A Malaysian Muslim Intellectual’s Peaceful New World Order

March 29, 2016

“The Causes of ‘Islamic State’ Violence, the Resolution of Which Would Result in a Better New World Order”.

by Kassim Ahmad

I looked up all references and listened to all expert commentators on the subject, yet I failed to get a satisfactory answer. In this essay, I shall try to probe the matter.

There are some telling clues. First, the perpetrators claim to represent Islam. Second, the targets are all Western countries whose populations are mostly Christians (United States, France and Brussels ), Thirdl the latest targets were the Christian minority community in Pakistan.

Fourth, look at present-day Iraq. It is chaos-in-chief, consequent upon three American-led coalition of 33 countries’ invasions of that country, thanks to the inducement by British Empire-created Irael (in  the midst of Arab countries) and imperial Iran. Remember Iraq was the home of the first human civilization, dating from Prophet Abraham in Ur of 5000 years ago.

Iraq and Syria, two ancient civilizations, is said to be the home of “Islamic State”, carrying the banner of Allah and Muhammad, a clearly mistaken banner.  The true banner of Islam is that of One True God, the God of all the peoples, Jews, Christians, Muslims  and others — all believers in monotheism, openly declared or kept secret.

All these clues point to a long conflict extending from 15th century up to the present between Muslims and Christians. Furthermore, do not forget the Western crusades against Islam. There were nine crusades altogether, extending from 1095 of the first crusade, to 1271 of the ninth crusade. The crusades were ordered by the various popes who were then also kings sitting on the thrones of Medieval Europe.

The crusaders’ purpose was to retake the holy city of Jerusalem, which the Muslims conquered from the Byzantine Empire.  Jerusalem is known as Baitul-Maqdis to the Muslims, also one of their holy cities.

All these acts of Muslim violence against the Christian West, starting from the 9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Centre, through Paris, Brussels and the Christian community in Pakistan, must be looked as a whole as Muslim revolt against the Christians. As can be seen, it has a long history, from 16th Century colonization of the Malay World, including the Philippines, most of which it has christianised, up to the 18th century.  In the 18th century European colonialism awakened Asian nationalism, resulting in new independent nation-states. But nation-states cannot unite the world that has become interconnected into a global village.

We need a philosophy, a new world-view for our interconnected world. As Islam is a “revolutionary, life-affirming and death-defying” world-view, as I have defined it in another location, that must have been the basis and reason for the rise of the “Islamic State” movement.

That being so, what solution can we offer to resolve this deep psychological-cum-physical conflict? Let us ask ourselves what type of world we want to see emerge for our and for future generations. Surely a peaceful, secure and just world.

What type of world do we have now?First , it a non-Muslim dominated world. It is ruled by two non-Muslim blocs led by two self-appointed superpowers, the United States of America and the Russia (and rising powerhouse China). Be it noted that the United States and Russia are both Christians. This world is neither peaceful, nor secure, nor just. The Sword of Democles hangs over us. It is imperative the justice-loving peoples of the world must change it before we commit ourselves to a mutually-assured self-destruction.

The West for all its physical and apparent mental might – can it face this this challenge of “insane’ violence? Certainly it cannot. But the west is too proud to admit defeat, although defeated it will be. “Islamic State” violence in increasing by the day, as all can see. But even Muslims cannot tolerate this violence commited in the name of Islam. It is not Islam’s solution. (When I speak of Islam I means the Islam of all prophet-messengers from Adam to Muhammad, including Abraham, Moses and Jesus.)

Thus both the essentially Christian West and the Muslims must come to an amicable agreement in order to bring about a peaceful, secure and just world. The Christian West must openly apologize for their colonization of the world and pay token compensation. Then all countries, Muslim and non-Muslim, which have been the victims of colonialism must openly forgive their colonisers and agree to live in peace with the countries that had colonized them.

