Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah: What’s your deal with Najib Razak?

March 28, 2016

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah: What’s your deal with Najib Razak?

by Mariam Mokhtar


Politicians like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah cause the electorate to lose faith in politics. Affectionately known as Ku Li, he confirms our suspicions of him. He is all spin and no substance. He joins a long list of sycophants who should have had the interests of the rakyat at heart, but at the critical moment, let down the people and himself. Where are the men of integrity and honour?

Ku Li’s betrayal may not matter now, because a majority of the population still cast their votes. In time, this number will drop because they will see politicians as untrustworthy.So, was it emotion, or political expediency which prompted Ku Li to sign the ‘Kelantan Declaration’?

The Citizens’ Declaration of the ‘Save Malaysia’ movement is supported by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The Kelantan Declaration is just a vanity declaration, like a love letter for politicians. It is a tit-for-tat move to distract the rakyat from national issues.

So did Ku Li sign because of his 30-year-old grudge against Mahathir, whom he challenged for the UMNO party presidency in 1987 but lost by a whisker? There were irregularities in voting, and Ku Li’s supporters mounted a legal challenge. The High Court declared UMNO an illegal party and forced Mahathir to form UMNO Baru, and Ku Li, Semangat 46.

Was Ku Li exacting his revenge on Mahathir? Or did Najib Abdul Razak whisper sweet nothings into Ku Li’s ears and promised him a role more prominent than that of a mere MP? He is free to sign the Kelantan Declaration and express his loyalty to Najib, but in the past, why did he have to string some of the rakyat along, and say that he cared?

Ku Li has expressed dissatisfaction with the government on numerous occasions. When asked why he refused to leave UMNO Baru and fight for change from the opposition benches, his answer was always “No!” He claimed to be more effective, fighting for change from within.

His critique of the government convinced some of the opposition that he could be an interim prime minister should GE14 result in a hung parliament, or if the no-confidence vote against Najib had been successful. Some people may remember that at the convocation ceremony of the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), in June 2014, Ku Li moaned about the division of race and religion, the low standards of fluency in English, and Malaysian education.

He reminisced about his teenage years when athletes were selected on their sporting prowess, and Malaysians were united in their support of them, irrespective of their race. He recalled fond memories of Wong Peng Soon, the All-England badminton champion, in 1950 and 1951.Today, he supports the leader of a party which condones division in society.

In 2010, Ku Li said that in the 1980s, the government was spending money like water, and the Defence Ministry would purchase Exocet missiles, at RM2 million each, for target practice.

Why regurgitate these issues?

Why regurgitate these issues, decades later? He once held the portfolio of finance minister, and had to sign the chits, but did not complain about the frivolous spending on the armed forces.

He held two heavyweight ministerial posts, (finance and international trade and industry). His arguments would have carried weight. Why were these matters not highlighted, then?

A few days ago, Mahathir stunned Malaysians with the revelation that Ku Li and a group of UMNO Baru leaders had secretly plotted to oust Najib. Mahathir said, “He (Ku Li) came and met me, and said he wants to push for a no-confidence vote. He said he can get the majority, but he failed.”

The irony is that having been defeated, Ku Li later signed his allegiance to the man he had wanted to topple.How are we to have any confidence in our politicians, if they fail us when they fall at the first hurdle? Where is their persistence, and their moral duty?

On September 16, 2008, former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim failed in his bid to secure enough defections in UMNO Baru to oust the erstwhile PM Abdullah Badawi. Anwar was subsequently demonised by UMNO Baru politicians. Today, the same politicians keep silent about Ku Li’s tactics, which were similar, and also failed.

If there is any threat to the stability and national security of the nation, it is from politicians who have abrogated their duty to serve the rakyat.  Our enemy is not from outside, it is from within. Our enemy is made up of politicians who fail to act against corruption, injustice, and divisive and racist politics.

Members of the political elite want only one thing, to hang on to their seats. And power.You know what you must do in GE14


16 thoughts on “Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah: What’s your deal with Najib Razak?

  1. Follow those who do not ask of you [any] payment, and they are [rightly] guided. (quran;36.21)

    O you who have believed, fear Allah and be with those who are true. (quran;9.119)

    ini syarat2 (kriteria) yg perlu dimiliki oleh pemimpin2. are they the political leaders? or they don’t exist no more?

