Najib’s Bunglers are hurting him

April 4, 2016

Najib’s Bunglers are hurting him

by Scott Ng

Najib’s No. 1

UMNO Supreme Council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman is making a name for himself as one of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s fiercest defenders. Tajuddin wants you to know that Najib has a good reason for spending a lot of money on his wife, Rosmah Mansor. It’s because it makes her happy, he says.

Just like any married man out there, the PM wants to impress the missus and, according to Tajuddin, giving her handbags is an important part of the process of wooing your lady. He says it is especially acceptable for the PM to do this because, as a high-ranking public official, he can afford it.

No one would disagree that there is no problem with pampering your lady within your means. But the key phrase here is “within your means”. Now, it has been alleged that Rosmah loves Birkin bags. One of those can cost anything from RM40,000 to RM1 million. The Prime Minister’s salary, on record, is RM22,825.65 a month, though his actual income is likely far higher, given the allowances our government officials are paid. Whether it is within Najib’s means to buy Birkin bags is a conclusion for someone else to draw.

Image result for

Mohamed Rahmat’s Son

We are not saying that Najib actually buys Birkin bags for Rosmah. All we’re doing is analysing Tajuddin’s statement. It is important to note that Tajuddin was responding to allegations made in the ABC’s Four Corners report on Malaysia. It said the PM used credit cards to spend millions buying jewellery for Rosmah. It also alleged that Najib had received tons of money from dubious sources, not just from Saudi royalty.

If Tajuddin had been a dependable defender of his boss, he would have done some research so he could shoot holes into the allegations. Instead, all he has succeeded in doing is to embarrass the PM further. His so-called defence of Najib raises eyebrows so high that they disappear into our hair.

Yet Another UMNO Bungler

Certainly, Tajuddin is not the only bungler among the PM’s men. The confusing narrative that we’ve been given threatens to derail any attempt at defending Najib. The defenders are out in full force, and they are saying different things. One insists that the Four Corners report is one-sided and inaccurate, and another tacitly admits that it got some things right.

The more Tajuddin and his fellow defenders talk, the shakier the ground the government stands on looks.


10 thoughts on “Najib’s Bunglers are hurting him

  1. Actually, its a good question to ask HOW MUCH these bungling defenders and apologists are costing Najib? The problem is it may not cost that much while the exasperating his best critics. It’s still has worth.

    The critics have not even know even linked the fact the monies spent were tax exempt while the rest of us suffers from GST. The critics further did not retort Najib claim of no GST increase when its certain to next time UMNO/ BN or PM gets into trouble.

  2. Including the fake letter from the Saudi prince about his
    amazingly generous “donation”.

    Saudi Arabia allowing its name to be tarnished this way?
    Did not summon the 1Malaysian Ambassador in Riyadh
    (or worse)?

  3. Well, at least someone did not disappoint and claimed he has met the donor of the USD681 million 2 years after he has kicked the bucket to be with his 72 dark-eyed virgins…. and I am sure none of the rural folks actually knew the Saudi King has kicked the bucket before that someone became the DPM… what a bunch of clowns… and we pay annual taxes to upkeep these clowns, that is the most painful part…

  4. When you look at this entire bunch of clowns:

    – Tajuddin Abdul Rahman
    – Ahmad Maslan
    – Ismail Sabri
    – Salleh Said Keruak
    – Abdul Rahman Dahlan
    – Azalina Othman Said
    – Sharil Samad
    – Puad Zarkawi
    – Bung Mokhtar Radin
    – Reezal Merican Naina Merican
    – Azeez Putra
    – Noh Omar
    – Nur Jazlan Mohamed
    – Nazri Aziz
    – Khairy Jamaluddin

    Don’t you think Malaysians deserve the idiotic government they are getting now simply because we accepted such stupid monkeys to be in the government?

    Yet we still sit back and try to reason that it is our culture not to be rude and oppose these idiots because it is not polite and not our culture…

    Then we have the people who can make a difference form a Group of 25 or 50 or whatever and it just fizzled out… only the chairlady voicing out her opinions once in a blue moon.

    So, can we blame anybody?

    Look at the last BERSIH Rally…. just look at see who did not turn up? Don’t you think they deserve to be left behind too for another decade or so? Who to blame but yourself?

  5. The PM is preoccupied with shoring up his position. Those around him are likewise busy defending him. Question is, who is governing the country? Is Malaysia on autopilot now?

  6. I believe Spore PM earns more than NR but v do not hear stories about him pampering his wive. Or he do not love his wife.
    Malaysian cabinet ministers, albeit a few at best r jokers of the highest calibers.

  7. “…kicked the bucket to be with his 72 dark-eyed virgins…. ”
    SiangMalam, you reduced the strength of your message when you included the above words; there was no need to take a jap at the Muslim faith.

    I enjoy most of your contributions but the above does not justice to the standard you normally maintain. However, I do detect the frustration sandwiched between your words.

  8. Nur jazlan son of mohamed Rahamt (former minister of information and later ambassador to Indonesia) who did NOT want PAN ASIAN faces on MALAYsian Tv advertisments.

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