The non-Muslim dominated United Nations Security Council, a relic of the Second World War (1939-1945), must be democratized. All countries must renounce and destroy all weapons of mass destruction. The “Islamic State” violence  and terror must cease immediately. And finally all countries, big and small, must undertake to live in peace with one another, solve all their differences and conflicts peacefully, and cooperate and help one another to progress in all fields of human endeavor.

All these must be included in a revised and expanded the United Nations Charter, and  UN Universal Rights Declaration.Then a peaceful, secure and just world will come into being, and a new chapter in human life in this Universe will begin.




27 thoughts on “A Malaysian Muslim Intellectual’s Peaceful New World Order

  1. Pak Kassim,

    It is a good start. Yes, a peaceful world must be just, inclusive, and equitable. That is true, but it takes a pair of hands to clap. We cannot put the entire blame on the Christian West.

    The Muslim world leaders are equally responsible for the rise of the Islamic State and the root cause of this movement lies in the way they govern (corruption and abuses of power) and the manner the way the young in the Muslim world are educated. You cannot preach hatred and not to expect to suffer its consequences. We must respect the dignity of difference (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks).

    Education opens the doors to opportunity and a better life for us. Here we are not talking about equality of outcomes, but equality of opportunity. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and others who came after them put a premium on education and the pursuit of knowledge. Muhammad pbuh too.

    In order to remove perverted thinking, we must re-educate our so-called ustazs and mullahs. The same must apply to men of religion of the extreme right who should be taught the way of Pope Francis.

    Religion today is the seed of humanity’s destruction. Ignore its negative influence on people of the North, South, East and East and West at our own peril. May we learn something from Bhutan. It is time megalomaniacs learn humility. Nietzsche’s nihilism must be abandoned. It brought Hitlerism and World War II, and ISIS/ISL/Dash today . We have to move away from suspicion, insinuation, hatred, and obscurantism.

    Just another viewpoint, albeit an idealist view of life. I do recognise that today’s Weltanschauung embodies the ideas of Thomas Hobbes and the politics of Niccolo Machiavelli. Your views, please, Conrad, CLF, orang Malaya, Isa Manteqi et.al. –Din Merican

  2. //Adam to Muhammad, including Abraham, Moses and Jesus.
    I think I should leave out commenting on Prophet Muhammad, and Jesus. But, almost all the other prophets, including the three mentioned have documented flaws recorded in our inherited text.

    We can be good at times. But, we cannot be good all the time. To err is human. As such, I would leave the forever lasting peace kingdom to God.

    The surer we are of God’s plan, the easier it would be for us to be deceived. As such, many of today’s fundamentalist Christians believe anti-Christ could be head of state of the nations mentioned or head of United Nation.

    Personally, I do not care how it would pan out. Yet, most important ly why bother to fight with our own brothers and sisters. Life is short and challenging enough as it is.

  3. Islam is “revolutionary, life-affirming and death-defying”??? In what planet?? The answer to Western-Christian failure of leadership is democracy with hegemonistic, don’t play well with others? Islamic intellectuals and scholar focus on what they want things to be and provide reasons, excuses really rather than the other way around..Focus on what can be created first, what is possible first.

    You don’t build ANYTHING by focusing overwhelmingly by what should be. Otherwise, the West would have figured out their failures by now.. You build by fist understanding what can be, what can grow and make better. 9/10 times the answer is you can’t get where you want, you get to where you can and then you move on from there. Its humanities fate, we are not gods of ourselves..

  4. To me, a number of issues are apparent. Firstly, to divide the world into Muslim and Christian is a generalisation that no longer holds. The non-Muslim nations (which the good writer claims dominate the UN Security Council and other international bodies), no longer stand for Christianity or any other religion. Their intent is entirely secular, and has nothing to do with religion. What we are seeing is a war of fanatical Islamists against everybody else!

