Trump the Ugly American Knight

March 22, 2016

Trump the Ugly American Knight

by Eric S. Margolis

Readers keep asking me what I think of Trump. My view: he is the worst of the candidates – except all the others.– Eric S Margolis

HAVING an interesting dinner at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and residence in Palm Beach, Florida – which may become the southern White House if fed-up American voters have their way. One feels an air of whispered importance and gravitas here.

After Trump’s smashing primary victories last week, there’s a growing sense that the Donald is headed for victory while his legions of bitter opponents are left wringing their hands.

In fact, Trump is fast emerging as an American version of the People’s Tribunes of ancient Rome, the important state officials who voiced the people’s anger and concerns.

As the Trump revolution spreads, his enemies are desperately seeking ways to stop the Donald’s Juggernaut. Cries go to the heavens, “save the Republican Party before Trump wrecks it.”

As a life-long (but now fallen away) Republican, I say “good riddance”. More power to Trump to blast apart this deeply corrupt, cynical party steeped in political payoffs and religious fanaticism, and run by former used-car dealers from Pocatello.

Many moons ago, I even began a run for Congress from my native New York City but was horrified to see the creatures that scuttled below the city’s political rocks. A senior party official who was also a prison guard advised me: “Son, only two types of people go into politics. Those with no money like me; and those from rich families who do it for their egos.”

The Clintons are a perfect example of the former, two local Arkansas politicians who made millions by peddling influence. Trump fits the second category. He is a rough, tough, uncultured but wealthy New Yorker whose family there dates from the 1880’s when the city was the third largest German city in the world after Berlin and Hamburg.

Readers keep asking me what I think of Trump. My view: he is the worst of the candidates – except all the others.

Trump’s vows to expel 11 million illegal aliens is likely unworkable; his Great Wall on the Mexican border sounds like Pharaonic madness – except that all of its critics have no problem with Israel walling itself off from the Arab world.

The proposed banning of Muslims from the US is a disgusting ploy that plays to America’s low IQ red necks and far right religious conservatives, and drags America’s name through the mud of bigotry and ignorance. Trump has much to learn about the Muslim world.

But Trump is right on target when he calls for an even-handed approach to resolving the Arab-Israeli struggle. By daring to utter the term “even-handed”, Trump sent the US Israel lobby into a fury, touching the third rail of US politics. Compare Trump’s sensible Middle East position to that of Rubio, Cruz, Kasich and Clinton who got on their knees to pledge allegiance to Israel.

After investing tens of millions in buying up the US Congress and influencing media, the pro-Israel neocon war party now sees its huge investment jeopardised and its power under attack. If Trump has his way, US Middle East policy will be written in Washington, not Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Billions of overt and secret US aid to Israel could be jeopardised.

In a big shock, Trump has reportedly called for the deeply flawed investigation on the 9/11 attacks to be reopened. The neocon are going ballistic. Right on cue, several dozen Republican foreign policy “experts”, many from the Bush era, blasted Trump as “unfit” to be President. These were the same idiots who championed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the greatest foreign policy disaster in modern US history.

Following the warnings of that great German-American, Dwight Eisenhower, Trump says he intends to end the foolish confrontation with Russia that was engineered by the neocons and arms industry and deal with Russia as an equal. No more imperial foreign wars. The military industrial complex and the war party are up in arms.

Trump’s third target is Wall Street, and rightly so. New York’s bankers and financiers have bought Congress. Now, Trump questions the shameful tax break that Wall Street got its yes-men in Congress to write. The bankers want Trump’s head. He’s a class traitor, they moan.

Finally, Trump’s threats to undo trade deals and manufacturing displacement are music to the working classes’ ears. This writer, a former businessman, has always held executives who throw tens of thousands out of work and move manufacturing abroad to be knaves and even criminals.

Today, manufacturing in the US has fallen to only 12% of economic activity while finance has risen to 20%. Wall Street’s moneylenders have kept the nation addicted to debt and wars. Trump might challenge this money oligarchy that has grown fabulously rich while the rest of America stagnates and lives from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Hillary Clinton has her armies of welfare recipients. Trump, so far, has armies of angry Americans.

Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist, writing mainly about the Middle East and South Asia. Comments:

14 thoughts on “Trump the Ugly American Knight

  1. Win or Lose, Mr. Trump has changed the face of American politics. Like him or despise him , we must admit that he is the political game changer. In my book, he is a phenomenon in the 2016 Presidential race. From being a joke he has reached the stage where he is a serious contender for the Presidency. That is no mean achievement for this successful businessman.

    Of late, he is beginning to sound more presidential as the prospect of his becoming the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military power in the world is increasingly real, but it may be too late since there are forces within the Republican party which seek to prevent his nomination at the party convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July.Maybe, next Tuesday is important.–Din Merican

  2. I believe that Trump’s rise is an indictment of the GOP more than anything else. It remains to be seen if he is the political game changer pundits claim he is.

  3. And because I think that this particular American elections is more of a joke than the others, and the electorate the punch line, here is John Oliver on the Trump Wall :

  4. Well, Americans need someone like Trump to thumb them up. The days of weaklings and push-overs are over.

    Coming back home, if we have someone of Trump’s calibre, stature and wealth we sure go places and Jibby will be kissing his bloody ass good bye. Unfortunately, we don’t. But wimps and “kaki ampus” are aplenty.

    Once in a while a character like Trump will emerge, in the developed world of course, to put things and people in their right perspective and place. In Bolehland a Trump wannabe is just a figment of our imagination. Cheers.

  5. He asked an important Foreign Policy Question related to form this morning on CCN. “Why was the Cuban President not at the airport when Air Force One landed? He was there when The Pope arrived and also when other leaders arrived.”

  6. It is the money, his own money, rather others ,that he relies to trumpet his power to attract angry Americans who could not trust the establishment,especially the Bush -Republican party- which currently was at a lost at how to rein in Trump unconventional behavior or misconduct.

    Trump is acting under the cover of the freedom of expression, the same apparatus misused or abusively turn bullying repressive through even allowing an American sitting president to publicly lie to go to war,resulting millions displaced and hundreds of thousand innocent people killed.

    Perhaps, it is time US may want to relook the overstretched First Amendment, before anything worse would happen.

  7. We can learn a thing or two from USA on how to be a great superpower.Its simple really,just elect idiots like JW Bush or Donald(the duck)Trump and you are on the way to become one.Unfortunately Malaysians prefer the crooks to the idiots.

  8. Thanks, Conrade and loose74, for sharing the clips from “Last week Tonight ” and “The Tonight Show”

    Wonder why so many Malaysians and Americans (Abdul Jalil) prefer neither ” crooks” nor “idiots ” , but BOTH ?
    Or playing dumb in abusing the system at others expense to achieve personal agenda ?

  9. Trump still has a bit more to go to get the delegate counts but already he is starting his pivot which Hilary started first because she is well on her way with her delegate count. After the nomination, Trump will gain on Hilary, history shows that a presidential candidate with continue momentum after a nomination wins a presidency.. Trump will win many of Bernie Sander’s disenfrachised voters..Hillary Clinton road to the White House is by no means very certain in fact very much in jeopardy..

  10. There is nothing bigoted about (((islamophobia)))

    The “uneducated red neck” rhetoric grows old. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. Take it from an educated man who has actually spent time in the middle east.

    Immigration is a big fuck you to the younger generations born in this country. The jobs meant for high school and college students get handed over to Jose and Muhammed.

    The jobs are sent overseas, then immigrants flock here claiming they want jobs. What jobs? They aren’t here for jobs, they are here because they want handouts. If we didn’t offer a free lunch, people wouldn’t come here to pretend to listen to our sermon.

    How can anyone logically claim tolerance to gays and speak up for women’s rights out of one side of their mouth, while claiming acceptance of a culture that regulates gays and women to the status of farm animal out the other side? Disingenuous virtue signaling. You lime muslims so much, move to Iraq.

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