Dayus, according to an Egghead Religious Functionary

April 10, 2017

Malaysia: Dayus, according to an Egghead Religious Functionary

by Mariam Mokhtar

Where does the Perak State Religious Department find men like Harussani Zakaria the Perak Mufti and his deputy, Zamri Hashim. Their focus appears to be on the well-being of men, both on earth and in heaven.

If anything goes wrong, it is always the woman’s fault. Petty things, irk them, whilst issues like poverty, corruption and injustice, do not bother them. On March 25, Berita Harian reported that Zamri had urged men to exercise their manly rights, and be firm with their women, especially if they enter beauty contests or venture out in public, improperly dressed.

One would sympathise with Zamri if there were Malay women who dress like Kim Kardashian and stop traffic in town, disrupting classes and causing havoc in the pasar; but that is not the norm in Malaysia.

The nightclubs of Kuala Lumpur are frequented by a number of women who are scantily clad, and Zamri will be horrified to find that some are Malay girls from prominent UMNO Baruputra elite families.

Who Dares to ask Queen Rosie to adorn the Tudung

Zamri’s idea of being improperly attired is to go out without a tudung, or jobah. Zamri claimed that three groups of people would be stopped from entering heaven. They were people who disobeyed their parents, women who look like men, and “dayus” (the unmanly).

He said that a man may look and feel strong, but remained a “dayus”, if he failed to protect his women, and allowed them to commit sinful acts.What is his idea of a sin? Women who do not wear a tudung? What about the man who pilfers RM107 million from the Ministry of Youth and Sports? What about the other elephant in the room, the multi-billion ringgit donation?

How are girls given “protection” when they are forced to wear tudungs? Isn’t Zamri acting like a “dayus” by failing to directly tell women, that they have sinned? Is he too timid to address women, and that is why he ordered men, to “control” their women?

He claimed that women who work in professions which “don’t suit their lady-like personalities are committing sins”, and men who failed to stop them working are “dayus”.

I have friends and family in the oil and gas industry, in exploration, in aviation and the armed forces, who live on board a ship whilst doing research, who are farmers and mechanics. They are financially independent, and despite not wearing tudungs, are pious Muslims.

Zamri should focus on the sins committed by man. What about the husband who runs off to southern Thailand to marry a teenager, because his first wife has denied him permission to remarry? Didn’t the Prophet say men can be polygamous, but must take single mothers or widows as their subsequent wives?

What about the man who refuses to pay alimony after his divorce? What about the wife-beater? Or the man who rapes his granddaughter, because his wife is out of the house, and he needs comforting?

Zamri needs a reality check. He is not just sexist, he is also insecure. He needs to address men, and their sinful acts. Not women!

17 thoughts on “Dayus, according to an Egghead Religious Functionary

  1. Young Malays would get radicalised by Islam are of mainly driven by two factors – opportunistic and alienation. Of the two, the vast majority are alienation – the desperation to be relevant. It’s NOT driven by what works. The likes of Zamri, Khaliff Myanmar, Hasruzanni Zakaria, Ridhuan Tee has one thing in common – a career of not having to make anything work.

    Put it this way, if anyone of them were non- Muslim and say the same thing about another religion here they would be treated as trash and lynched. But because it’s Islam they wrapped themselves, they are revered. They are sociopaths.

  2. “He is not just sexist, he is also insecure” – Mariam

    May I add…he’s an idiot. Well, he looks like one too. We already have a moron for a mufti but this fella is a super duper moron. And once he is in the driver’s seat, I wonder what will come of Islam in the silver state. God, have mercy on your loyal servants.

  3. Quote:- “What about the man who pilfers RM107 million from the Ministry of Youth and Sports?”

    Zamri’s reply is these are “real men” because you need real guts, daring and above all “manly” qualities to be able to pull this gigantic heist off. No “dayus” could have done it. In fact, admit it Mariam, the Sports minister is quite “manly”, if you ask any Malay Muslim girl, “tudunged” or not, unless of course they are of a different persuasion.

    BTW, how to exercise your “manly rights” and “protect” your women if you are weak and worse poor? Ask our PM. He has been “protecting” his present wife quite adequately, no? Zamri must idolize Najib.

    So if corruption will protect your women, well, the more the better isn’t it? And better still, Heaven welcomes you for being “manly” A win, win situation.

    In fact if Zamri has his way, corruption should not only be institutionalized, but be “spiritualized” as well. Perhaps Najib himself is mulling over this seeing how many Umrah he has performed of late? God must be on his side as he seems to be growing politically stronger by the day?

  4. There are four groups (not three) who will be stopped from entering heaven…

    The fourth consists of those who pretend they are the sole authority on Islam and therefore have the right to impose on others…

  5. Poor najib. Definitely under the dayus category. She with the hairdo is the one having his levers in her paws.

  6. I salute to Mariam Mokhtar for her brave and clear rational on religious matters. The comment on the Dy. Mufti of Perak is absolutely right. SHE IS MY WOMAN.

  7. “Petty things, irk them, whilst issues like poverty, corruption and injustice, do not bother them.”

    This explains the majority of them. They are mostly fixated on what women wear and the faraid system of dividing inheritance where men get twice as much as women. They are not overly concerned with structural and systemic injustice, or the economy or healthcare or education, never mind human rights issues.

    You see, the so called ulamak or “Islamic” government of Kelantan still struggles to complete the (low cost) houses they promised the flood victims of Dec 2014, but in every small town in the state, they have managed to erect signboards to instruct the public on the right length and style for women to wear the tudung, to cite just one example.

    I guess you cannot say that they haven’t got their priorities straight.

  8. Another raghead spewing edicts fit for the Jahiliyah era in Sandland Saudi Barbaria. These ragheads must have hard one 24/7 just watching women covered or not and they think of sex every 15 seconds of their time awake and probably have wet dreams, then when they wake up they pass on these interpretations.
    Women have been equal if not better than men. Even the Prophet pbuh have declared 3 times that the most important person in someone’s life is their mother, then comes the father. So are these ragheads saying that the Prophet pbuh is wrong when the Prophet pbuh declared that heaven is at the feet of your mother.
    It is sad to see that these ragheads want Malaysia to be another Sandland Saudi Barbaria.

  9. I believe HRH Sultan of Perak approves of what this Dy. Mufti says since HRH Sultan is the Head of Islam in Perak. And no one should go against HRH lest one wants to spend some time staying at Kamunting Hilton for sedition against HRH. No wonder nowadays I see a lot of proud muslim men strutting around town with their noses in the air and buttocks protruding out because these muslim men are practicing excatly what this Dy. Mufti says. I guess beating their wives is a way of protecting their wives so that their wives would be mentally stronger for further physical abuse by these proud muslim men.

  10. Here is bolih land not arab land. If u keep producing arab shit one day it will explode. 13 states, already few states with differences opinion n ruling. For those who has power, do something about it, before we’re call gila land.

  11. You have to think from the perspective of these “lost” men. They are obviously obsessed and fascinated with the 72 virgins who await them in the after-life, and they are doing only things in this present-life that are relevant to getting them into an after-life of “perpetual ecstasy”. Sadly, lots of Malaysians actually bothered to believe these men.

  12. These are the worst kind of people on earth; ignorant, condescending, holier than thou and who think they are specially appointed by God himself to walk on this earth. As someone said recently, if they are the kind of people who will go to heaven, he prefers to go somewhere else where the likes of these people do not exist to pollute with their misguided preaching.

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