    My second observation is that fanatical Islamists are attempting to gain world power by eliminating, again, everybody else. The hypocrisy and absurdity of this idea can’t be lost on intelligent Muslims – or on anyone who knows about cancer (Cancer cells proliferate and finally kill their host – and themselves). Islam as a culture lost its power in the Middle Ages when it turned its back on philosophy and science, which it dominated for hundreds of years. Since then Muslim countries have not done anything creative, whether in science, technology or art; choosing to be merely consumers. The Arabs, through their oil money, have only succeeded in building mega-shopping malls filled with products created by the West or by Korea or Japan. And the hypocrisy is that the fanatics use western, Japanese or Korean technology to publicise their terror campaigns.

    Thirdly, the perverted thinking that the Din talks about comes from not only lack of education; but also lack of exposure to the minds and cultures of others. To imagine that westerners are depraved and immoral is just that – a figment of imagination. Contrary to extremist claims, it is not freedom of expression that leads to depravity, it is suppression and oppression. What is bottled up must come out – that is human nature.

    The Catch-22 is that simple Muslims are not encouraged to mingle with and explore other cultures for fear of their being “led astray”; thus it is not easy for many of them to see and experience the basic goodness of all humans. I was shocked and greatly saddened in my student days to learn that Muslim children in small Malaysian towns and villages were being taught to avoid “infidels” because they were dirty and haram. We are now seeing the fruits of that mental programming.

    Distrust begets distrust, creating a nation and politics vulnerable to crime, corruption and cynical manipulation. It seems to me that the only solution is to engender a culture of ethics and freedom, which will bring in its own checks and balances. Trust is the backbone of society; and only with trust can freedom of expression exist.

    The free expression of human nature in turn enables the heights of sublime art, literature, creative technology and spiritual experience. It is only through free expression that people can finally relax and be themselves, allowing communion with others. Altruism and love don’t grow easily in a bed of distrust and fear. This is the premise of the intelligent western zeitgeist. Libertarianism and humanism is not Christianity, it is pan-religious. Neither is it immoral or depraved; rather, it is cognisant of, and celebrates, natural human drives and their individual expressions.

    Ultimate human expression can only take place in an environment of peace and communal harmony. In areas that have experienced war for decades or even centuries, their only solution is hatred, division, and further war, and the ensuing economic ruin and struggle. They cannot see beyond this, and therefore cannot see the rationale for “western” libertarianism and humanism.

    What we are seeing is not a struggle between Islam and the Christian West. The “defeat” of the West mentioned by the writer is illusory. Certainly, many of its structures are crumbling; but that is not defeat, it is metamorphosis. I think what we are seeing is the struggle between a group of people who are trying to re-enact a historical vision of the world, and a much larger group of people who are discovering the potential of a global economy and society. I think the important question for many Muslims today is: what is their vision for metamorphosis and global community? What is their vision for their children?

  5. Sorry I meant Din not “the Din”! 🙂
    Din can be anyone. the Din”can be only me. Let it stay. In stead of apology, you deserve my thank you, bro. –Din Merican.

  6. “All these acts of Muslim violence against the Christian West, starting from the 9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Centre, through Paris, Brussels and the Christian community in Pakistan, must be looked as a whole as Muslim revolt against the Christians.”

    Wow, what an incredible statement of self-justification! Perhaps it is worth noting that much of North Africa and the Levant was Christian before the Arab conquests of the 7th-8th centuries. There were several early Popes who hailed from North Africa. One of the greatest early Christian theologians, St Augustine, was also from North African. So by this logic, then we can assert that the Crusades were a Christian “revolt” against the Muslims?

    If you seek justification for present-day violence/enmity from history, there will be no end to it.

    Also BTW, the UN universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) is not accepted by many Muslim countries, including Malaysia. UDHR Article 18:

    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

  7. “..must be looked as a whole as Muslim revolt against the Christians.”

    True. But there is no “Clash of Civilizations” ala Sam Huntington.

