Listen to Tshering Tobgay, Enlightened Prime Minister of Bhutan


March 26, 2016

Listen to Tshering Tobgay, Enlightened Prime Minister of Bhutan at TED

We in Malaysia can learn a thing or two from a landlocked nation like Bhutan about good governance and global citizenship. We have a corrupt leadership and a mismanaged economy, whereas Bhutan has a democracy which  was imposed upon its people  by its revered King and a government which cares for its citizens, manages its affairs in an exemplary manner, and protects the environment. Pristine Bhutan is not just a carbon neutral nation; it is a carbon negative one.

Let us protect our environment, fight climate change and, as  the Prime Minister of Bhutan, H.E. Tshering Tobgay said, let us do it together.–Din Merican

12 thoughts on “Listen to Tshering Tobgay, Enlightened Prime Minister of Bhutan

  1. PM of Bhutan is more concerned of health but our leaders are scoundrels thinking day and night of how to steal to earn a pocket full of rye at the expanse of the environment.

    I can still recollect how hard people fought for the closure of Lynas Plant in Kuantan but the UMNO Government with the other suckers like MCA and others supported the move just for the money. It’s too early to realize the effects of the environment though.

    Now the bauxite mineral and the same being opposed but the leaders are not in the least worried of health hazards but instead contemplating of giving the license to start mining again.

    So, what can we expect of this government with leaders who are so corrupted? Would they have any sense of human dignity to care for the environment? There is no way we can be carbon negative even after hundres of years. Greed overtakes the good.

  2. A simple message, from a deeply religious country, not impossible dream , that Malaysian leaders can learn and make it happen here – positive environment and culture- WITHOUT the need to invoke religion or race.

  3. Our ministers and datuks dont even know what carbon neutral even mean.
    Melayu bodoh sombong.
    Most of us are more interested in a new phone/car/clothes bought in air conditioned shopping malls than thinking about the environment.

  4. //our ministers and datuks dont even know what carbon neutral even mean.

    Rasta. Good question! I wonder what it means to be carbon neutral for Malaysia? Hope to learn more from this. Can Sabah, Sarawak States claim to be carbon neutral? How about Kelantan and Trengganu? Can Penang strive to be carbon neutral?

    Speaking of which, Bhutan has been exporting a lot of miseries from their Bhutanese refugees.

  5. Fact is UMNO/BN feels entitled to their corruption and power abuse. They believe the country is ungovernable without. They believe it’s acceptable price for what they deliver. They live in their own bubble. It’s feudalism.

  6. Hi Somu 4:47 pm

    Two comments:

    1. There is lack of mass media reporting on the march by Kuantan anti-bauxite activists from Kuantan to KL

    2. A lot of Mainland Chinese investments are coming to Kuantan’s Gebeng industrial estate. My guess is that in their greed, and desperation, to look good to the people of Kuantan, the ruling 1Malaysia regime and the ruling 1Pahang state regime would welcome
    ANY investment, including those which are highly polluting.

    In other words, Mainland China would move its most polluting industries and factories overseas, and corrupt and stupid regimes like ours would welcome these with open arms !

    P.S. I am Kuantan-born and upset with what is happening to my once peaceful, beautiful and healthy hometown.

  7. Hai Pua Kai Lit >

    Media is playing to the tune of the Government to drum the people’s ears of their doings by sugar coating words of all these activities of pollution so as to enrich themselves. MB and his UMNO stooges used gangsters to disperse the crowd when people protested in Telok Chempedak Beach on those days when they were to start to the plant at Gabeng.

    One can now go to the same Telok Chempedak Beach and see for oneself how the one time beautiful beach is completely spoiled with all sorts of Vendors doing all sort of businesses and without proper sewage system and the awful smell that could be felt during day and night when you sit at the beach.

    For this mess, MPK should be blamed for its greed to earn money without paying due respect to the environmental effects by cramming too many stalls within a small space making too stuffy to breath even. Fresh air from sea is even polluted. The goons from MPK should be educated on environmental issues to make the beach clean and free from pollution.

    Many residents in semi-urban areas like Beserah, Balok and even up to Cherateng of Kuantan have become more concerned of the environment but the authorities are more interested in making their buck at the expanse of people’s health. How are we to fight these monkeys who cut off the trees in rain tree forest of Pahang? There can be long term effects like what had happened in Buki Merah dump site. Do people of Kuantan have to wait for such things to happen to know the effects of these dump sites of Lynas and bauxite minerals?

  8. How can we even talk about Carbon Neutral when every UMNO leader is dreaming of power Cayenne, Alphard or a Bentley?

  9. The opposition is to blame. They do not know what they want and this means that they can be played like a violin. Those who have tasted power in the states are following in the footsteps of their “Master”. Until they get their act together it is we the citizens who have surrendered our power through the ballot who will suffer. The history of Syria is a must reading for all Malaysians.

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