Congratulations to Tun Abdullah Badawi

March 25, 2016

Congratulations to Tun Abdullah Badawi

Tun Abdullah  Badawi was Advisor, Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) before it was restructured. Today, Bernama announced his appointment to the post of Advisor to our national oil company, PETRONAS. He replaces Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who was removed from the post for leading Citizen’s Declaration group which was formed to oust Dato’ Seri Najib Razak from his premiership.

I am sure that given his outstanding performance as our  Prime Minister where he achieved the  rare distinction of being the first Malaysian premier to be sleep walking on the job  and his wide commercial experience in the financial restructuring of MAS, Tun Abdullah will be able to guide PETRONAS  through this difficult period, characterised by low crude oil and gas prices. I congratulate our Prime Minister for quickly appointing such a worthy successor to Tun Dr. Mahathir. –Din Merican

A New Advisor to PETRONAS

by Bernama

The Cabinet has endorsed the appointment of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Advisor of Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas), effective April 1.

“The decision to terminate the appointment of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was made by the Cabinet since he was no longer supporting the present government, especially with the launch of ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ (people’s declaration) together with opposition leaders,” he said in a statement here, Friday.

Tun Abdullah Badawi’s Office, 85th Floor, Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia–Fake News
On March 11 the Cabinet unanimously removed Mahathir as Petronas Advisor as it believed the former Prime Minister was no longer supporting the present government, hence he should no longer be holding any position related to the government. – Bernama

18 thoughts on “Congratulations to Tun Abdullah Badawi

  1. What makes former PM specials to become advisors to Petronas? What qualifications or special qualities does former PMs have to become Advisors? What kind of advice do they give to Petronas that the BoD or Management need? To me the position of Advisor is a waste of time and resources. Petronas can manage itself by hiring competent managers.

  2. I am bloody tired and sick of this racist corrupt UMNO regime. It has got to be a Malay and Malay appointee. Could their sick mind not find a non Malay with proven merits for this important post in times of global economic problems.

  3. Petronazzzzzzzzzzz……….. the O&G business nowadays so slow and sleepy Tun Abdullah Badawi would definitely be a perfect fit for the position as Advisor… like 2 peas in a pod!

  4. “….effective April 1”

    Someone certainly has some residual sense of humour or was it residual deniability in case of a last minute change of mind or change of national circumstances?

  5. The perks of the Advisor are tremendous. How about a lounge and office on top of the Towers, folks at your beck and call, a corporate jet on standby and all the honorifics that go with it?

    What peeved Octo so much, was that they kicked him outta his own Temple! Dopey better be asleep, when the blood letting escalates to the point of outright civil war within UMNOb. Maybe SIL can hide in the toilet? Apparently, this bloke of famous pedigree was also somnabulent when it came to fiduciary duties as a minister. So much for ‘the best of the beast’..

  6. His former boss in KTM the late Shariff referred to this sleepy head as a fool in his staff. Then he was promoted to his level of incompetency as secretary in the NSC. Yes and his brother had a lucrative 29 year contract with MAS BRAHIMS remember.
    Yes, Commander Thaya, I remember the Late Minister Hamzah Abu Samah telling me at the MPH Bookstore in Mid-Valley about how good this former Prime Minster was when he was worked for him. In Malaysia, mediocrity is the road to success. He will enjoy the perks of his new office for which Petronas will be rewarded for his invaluable advice. Badawi is a good example for Malays of how to succeed in Malaysia by pretending to be an Islamic scholar and Mr.Clean.

    You and I et. al have to struggle to get to where are today. And we still have to fight to survive while this buffoon is having a good time by sleep walking. He is rewarded for supporting the corrupt Najib.–Din Merican

  7. Amazing isn’t it….perceptions, principles , values change very quickly when one is financially compensated. Sad for all Malaysians that this culture is rolling back Malaysia’s development for plurality,inclusiveness, integration, good governance and anti-corruption measures. Where does this end-maybe when resources dry up and people take to the streets.

  8. Compared to IGP saying he would not resign despite court saying he failed in his job because his taukeh did not tell him to?

  9. Well, nothing surprises me anymore. Soon we’ll have the likes of Ibrahim Ali or Redhuan Tee in the cabinet making a fool of himself. Like they say, in Bolehland anything is possible for a fistful of ringgits. If a sleepwalker can be a PM and now Petronas Adviser, imagine what else could happen. Little wonder we are the butt of jokes the world over.
    Tok Cik,

    Well said. Here I am in Phnom Penh where I experience a lot of headaches (aku pening di sini) thinking about Malaysia and the lies and antics of Najib, son of Abdul Razak. Even my own students are wondering what is happening to our country where the Prime Minister takes the nation’s money and tells his countrymen that it is a donation from some stingy Arab. One of them told me that Arabs are known for squeezing money from others, not for being generous to others. The Arab tourists who visit Phnom Penh have a bad reputation.It is strange for him to hear that the donation is from the late Saudi King who now cannot answer back.–Din Merican

  10. Andrew, I like your statement….”wait until Najib retires and is appointed Petronas Adviser”. Well, by then the national oil company is all gone – poocik. All you see are empty oil rigs in the South China Sea.

    Pak Din, well at least you have something meaningful to discuss with your Cambodian students. Me here have to put up with Jakim aka Jakun aka Jebon, Jibby and his Umno idiots, Redhuan Tee and, far worse, my good friend, Harussani Al Hafiz ibini Al Kulup..
    That Al Kulup fella should be put to pasture. I am surprised Tuanku Sultan Nazrin can still stomach this bigot. I don’t envy you at all. What happened to de Jong? –Din Merican.

  11. ,…..BTW, Hopefully, the people ,the government ,political and institutional leaders across the nation would recoqnise the country is in difficult transitional period, that requires positive change to a better Governance and Competent Dilvery System in order to Sustain and make things work Accountably Transparently or face the Fate of the coming 14 GE.

    Ultimately, it is the innocent ordinary people of the country that are suffering and will suffer most,while the FEW TOP Rogue (EX) UMNO Baru Elite leaders have been CONSPIRING and REAPING the Billions of benefits belonging to the people.

    So, WAKE UP Malaysia !!!
    STOP letting anyone, including Najib or Mahathir to Sleep- Plundering on the job- all at the expense and resource of the country and the people.

  12. The top photograph shows YAB sleeping.

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