Ladies and Gentlemen, the real traitors are…

April 14, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, the real traitors are

by Fa Abdul

If small-time tax evaders are traitors to the country, what about bigwigs who mismanage or plunder billions in taxpayers’ money?


I was in the midst of filling up my income tax form recently when I received a notification from a news app on my phone. Thrilled by the distraction (filing income tax returns is like ironing jeans without the power on), I read the newsflash: “PM: Tax evaders are traitors”. Intrigued (and a little nauseous), I followed the link to the full article – and was almost sorry that I had when I was done.

As a single mother of two who is the sole breadwinner in my household, I was outraged by the news report. But my resentment has nothing to do with tax evasion, for I fulfil my duty as a citizen faithfully (I have receipts!). I was incensed because, from the little that I make, I pay taxes for benefits that I do not enjoy.


He paid a heavy price for loving the PM and so are we for trusting the PM as our  Finance Minister–we are all screwed.

I pay taxes that (I expect) go towards helping develop my country, yet I still end up forking-out almost RM1,000 monthly in tuition fees for my children, to make up for our atrociously-substandard education system. Every month for the past four years, I’ve been paying RM300 for my boy’s braces at a private orthodontist because the waiting list at government dental clinics is endless. I pay for tolls, I pay for wifi, I pay for good medical care, I pay for clean water, I pay for mosquito repellent, I pay for overpriced food, I pay for school workbooks my kids never use – I bl**dy much pay for everything! And still the government wants to squeeze me for more funds to pay for the “development of the nation”.

To put it bluntly, since my faithful contribution to the government’s coffers amounts to virtually nothing, I’m in the same league as a tax-dodger (the end result is the same, after all!) And this underscores the fact that the overriding problem in this country is not tax evaders, but the people who are entrusted with – and badly mismanage – our tax money. THEY are the real traitors!

How about sending out a newsflash on officials who appropriate the people’s hard-earned tax money for their own personal benefit? Why not question THEIR sense of patriotism?

(And speaking of shirking civic responsibility, let’s shine a bright spotlight on those who have been trained to be spoon-fed by the Federal Government, the ones who depend on subsidies and the quota system as a means of survival, the ones who sit tight waiting for assistance by authorities to put food on the table. Are they not traitors who are a threat to our country?)

It is time the powers-that-be stop blaming, shaming, scolding or threatening ordinary, tax-paying citizens for everything that goes wrong in this country. WE are not the ones who allowed our national debt to grow to mountainous proportions; we are not the ones who made questionable and inadvisable decisions that led to an exodus of foreign investors or the mysterious disappearance of billions of ringgit.

Most of us are ordinary citizens trying to make a simple living and raise a family within our means – taxpayers or no. While others help themselves to our national wealth to enlarge their collection of private jets, we are struggling to clear our monthly loan payments for those little boxes with wheels we proudly call cars. While others pilfer from budgets meant for the welfare of the less fortunate to fund extravagant overseas holidays and shopping sprees, we queue up at MATTA fair to get discounts for brief trips to Langkawi. While others benefit from police escorts which ensure speedy, non-stop, unobstructed road travel to any destination in chauffeur-driven cars, we crawl along in barely-moving traffic (thanks to poor public transport infrastructure) and pay tolls.

And even after all that, we (well, most of us) still fulfil our duty of paying taxes.

Now that I have let off a tremendous amount of steam, I must reluctantly return to filling up my tax forms



14 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, the real traitors are…

  1. LOL.

    That’s what happens to a country where 80% of the Cabinet ministers are Malay,(some with bogus PhDs and whose only qualification needed is loyalty to the PM), which must be led by a Malay prime minister, deputy prime minister, and a 90% Malay civil service, police, armed forces and whatnot.

    FA Abdul, don’t worry, worse is yet to come…..enjoy. You should be glad that you are paying income tax because at least you still have an income.

    Like what Ralph McTell sang in “Streets of London”…… Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Malaysia, I’ll show you something to make you change your mind…..

    And we haven’t talked about Hudud / Shariah yet.

  2. If small-time tax evaders are traitors to the country, what about bigwigs who mismanage or plunder billions in taxpayers’ money?

    The bigwigs have exempted themselves from the laws which makes tax evaders as traitors.
    Those in power exempt themselves from laws they enact;
    Those related to the powers or those who financed the election expenses of those in power also enjoy the same exemptions as the enforcers will not act;
    Those with wealth can buy their way out from any action taken against them either directly or with advise of experts with relevant expertise or those who sit in judgement on them.
    If still cannot succeed then either go overseas and stay away or keep on getting extensions until some of those involved have gone to their Makers to enjoy the pleasures of heaven if a seat had been reserved there with the accumulated wealth.


  3. Most of our leaders are suppose to be Muslims and they are violating all the Islamic rules. They have the guts to call we small timers traitors. GO TO HELL.

  4. “… That’s what happens to a country where 80% of the Cabinet ministers are Malay,… must be led by a Malay prime minister,…”

    Wayne, I expected better from you than to introduce a racist slant to the debate (unless I misunderstood you in which case I do apologise).

    Naught wrong if they are ALL Malays if they are competent. However, we all agree the pool of talent to draw from would be much enlarged if the positions are opened to all M’sians notwithstanding that nothing was written in the Constitution that only Malay qualifies.