    It is Islam, the so called “revolutionary, life-affirming and death-defying” world-view, which is at odds with practically the rest of the world. For all the hype that ‘Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion’, its adherents in all sects make up about the same or slightly more than the Western Rite (Roman) Catholics – and that doesn’t take into account the Protestants (which include the Evangelicals – who actually are the fastest growing and Charismatics).

    Islam is clashing with Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and all other faiths. Red China under the ‘Communists’ are among the most brutal oppressors of ‘The Religion of Peace’. The population in Mainland China is slightly more than all the ‘Sons of Mohammad’. Apart from MENA, parts of sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Malay Archipelago, it’s only in the Secular West that Islam is tolerated. That too is changing.

    As it stands, Europe is morphing into a Fortress and so are the Americas. Not by choice, but by necessity due to the virulence, pugnacity and pathogenicity of certain Islamic strains. No doubt Islam will survive, but where will it be, when the Oil runs out or when the Industrialized World completes its transition into a level 1 on the Kardashev scale? (Wiki it) The Islamic world will then be confined to the poorest, ignorant and desertified/marginalized regions of the globe – unable to ‘breakout’ of their self-imposed dogmas.

    The God of Islam is not the God of Christianity, regardless of the Name. It is not merely a theological argument, but a matter of Faith. There is no communality between these so-called Abrahamic Religions, even though there are many ‘elements’ and Liturgical devices borrowed from the earlier religion. I’m forced to come to this conclusion after many hours of deliberation and study.

    As it is not my religion, the less i comment about it, the better. My commentary is from a ‘kaffir’ socio-economic-political viewpoint, and which is mine alone: The “future for Islam” is bleak, if there is no massive reformation of that Exclusivity Mentality.

    Btw, Pak Kassim, the earliest civilization may not have been in Mesopotamia but in the Danube Valley and surroundings (the so-called Cucuteni-Trypillian-Vinca culture). The historical view, now, is that early civilizations developed in a multicentric locales. The idea that ‘Eden’ was in the Middle East, needs to be revised. For Christians like me, Eden is metaphorical and the Genetic Adam was a dark skinned African and not a Jew or Arab or Tibetan. Can i live with that? Yup.

  8. Doggie……..I mean Lupus…..still clamouring for the implosion of China……..hahahaha…….

    Never mind still got Mother Russia………hahahahaha

  9. //The non-Muslim dominated United Nations Security Council, a relic of the Second World War (1939-1945), must be democratized.

    Christians or not, Pak Kassim spoke a truth, or ideal that I personally would love to see also.

    Not only Muslims; Indians, Africans, Balkan states and SouthEast Asian states should have representation also.

    But, alas, who am I? My brain is too small to see how that would happen. Big nations have also been acting unilaterally, bypassing existing Security council. Pragmatically speaking, so what even if that is the case.

    Kata kata … kata kata … (*_*;

    I suspect, very soon, the world would have soon be talking about accepting ISIS as part of a new nation. But, hopefully not.

    In God’s hand.

  10. There is only one way and one way only for the “Muslims” to “revolt” successfully against the “Christians”, (whether now or a 1 million years from now), and that is:-

    1. be economically successful; i.e. richer in monetary terms without depending on oil alone;

    2. be the inventors / innovators for all technological advances;

    In other words, be smarter, be richer and therefore stronger militarily, and above all be in the very forefront of intellectual discourse; be the thinkers not shouters, be the innovators, not mere consumers. In other words, be like what the early European colonizers were, and still are, comparative to the “Natives”

    Don’t be like what made 18th Century China the “Sick Man of Asia”

    Let’s humbly accept it. At this moment in human history at least, the white man is superior in many ways.

    Setting out bombs and killing a few people now and then, (some of whom are also Muslims), will never work. It just “shiok sendiri” the Muslims for half a day.

