Good Morning, Friends

April 2, 2016

Hello World,

Before I begin my day, I want to leave you with this thought from the  1conic John Lennon. I will be back to blog later after I return from a function  at The University of Cambodia which will start shortly. This function is organized to welcome undergraduates whose lives we are going to make a big difference, for them and their wonderful country, Cambodia. I always enjoy the company of eager beavers. They make me feel so young.

Popularity is for politicians who can look you in your face and lie.  Sincerity is for me. I value my friends and they are the people who are always with me and accept me for who and what I am. Kamsiah Haider is my best of friends because she can put up with me. I am basically an irritant.–Din Merican

5 thoughts on “Good Morning, Friends

  1. Din. that is a beautifully written thoughts of yours. I am in agreement with you. BRAVO my friend.
    Thanks, pal. Be of good cheer. Life is worth living, that is living with a purpose.–Din Merican

  2. Friends,

    True love and belief overcome most, if not everything .
    Space-time, even warpped,will bear witness to events unfolding–kllau.

  3. Our politicians and other leaders are complete bumpkin of the now accepted truism first stated by Steve Job that at the end of the day, its not written on the tombstone the figure of wealth he has or how much stuff he has but what did they do or change.

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