Malaysia: A place where Islamic Buffoons are given a free rein

March 29, 2016

Malaysia: A place where Islamic Buffoons are given a free rein

by Farouk A. Peru

Islamic Buffoons run BolehLand

When any industry gets inundated with players, the quality of its products can be very questionable. It was true with the PC industry when IBM PC opened its doors to compatibles thus giving way to some very sub-par products.

It was also true in the movie industry when stellar movies inevitably inspired copycats. The Blair Witch Project and Sixth Sense were pioneers in this regard and inspired a number of inferior films.

This is also unfortunately true with the industry of religion. While there are some very inspiring speakers who can motivate the layperson to become a better human being, there are also those who tap into the religious market by providing sheer entertainment. They, perhaps unknowingly, act like buffoons in order to boost their popularity.

What makes a religious buffoon? While some may point to the speakers’ demeanour and style, I have to disagree.

Humour can actually make difficult subjects much easier to digest, in my experience. I have a vast collection of “Idiots Guides” and “For Dummies” books which attest to that fact!

No, rather buffoonery comes from the puerility of the subject matter and worse, the superficial manner in which it is handled.

Like any economic endeavour, the religious industry needs to keep coming up with fresh products to keep the target market interested else it becomes stale or irrelevant.

The inspiration for this piece came earlier this week in my Facebook feed which I use to observe the religious social media. I chanced upon a lecture by this ustaz (religious teacher)  who claimed that the voices of women is considered “aurat” in Islam.

“Aurat” is an imported word from Arabic which means “modest or private area” in everyday lingo. The ustaz who seemed to be talking to an exclusively male audience, claimed that if a male were to engage in a telephone conversation with a woman ― however innocent the conversation may be ― that man would be sexually aroused.

He then asked a member of the audience if this was true and the answer came in the negative. Instead of accepting that different people have different levels of acceptable stimuli, the ustaz then accused that gentleman of having a low sex drive!

The next person the ustaz questioned hurriedly replied to the affirmative that indeed women’s voices can be seductive. The ustaz then added that not only are women’s voices arousing, they can actually cause a man to emit pre-ejaculate!

One wonders how this ustaz survives in daily life. When he goes to a restaurant and a waitress inquires about his order, would he then be in a state of arousal? But it does not end there. The ustaz manages to surreptitiously add in some misogynistic elements to the seemingly receptive audience.

At that point, he adds that that is the reason we cannot have female leaders and khateebas (women who give sermons) unless the congregation is all female. The measure of a society’s backwardness is apparently when women take the helm of leadership, he asserts.

This is from the same individual who criticises women for shaping their eyebrows, claiming that it is physical modification! Comparing eyebrow shaping with plastic surgery must be the very definition of puerile and superficial.

The phenomenon of the religious buffoon is, in reality, an indictment on the society which produces it. Without the religious consumer, these people would need to find real jobs, perhaps in the entertainment industry given their talents to amuse listeners.

The only difference is the entertainment industry actually provides some benefit in that it gives us a means to relieve stress and to enjoy ourselves.

These religious buffoons, however, can actually cause damage with their sinister remarks. With the aforementioned ustaz for example, male members of his audience may actually force their beliefs on female members of their respective families.

This is when simple entertainment translates into social detriment. Malay-Muslims need to stay away from such folks.

6 thoughts on “Malaysia: A place where Islamic Buffoons are given a free rein

  1. There’s also the Chinese-convert-to-Islam extremist whom both Sarawak and Singapore prevented from entering.

  2. Stay away? They peddle a narcotic and a con and the suggested answer is stay away? THIS is why the West has won for her hundreds of years and Islamic countries will not be. Malay need secularity and liberalism no matter what Islam is suppose or can be. If they say Malay need special rights and privilleges, they need secularity and liberalism

  3. When the government is desparate to hang on to power, they will use all these buffoons to first scare the followers into thinking that God will be angry if they dont follow the foolish edicts issued by these bigots who can’t see beyond their noses. They have not learned anything from the other societies around the world even those from the same religion. These buffoons have their own interpretations and no one should challege them. Challenging them will mean challenging God. Thats their notion. All these is done to keep the flock from thinking and making their own decisions.
    These buffoons are aplenty and they sprout like mushrooms after a thunderstorm with the advent of Facebook and Youtube. They make proclamations that Facebook and other internet websites are out to corrupt the believers yet they have no qualms about using these same media to promote their bigotry and false teachings.
    Then we have those supposedly learned Ustazs educated in Islamic Studies both from local as well as foreign universities from the Middle East. They too haven’t opened their eyes on the various different interpretations of Islam as practiced in the other Muslim countries. They are also confused on the Sunna Wal Jammaah and believe that Islam as practised in Malaysia and as promoted by them to be the true Islam. They take it upon themselves to be the enforcer for Allah often times reducing Allah to a helpless being that needs human protection whereas Allah is the most powerful Most Omnipotent and the creator of mankind. Allah in his infinite wisdom has made man to be of different colors, shapes and culture and beliefs and populate the four corners of the earth. They misinterpret the word Vicegerent as the enforcer.
    These are the people that the government have employed to make sure the people are in obeyance and tow the line. These are the same Ustazs that make Halal what is Haram all for a few dollars.

  4. ‘the ustaz then accused that gentleman of having a low sex drive!’

    haha, dia modified nujum pak belalang punya dialog.

  5. Unfortunately, our country seems to more than our fair share of such buffoons. Some are even allowed to hog the limelight.

  6. Now I know why the PM is in a constant state of arousal. His wife is constantly showering him with her aurat nagging.

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