    The Western controlled UN Security Council Citadel can never be “conquered” or “democratized” by weak, poor Muslims or indeed weak, poor anyone. Why should the rich Americans / Europeans allow it? That’s like demanding that the Royal Selangor Golf Club be “democratized” and throw open its doors and unconditionally allow any Ah Chong, Ali and Muthu to walk around its grounds and play a quick round of bad golf along side the Datuks and Tan Sris. The UN Security Council is a private members club and the non-permanent members were there at the benign sufferance of the permanent members.

    So, so long as the intellectual inventiveness, technological innovations status quo prevails, people like Kassim Ahmad can look up all references and listened to all expert commentators on the subject till Kingdom come, will yet fail to get a satisfactory answer. Because his mind, contrary to what he likes to think, is still closed, and the evidence for this is his assertion that Islam has a “revolutionary, life-affirming and death-defying” world-view.

    En. Kassim Ahmad, the way to “revolt” and “beat” the Christian White is not to simply tear down his institutions, because these institutions are more than just brick and mortar buildings with large Roman colonnades; there are the end products of centuries of creative genius, borne of freeing the mind from the mental straight jackets of Bronze Age religious dogma. That’s why they called it “The Renaissance” Read, if you can, Isaac Newton’s “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica” and you will finally grasp the intellectual immensity of your foe.

    So instead of talking about “reforming” the UN and whatnot or “revolting” against the Christian Whites and whatnot, reform, renaissanced your own mind first; tear down the barb-wired fencing Islamic doctrines had surreptitiously built imprisoning your mind inside.

    When you are finally free, then let’s talk again.

  11. //setting out bombs and killing a few people now and then, (some of whom are also Muslims), will never work. It just “shiok sendiri” the Muslims for half a day.

    Wayne, I have a suspicion a lot of empires did start off humbly just like that. (・・;)

    The way I have read what En Kassim has written, I think he actually agrees with you 100% on what is needed to reform Islamic reform, i. e. breaking free and etc..

    For a Christian to claim victory in this life, one merely needs to hang onto and live out a promise, a hope and a realization. Ultimate end is to be achieved via unforseeable means. How it will all end is not for mere mortal to fanthom despite much that has been written in our inherited text. Doing that is exactly the very mystery that makes Christianity so amazingly appealing to many believers.

    Taking a step back, I noticed what I have said in the above, as a Christian, is not so different from what En Kassim has suggested also. Nor is it so different from many others. Except that, I think my route is easier and will end up better ^_^

    There is no victory in Christianity, except what has already been achieved and done by His will.

    Life is short in this world. Live it responsibly and lovingly. My life in this world is already slightly more than half way there. Already I noticed I have not been doing that well, and could have done better. But, there is no reason I could not be doing better in the next half.

    In any case, I firmly believe that all nonMuslims in Malaysia would live a much happier life if more Malay Muslims do and think like En Kassim.

    Amen, En Kassim.

  12. “All these acts of Muslim violence against the Christian West, starting from the 9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Centre, through Paris, Brussels and the Christian community in Pakistan, must be looked as a whole as Muslim revolt against the Christians”

    Really katasayang ?

    I think the problem with Islam is that far too many Muslims subscribe to the above sentiment. And it really is a horrible statement. Drenched with revisionism, lack of empathy, hypocrisy, victimhood, superiority and propaganda.

    Ok, paint a bulls eye on the West because of Imperialism but this still does not explain why Muslims kill other Muslims in greater numbers than Western Imperialism or Colonialism.

    More Muslims spill blood over dogma and reject the economic and social benefits that stable democratic values bring and instead choose to wallow in some perceived notion of religious superiority and austerity.

  13. I received this comment from Kassim Ahmad:

    “I noticed that you have changed the title of my essay to focus on the bigger issue of a new world order. I agree with that, but quickly looking at the comments, I think the readers were a little confused. I am not worried about the comments; I can answer them later. I would change the title to “The Causes of ‘Islamic State’ Violence, the Resolution of Which Would Result in a Better New World Order”. I do not know what you can do now to correct the confusion.