  2. DDM, As I mentioned many rimes earlier, Ku Li is a has been. He was a star performer as Min. of International Trade and then as Minister of Finance. But since the BMF scandal and his Semangat 46 days where he swore along with the likes oif Rais Yatim and Fadzil Sheikh Kadir about not rejoining UMNO he has suddenly lost his tongue. Perhaps it is because as the Malays say Makan Sumpah.

    Since coming back into UMNOb Ku Li has been a village MP, happy and contended with being MP for the small constituency in Kelantan and shy away from national politics. Not sure the reason why but he will once in a while come out and make comments on the Kelantan Oil Royalty issue and that’s about it.Guess he figures his time is over. He has become the reluctant politician.
    Orang Malaya,

    I am surprised by his flip over. We are lucky that he is not our Prime Minister. I have known Ku Li for a long time. But this aspect of the man is unknown to me. So I am disappointed. Yes, he has passed his expiry date as a politician. So this his last move. I do not know how my good friend, Dato Dominic Puthucheary thinks of this Ku Li’s move. I intend to find out. –Din Merican

  3. Yang dok buat hal , kebanyakannya ini adalah mereka yang umur di hujung hayat. Apa kah mereka akan hidup buat selama lamanya. Bila lagi mereka nak insaf dan berhenti dari buat benda benda yang tidak diredhai Allah SWT.

  4. 1. Pay no more attention to the writings and speeches of TRH.

    2. Pay no more attention to the writings of RPK. (Except maybe for their
    “entertainment value” as examples of bad propaganda).

  5. It’s sickening to the stomach to see Malay leaders so self- absorbed. Their self interest not much changed from the Sultans who led to Colonisation. It proves they do not want a Malaysia, the idea broken and heading towards irreparable.

  6. So much for the royal blood coursing through the veins of this prince.
    Actually to the list of UMNO, Jakim, ulamas etc which make Bolehlanders sick can be safely added the yellow color of royalty. When push comes to shove, they know which side their bread is buttered. Bangsa, agama and negara are good only for their lips not the souls.

    I now await another dose of pontification on good governance, honesty and integrity of national institutions in this blog by that one from Perak. Reading his prepared statements is cathartic besides making one realise that they are human after all despite forcing their subjects to bow and scrape in their presence.

  7. Double tongued and double headed in the making. A man of his intelligence whom TIME Magazine at one time rated his caliber as PM in waiting together with Musa Hitam has come to stoop this low to sign the UMNO Citizens’ Declaration in support of the greatest robber of the century.

    I have just viewed the Australia ‘Four Corner’ Broadcasting news which has explicitly detailing the money trail and other matters related to murders. Ku Li, do you mean to say that all these news broadcasters are wrong and purposely exaggerated to bring down Najib? Why do you have to have secret talks with Najib? Have you any intention to jump on to the band wagon to be like other UMNO sycophants?

    So much in the news world wide about money trail of 1MDB and this Ku Li still wants to support Najib is something wrong with this ‘cooli’. If he were an UMNO faithful and a die hard stooge of his party principles to protect the President so blindly, it is exasperating and most disgusting to make you lead this country because we cannot trust you either with this sort of attitude of double speaking.


  8. Somu,
    We should ask Ku Li : What actually happen to Donald Stephen? I refused to call him Fuad Stephen due to the fact that many Sabah politicians had been coerced into embracing Islam. And the man who gave tacit approval was none other than Tunku Abdul Rahman..
    Tunku is responsible for the death of Secular Sabah.

  9. Din, I am indeed surprised by your ‘ surprise ‘ of TRH ‘s U-turn. You shouldn’t. If not totally, you should at least be verging in the vicinity of anticipating or comprehending his likely ( or unlikely ) moves. For that matter, please reserve your surprise for more surprises to come. Sometimes, being negative is good.

  10. In my dreams maybe, but I wish that TRH is doing something which he does not want anybody to suspect he doing it from inside the party. Let Tun M handle from ourside. When the right time comes, both ways will squeeze Najib out. INSHA ALLAH.

  11. Have you been to his oval office in jalan uthant. As i said before greatness was thrust upon him but he DUCKED like Gerald Ford. Well there is hope yet for him at least he finally married his late wife Yvonne Khoo granddaughter of mining magnet the late Khoo Boo Gong (his loyal secretary for many years)

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