generation” has come and passed without our politicos realising it. The tail end of Generation Y will be of voting age soon and have already formed concrete opinions about the government and the various political parties, thanks to the availability of information and the ease of access that the smartphone era has brought us.

It is quite amazing how youth values across Generation Y are largely shared across the board – a concern for the environment, a mistrust of government and big banks, a need to secure our mutual futures, and a general acceptance of different cultures. Analysts worldwide theorise that this set of values was determined by the epoch Gen Y grew up in, which was one of terrorist attacks and economic collapses.

Yet, Gen Y shows a great need to come together. What Syed is attempting to do in taking a youth group like Challenger to the fore is to bring back youth activism and youth politics, and the timing is good indeed. He recognises that it’s time that young people be given their own voice in the political arena instead of through the youth wing of any established political party.

A survey that Challenger conducted recently struck us with it’s findings. It turns out that we are fighting for the same things that the youth of America, Greece and the United Kingdom are fighting for – jobs and living wages, an end to the corruption of our governments and corporations and the preservation of our environment.

Whatever you may think of Syed, he deserves our praise for daring to be our voice. They should inspire us to speak up too. We must realize that there are now more of us millennials in the workplace than there are of our parents’ generation. We are the majority, and it’s time to care.


11 thoughts on “Speak up, oh you young people of Malaysia

  1. As Simon Cowell always used to say of Idol singing competitions, Syed has the whole package. He looks good, intelligent, speaks well, (probably sings well as well), and seems to care.

    But if he is also honest, sorry, UMNO / BN will destroy him pretty quick

  2. Dato.Din, I beg to differ on this one.

    > ‘The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.’ ( 24.56) – Catcher in the Rye.

    This is a quote for baby boomer. Gen-X followed much of this rule.

    Let the next ambitious who wants the 1PM’s seat handle this.
    As per corruption, it is just personal. Can one live humbly without paying and receiving corruption money? If you can, just live humbly without it, there will be at least one less corrupt soul.

    Until significant amount of people in a society could do without it, all this talk is useless. Throw away one, comes another. Chop off one’s head, one has to pay another to silence the conscience of many others.

  3. It’s not the young do not speak up, they are selective and will, very loudly, when the moment is right for them.

    How do you expect the young to do more when the rural population, their elder cohorts and the marginal deciders for the nation are captive audiences of the worst of their elder cohorts?

  4. I come from a generation that had only one land telephone for 100 government quarters in the District Enginner’s house for his use only with the nearest public phone two miles away in a post office. Gen why has one telephone for every man women and child and to rub it in even one for that child in the womb. So now tell me why is this Gen Why timid. He graduates he cannot find a job his father who has plenty of money can gives him RM 100 week. So why should I work because even if I do I will not be able to have RM450 at the end of the month.
    When I was young my parents were worried that I may fall form my cycle or may be hit by a car on my way to school. Today parents are worried that their child would buy a whistle and go around blowing it and get paid for it or may be pay for it. So you see it is not so easy for Gen Why because when they ask why you either pay for it or you are paid for it. The goal post is shifting by the day and even the Gen Why does not know when he is right and when he is wrong.
    Moral of the story Gen Why are either incapable or not allowed to ask why by their parents, society which is in the hands of the baby boomers.

  5. But we also have idiotic young ones like the Youth Chief of Parti Gerakan who is immatured, childish and a hypocrite…

  6. “Speak up, oh you young people of Malaysia”


    National debater turned political activist for the youth, Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman is a brilliant scholar & maybe young, naive & gung-ho to be an activist…

    There are other bigger agendas at play behind the scenes…!

    Just to share this… –

    “…The Occupy Central Hong Kong protest movement is being nominally led by a 17-year-old student, Joshua Wong, who resembles a Hong Kong version of Harry Potter, a kid who was only just born the year Britain reluctantly ended its 99-year colonial occupation, ceding the city-state back to the Peoples’ Republic.

    Wong is accompanied in Occupy Central by a University of Minnesota-educated hedge fund money man for the protests, Edward Chin; by a Yale University-educated sociologist, Chan Kin-man; by a Baptist minister who is a veteran of the CIAs 1989 Tiananmen Square destabilization, Chu Yiu-ming; and by a Hong Kong University law professor, Benny Tai Yiu-ting, or Benny Tai…

    The Hong Kong wunderkind of the Color Revolution Washington destabilization, 17-year-old student, Joshua Wong, founded a Facebook site called Scholarism when he was 15 with support from Washington’s neo-conservative National Endowment for Democracy via its left branch, National Democratic Institute and NDI’s NDItech project…

    And another Occupy Central leading figure, Audrey Eu Yuet recently met with Vice President Joe Biden.”.-


    You be the judge.

  7. Btw, I do not support any Political side & I agree that this nation has lost its direction. Only Political pressure by the Global Democratic leaders, International organisations might achieve some balance…

  8. The older generation doesn’t speak up and remain scared and selfish and you expect your younger generation to speak up for you?

  9. Malaysian Generation Y have been treated like mushrooms, always kept in the dark and fed s**t. At the appointed time they are harvested (in these instance they graduate and given cushy jobs in the public sector) They have not gone through real hardship and having to fight for their rights. Everything is given as part of the ‘entitlement’. So a whole generation is indebted to the government and thus have lost their voice. They can’t even think or reason out for themselves.

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