    Two facts that I stated are true: the colonisation of the Muslim world by European Christian powers, and the nine Christian anti-Muslim crusades. These two facts lie behind the Muslim anger against Christians, and make the “Islamic State” movement attractive to Muslims. Please do what you can to remove the confusion. “

  14. Thanks you ‘The Din’ for posting the original article.
    I found it uncomfortable reading, but am relieved by the comments that followed.
    The author cant help it. Thats the viewpoint of the conservative paranoid, and sadly I have to add….Muslim.
    Hope to see you again. Soon. –The Din

  15. I don’t think the colonisation of the Muslim world by European Christian powers has ever been complete; neither was the Muslim colonisation of Europe (it reached halfway up to Spain and the Near East). It must be remembered that the crusades were undertaken by the then-powerful Christian Church to reunite the lands split by Muslim invasions, and ensure passage to the Holy Land.

    The point I made earlier is, that this piece of history bears little relevance to modern history. The modern so-called western world is secular and has evolved out of secular political upheavals including the French and American Revolutions, Marxism, etc. Therefore, not only is “Muslim anger against Christians” a highly misplaced and anachronistic emotion, it is a disingenuous excuse for gratuitous violence.

    Unless one wants to believe conspiracy theories, Christianity is a spent and irrelevant political force. If anything, the real challenges facing Muslims today are misinformation by their own leaders, and the mounting fear and reactivity of non-Muslims who observe the atrocities committed by Muslim fanatics.

    This is not meant to ignore or condone recent violence and even genocidal actions towards Muslims. Those responsible are not the non-Muslim world, but usually sectarian governments or political organisations. Resolution of discriminatory tendencies on all sides would certainly herald a new world order. I believe the best tool that we have today is democracy and free speech. To (badly) paraphrase Winston Churchill, “Democracy doesn’t work very well; but the alternatives are terrible.”

  16. Conrad,

    Yes, really. This ‘young’ theologian voiced nearly identical opinion as per En Kassim’s writing in this post. It is not apologetic. It is admission of what went wrong. It is a repentence.

    .. a Christian must be humble and loving; this is because, as Keller reminds us, the heart of Christianity is Jesus … “on a cross, loving people, who don’t love him.”

    Just a caveat. I don’t agree with what Dr Jue mentioned at the end of the article. What he mentioned is a fanatic open secret ineffective idealism that has little biblical basis, with grave consequence to many mainland Chinese throwing their lives away.

    There is indeed a big movement within China to send missionaries via the Silk Road, aiming to bring the gospel all the way back to Jerusalem.

    I would agree that even Muslims deserve to learn about the gospel. But, I disagree for churches attended mostly by Chinese to believe they are the destined generation to be able to do so, especially in light of the recent rise of XiDaDa’s foreign policy, and our inability to comprehend and being well verse in the Quran.

    On the contrary, I have often wonder when will the Malay realizes that they are not doing any good in spreading Islam, especially to the Chinese community within South East Asia.

    Come on, Ridhuan Tee?

  17. I don’t think any of the commentators here are ‘confused’. Remember that the Muslims after their initial breakout of the Hejaz started to conquer and disassemble the Eastern Roman Empire and conquered parts of the Iberian Peninsula which were under Christian sovereignty. They were stopped from further encroachment into Western Europe by Charles Martel, who had to use the ancient tactics of the Greek phalanx in the Battle of Tours. And despite earlier successes, the myriads of Caliphates started to waver and disintegrate after the Traumatic Siege of Malta and later Vienna, and the naval battle of Lepanto that broke the back of the Ottoman navy.

    So don’t start with the blame game including the barbaric Crusades, because history is a two edged sword. It all boils down to the propensity of Man’s passion to kill his fellow man, or at least circumcise and beggar his ‘neighbor’.

    Islam has never ‘Conquered’ peacefully and still doesn’t because it is an aggressive War-Like religion. So are the Christians, and any other ‘Peaceful’ Religions.