  5. You want to know where your taxes go then read the

    [a] ANNUAL REPORTS OF THE AUDITOR GENERAL which has been highlighting suspected cases of MISMANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS & ASSETS for over THREE DECADES with being made public of the findings and with possible ‘waste’ of millions in investigation promised to have been undertaken;


    [c] The Edge Malaysia dated 14.4.16 had highlighted that
    ‘Arul Kanda concedes — there could have been fraud’ in respect of ‘1MDB’; and

    [d] The recent renouncement by KSN that Civil servants are set to gain more from the rationalization of the public service scheme which included raising salary grades and improving entry requirements would allow civil servants to have bigger take-home pays to be enjoyed by all 1.6 million civil servants who were set to benefit from the rationalization, which will include salary adjustments for all grades and the new scheme will kick off on July 1 and with the introduction of the new minimum wage, those from the lowest grade, which is Grade 11, will earn at least RM1,200. When you add in allowances, the minimum take-home pay is about RM1,500″ and that the Government would spend about RM1bil to finance the new public service scheme, which has been accounted for in Budget 2016 with the hope that this will increase the productivity of the civil service, and the rakyat in turn will enjoy better service”. This hope is repeated every time there is an increase for civil servants but still leaves much to be desired as all benefit whether meriting or not. Cuepacs President lauds similar announcements with the hope that it would help civil servants cope with the rising cost of living. CUEPACS rarely shows any concern for the rakyat whose suffering is increased as they have to pay for these increases. Further the usage of ‘rationalization’ appears to be a ‘legal’ method to ensure that the retirees will not benefit from these increases as they will not be eligible to any adjustments as their schemes are not being revised but being replaced and as such their pensions are not eligible for these increases.

    The rising cost of living will be mitigated by this move will thus much welcomed by the civil servants, both new and existing, who will stand to gain from this but may not be welcomed by the rakyat who have to bear the cost and pensioners who will not be benefiting at all. [Source: The Star 15.4.16].

    [e] The political powers have increased the number of elected ADUNs this year in Sarawak. Now there will be more politicians living at the expense of the rakyat. This is after the substantial increase of remuneration packages for MPs, ADUNs and may be Senators not to mention other elected/appointed reps at Federal & State levels and the hundreds of Agencies/Authorities/GLCs with their hundreds of Subsidiaries-Associates-Joint Venture companies/etc. Most holders of posts include retired politicians and senior civil servants and appointments at Ministerial level posts of defeated politicians whose services are considered ‘important’ for their expertise and important for the economy of the country.

    [f] Discounts to study loan delinquents [20% for PTPTN and 50% for MARA] not to mention discounts for traffic offences [JPJ/Police/Local Authorities] and rent delinquents for some public housing not to mention probably rates and assessments. Sarawak has just announced exemption from payment of assessment/quit rent for residential properties which is said to have nothing with the coming elections but more to assist the lower income Sarawakians.

    [g] There may be other cases


  6. Philippines just observed the 30th anniversary of the departure His Excellency President Marcos. And they are still cannot stop talking about him and what great things he has done to his country.

  7. I share every word of the author’s grivances n frustration. We are being taxed left right front back…and every year we read the Auditor General’s annual report about RM millions/billions monies down the drain due to non-amanah govt servants. We dont know if action actually had been taken on these bastards…but we continue pay various taxes.

  8. When you have a big government which owns Petronas and has big ratio of civil service personnel versus population, you are bound to have bloated and corrupted government. These corruption and inefficiency are nothing new to any nations having big government. Actually the most corrupt nations are those who have most centralized power in the governments, such as that of North Korea and Cuba.

    The means to achieve abnormally centralized power is almost always the same: socialism or its euphemisms such as democratic socialism, communism with Chinese Characteristics, people Republic, or The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (before it was made notorious in the short form called Nazi).

    The author happens to incidentally describe a model where a nation can be less corrupt: individuals are given the most amount of personal responsibility to take care of their respective families while the government is severely limited to deal with only a few key functions such as national defense and society security.

  9. Fa Abdul i sympathize with you. Like you have said so eloquently, the REAL TRAITORS and the REAL THIEVES are the great pretenders of this world like maha kutty and his 40 thieves and jibby and his gang .

    Like you yourself have alluded, these thieves and traitors are chauffered about in luxury cars with police escorts while we the common people are lied to , stolen from and above all struggle to make ends meet.

    And while all this is going on, Anwar Ibrahim is forced into obscurity.

  10. Wyne

    Now I know why countries that are ruled by 100% Chinese like China and Taiwan have no corruption at all.Even Penang that is ruled basically by Malaysian Chinese is corruption free and its impossible for Jhow Low to be involved in 1MDB shenanigans since he is a Chinese after all.Maybe most of the people that actually bribe the politicians and government servants in Malaysia are Mongolians but definitely not Chinese.Thank you for enlighting us on this moral issue.

  11. Discount culture adopted by Johore. Another burden on taxpayers caused by lack of action of inefficient enforcement officers who may be directed by their political masters who want that rewards delinquients or is it legalised form of ‘corruption’ in preparation for next election.
    Increase of salaries for all civil servants including who do not perform or deserve.

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