    We don’t need a lecture on your revisionist history and peace to all mankind platitudes. Unless the Muslims themselves see themselves for whom they are and Personalize their God of Peace and Mercy, instead of a Judgmental, Misogynistic, Arabic-speaking and Desertified God, Islam like Christianity (in the past) will be considered Amoking Barbarians – intent on vengeance, profit and and rapine.

    So veritas (4:08pm) said it all:
    “If you seek justification for present-day violence/enmity from history, there will be no end to it.”

    For Quranists like you, and many other ‘non-denominational’ Muslims – reflect personally on what your Holy Scripture says. And like me, don’t compare – but try to understand others point of view. There can be no peace, until “The Correct Way of Life” aspect of Man’s hubris, is subsumed for Peaceful coexistence among the Tribes.

    The path of enlightenment rhetoric, according to Aristotle is this:
    1. Logos – content, knowledge or the “guts of the Message”.
    2. Pathos – appeal based on emotion – the metaphors and illustrations’
    3. Ethos – credibility and character of the communicator.
    Remember, ethos must accompany logos and pathos in order that one can defend, witness and even ‘prophecy’..

  18. “It is a repentence.”


    What on earth are you going on about ? Also, please don’t cite any literature from any sort of evangelical “learning” institute …..

    The problem with most Muslims today is that they are trying to figure out “what went wrong”, instead of acknowledging “what is wrong” with their religion.

    Get it ?

    Because most Muslims don’t think there is anything wrong with their religion. They wait for answers from scholars . Despise unbelievers, liberals, other Muslims .

    Impose their beliefs or attempt to impose their beliefs if they are a majority in a community or attempt to do the same when they are minority.

    They slaughter their own kind, attack soft Western targets in the hopes of alienating those Muslims living peacefully in the West from their communities and subvert with petrodollars any kind solidarity Muslims have with people in democratic countries.

    Get it katasayang ?

  19. @conrad No problem. Just miscommunication on my part on understanding what you mean earlier. All I am suggesting is that there is nothing controversial in what En Kassim suggested, from some Christian’s perspective. I agree with what En Kassim has suggested. If God is willing (no pun intended), hopefully UN Security Council would add permanent seats for Islamic nations (both Shiite and Sunni). Hopefully, India also.

  20. Security Council seats, whether permanent or temporary, are not and have never been assigned to religions. The very suggestion is absurd. So how about a Buddhist seat (FYI, China is an atheist country)? By this argument of assigning seats by religion, then perhaps either Thailand or Myanmar can take up the Buddhist seat?

    Does this mean that UN ambassadors, who after all represent their countries in Security Council meetings, must be qualified theologians and religious figures?

    Who then gets to decide which religions are worthy of a SC seat and which aren’t? What about Zoroastrians? What about Scientologists?

    • @katasayang and @veritas, you are pointing out, as I have tried to do, that the “Muslim/Christian conflict” as propounded even by Muslim scholars, is a fiction. It brings up the image of Don Quixote having duels with windmills believing they are enemies. From our viewpoint, he is a rather pathetic and humorous insane man. From his viewpoint he is re-enacting a vision of historical chivalry and “maintaining order” by fighting imaginary foes.

      The politics of most of the world is secular, and has been for several hundred years. This not to say that religion is dead; just that religion largely is a personal affair, and no longer has a relevant part to play in politics or commerce.

      The absurdity of alllocating UN seats based on religions emphasises that it is only conservative Muslims (and perhaps Jews) who continue to mix politics with religion, and who imagine that others do the same.

      To imagine that a Buddhist nation would be more peaceful than any other nation is to continue along this fictional and dangerous path. Spirituality is universally peaceful. Religion is peaceful or not depending on the psychology (and agenda) of the people leading it. Similarly for nations. Witness the persecution of the Muslim Rohingya in largely-Buddhist Myanmar.

      I think that once we can intellectually separate the spiritual experience – which is accessible to all humans in all cultures – from the politics of organised religion, which by nature tends to be coercive in varying degrees, we can then discuss the issues with more clarity.

      I believe it is incumbent on Muslims to make this distinction so that we can optimally apply reasoning to the pressing issues of today. Ultimately, philosophers have said for over 2500 years, God has given us free will and self-reflexivity, in order to make choices. I believe we therefore have the responsibility to practise it to the best of our abilities.

  21. The rise of ISIS/ISIL and the various Islamic groups bent on terrorism is a recent vintage and not directly related to the colonization of Mid East countries by the Western nations. These group grew out of the frustrations of the have nots against the rulers of their respective countries who were directly or indirectly propped up by the US and other western nations. The gap between the have and have nots is glaringly obvious and the abuse by the rulers have led the Mullahs to capitalize on population and garner support amongst the ordinary citizens who dream of a more just and equitable standard of living. Examples are the Saudi Royal family and Al Assad in Syria along with the various leaders in Egypt.
    The citizens of these countries picture life in thebUS through movies and TV. They have longed for a piece of the pie but have been denied these basic rights by their rulers who in association with the US have raped and plundered their countries. The Mullahs have garnered these dissatisfaction and formed the idea of a Islamic Caliphate free of interference by Western countries. Notice that most of the leaders have western education Bin Laden for example.
    It is not a clash between civilization but rather a situation that have been exploited by the opposition to the rulers and the so called Americans. The rulers live in luxury and enjoyed the opulence thanks to the oil that was sold to the US and other western oil companies while the general population live in poverty and misery.
    Muslims are very submissive and easily convinced especially when it relates to their religion. They will follow the Mullahs blindly when these Mullahs instill fear of God and fear of Gods punishment if they don’t adhere to these edicts. Peer pressure also play a part, no Muslims wants to be labeled a murtad and ostracized by their family and friends.

  22. // Security Council seats, whether permanent or temporary, are not and have never been assigned to religions. The very suggestion is absurd.

    Exactly! It is absurd that a secular world decides how a religious world ought to be divided.

    Today, no secular nation could figure if it is best to prop-up or destroy Assad’s Syria. There is sanity-check today wondering if our secular west had split up Middle East most unnaturally. See this article:
    Maybe Lawrence of Arabia should have a permanent seat in security council 😛

    A decade ago, when I first learn about Wahabbism and its’ impact in Malaysia for decades from a Malay, I was telling myself .. hey we need to understand that. Today, I am still clueless on what it is about.

    Some part of me would say it is not so absurd if more Muslim opinions were heard at the UN Security council.

    @veritas. Good question about including Buddhists. Although there are a lot of buddhists today, but there are not that many nations run by buddhist hierarchy. Not sure if there is even one. But, you definitely got me curious if we could get an objective view of Buddhists nations from the past. I wonder if Data.Din might come across some work from Cambodia. Would a Buddhist nation be more peaceful than xyz religion nation? I know there are too many bad apple nations for Christianity. But, it should not prevent us asking the question …
    But, perhaps, Buddha Gautama would suggest that it is missing the point.
    Yet, so would Jesus say the same to those who are building a Christian nation 😛

  23. @gezznz: Yes, on many points of what you have mentioned.

    But, I am just trying to see how can one I figure this out objectively?

    What if we happen to be the Don Quixote in the eyes of the Muslims, and they happen to be right? I am not suggesting that is the case. But, what if the Muslims happen to be right.

  24. 1. I just want to reply to two matters: the the true Islamic world-view that I characterize as “Revolutionary, life-affirming and death defying” , and the nature of the new world order.
    2. Revolutionary means going to the root of the matter and resolving it once and for all, life-affirming means what it says and for all times and for many generations to come, and death-defying means what it says, because life and deaths are natural cycles, until the Universe becomes bereft of energy, many, many billions of years to come (according to the computation of scientists) when whole Universe will collapse, except the Face of God, as the Quran foretells.
    3. I have already described the new world order. I will not repeat it here.
    — Kassim Ahmad

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